Are skin care products dangerous for pregnant women – Pregnancy skin care

Pregnancy is a point in a woman’s life where she must stop living for herself and start living for the baby growing inside of her. There are a number of things that one must stop when they are pregnant. The pregnancy might require you to change your lifestyle to a great extent. You don’t only have to stop smoking and drinking and start caring for your diet, you need to stop using many kinds of skin care products as well. What you put on your skin eventually seeps down into your body. Skin care is quite important during pregnancies. You need to avoid using a number of skin care products since they are known to cause pregnancy complications.

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Skin whitening products

When you are pregnant, you might notice some skin darkening, the need for skin whitening products might seem quite necessary but they can be harmful as well. Commonly we see that hydroquinone or glutathione is used in skin whitening products. The former is banned in many countries due to the ill effects that the chemical has on bodies. There are many home made skin care tips that can help your skin remain pigmentation free. It is best to not turn your attention to skin lightening during pregnancy.


Drug absorbed amount of the skin is very low while using this product. Retinoids remains as controversial, as 2 prospective studies that examined using during the first trimester of pregnancy with 96 and 106 women. It increases the risk of major malformations or evidence of retinoid embrypathy. Women should not be encouraged to use topical retinoids as data on larger cohorts are collected during pregnancy.

Tanning spray

Your skin might get darker during pregnancy so getting a tan might not be required. Yet if you want to get tanned then it is best to not try to do so during pregnancy. Too much exposure to the sun can be bad for the body during pregnancy. At the same time turning to spray on tans are not ideal as well. The spray on tan does not harm much through skin absorption, but it is the inhalation of the chemicals that can lead to DNA mutations. So, it is best to avoid spray tans.


Sunscreen is used commonly in order to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It can cause less toxicity in animals. The products have very limited dermal or systemic absorption. It has been used in pregnancy to prevent melasma.


Clindamycin and erythromycin are used either alone or in combination with other agents as topical treatments for acne. Examine the oral or topical use of clindamycin reported to increase the risk of malformations during 647 women use in the first trimester. Similarly, there have been no increased rates in adverse outcomes evaluating the systemic use of clundamycin in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Oral use of erythromycin during pregnancy has not been associated with teratogenicity with several thousand women.

Chemical hair removers

One of the main ingredients used in hair removers is thioglycolic acid. The chemical violently reacts with the hair and manages to uproot them. There has been very little research on thioglycolic acid causing any health problem, but it has been noticed that the chemical causes complication in pregnancies. If you want to get rid of unwanted body hair, then stick to shaving if not waxing. So, try to avoid chemical hair removers when you are pregnant.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is applied topically, only 5% is absorbed through the skin, and then it is completely metabolized to benzoic acid within the skin and excreted unchanged in the urine. The use of this product would not be preferred to pregnant woman. As pregnant woman and child are expected to effect systemic and it is not suggested to them.


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Bath products

There are many kind luxury bath products that can be harmful for you during your pregnancies. Luxury bath products seem to be composed of chemicals that can have violent allergic reactions which can be aggravated by pregnancies. Some researches show that cheaper bath products seem to lack the chemicals or organic materials that seem to cause the allergic reactions. This is why it is safer to choose cheaper bath products than expensive ones, during pregnancy.

Salicyclic acid

Salicyclic acid is used in a number of cosmetic and acne products. Systemic absorption varies from product to product. Researchers examined the outcomes of women who had taken low dose acetylsalicylic acid during pregnancy. There was no increase in the baseline risk of adverse events like malformations, preterm birth or low birth weight.


When you are pregnant, it is important to avoid deodorants, body mists or perfumes that have strong fragrances. Phthalates that are contained in strong fragrances can lead to a number of pregnancy complications. It affects the growth and development of the fetus as the phthalates mimic hormones that allow the growth of the fetus. Hence it is best to avoid strong fragrances during pregnancies.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is found in many cosmetics used as an alpha hydroxyl acid. Glycolic acids are at high doses, much larger than those used in topical cosmetic products in humans. Researchers found Glycolic acids in human pregnancy that has not been conducted. Use topical glycolic acid during pregnancy that should not be of concern, as only a minimal amount that is expected to be absorbed systemically.

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