Back pain killing your sex life

Back pain during sex is a major issue that can have a serious impact on the couple’s sex life. One may start avoiding sex for fear of pain, lose interest in sex and remain aloof from the partner developing a strained relationship. It is recommended that talking to the partner and changing positions during sex can be beneficial. It is better to consult a doctor for the cause of pain and follow the treatment.It has been believed earlier that the spooning position during sex is fit for all. But later studies revealed that any position fit for one type of back pain may not be suitable for another kind of back pain.

A first of its kind studyconducted in the University of Waterloo by scientists reveal the best positions during sex to save the spine. These scientists discovered and documented the way the spine moves during sex and which are the best positions to avoid back pain. Family doctors may advice couples to manage their back pain during and after sex, but this can lead to a trouble lasting for years. So far doctors had no scientific reasons to recommend the best positions for sex in order to avoid back pain.

Research process

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The study was conducted by taking videos of couples with the help of infrared and electromagnetic motion capture methods. These captured the movement of the spine in five different positions during sex. These findings were used to create an atlas to find out which movements trigger the back pain during sex…

Recommended positions

It was recommended that men who are flexion-intolerant which means their back pain becomes worse by touching the toes or by sitting for long hours cannot adopt the spooning position. It must be replaced with doggy-style sex. These men require a hip hinging style instead of thrusting motion of the spine.

Statistics have shown that four out of five people will have an episode of lower back pain sometime in their lifetime A number of men and women have complained of decrease in the number of times intercourse while suffering from back  pain . The study also brought to picture the mechanics of the male orgasm.  It was revealed that the abdominal and buttock muscles are more active during orgasm and not the back muscles. The motion of the spine varies from person to person. For some males drastic increase of movement was seen whereas in others the spine motion remained the same.

Some patients with back pain have admitted that they experience high level of pain during orgasm. These studies have helped scientists to understand the reason that could provoke pain during orgasm.  It is for the first time that there are solid scientific reasons to guide doctors to recommend their patients to adopt the best sex position in case of back pain. These guidelines are sure to improve the quality of love life of many couples.

A report published last week in the journal Spine documented the findings on the movement of the male spine. The studies related to female spine are in the pipeline are expected to be published soon.