Diwali dress styles and hair styles with accessories

Accessories are a part of dressing up. They are those last moment touch-ups that we do ourselves to make our look a little better.

In this article, we have listed some accessories for girls. These are mostly for kids, so if you want to dress up your daughter well, choose some of these.

Daughters have so much more to be done in terms of styling than what you could do with your sons.

Hair accessories just boost up the idea to make your darling look a little prettier. Scroll below and check out some really pretty ones you could choose for your little girl.

NeedyBee Pink Designer Hair Clip/hairpin in Feather Bow for Baby

NeedyBee Pink Designer Hair Cliphairpin in Feather Bow for Baby

This is a cute hair clip which you can add to your toddler or growing child. This is in pink color with white polka dots. It is easy to wear and stays stiff. It comes with feather elements which are baby pinkish in color. It also has a white bow just after that. It is comfortable to wear and can be carried for special occasions like birthday parties and other events. Just make sure that you keep it away in a proper place and take proper care to not loosen the feathers.

NeedyBee Pink Bow Clip (pack of two) for your little Baby Princess(Kids Hair Accessories)

NeedyBee Pink Bow Clip (pack of two) for your little Baby Princess(Kids Hair Accessories)

These are baby pink designer bow clips. These too are for toddlers or growing kids. Dress your girl with beautiful frocks or a baby pink skirt. Purchase these accessories and put them across their hair. These bow shapes are perfect for girls from 3 to 8 years. These have cloth material used and have light clip for attachment. It is an easy to tie and open method, so you don’t need to worry about its manageability.

NeedyBee Pink Ribbon Big Bow with Buckle Back Baby Girl Hair Clip Kids/Girls/Hair

NeedyBee Pink Ribbon

This is a pretty hair buckle for growing kids. If you tie a ponytail on your daughter’s hair regularly, you can switch over the tying method with this. It has green ribbon over pink ribbon, and it has been attached to a metal below. There is one more polka dotted pink cloth used vertically across the accessory. This has to be tied in place of the hair band you use during a ponytail. This will let the hair flow a little more in breadth than what happens when you use a band.

NeedyBee Orange Newborn Baby Headband Girls /Hair Accessories with Rhinestone Bow(Kids Hair Accessories)

NeedyBee Orange Newborn Baby

This is a pretty floral accessory which you can contrast with the vibrant colors that you are going to carry. This looks very sophisticated and ethnic, and fits well onto your hair. This pretty product is great to keep your hair in shape and fits it well. Even if you are not wearing any other accessory, this product will do for it all.

Jewels Traditional Gold Plated Elegantly Handcrafted Kundan


This is a traditional maang tikka design which fits in really well with the ethnic clothes that you’d choose. This mang tika is one of the perfect hair wear any woman can choose, and looks really classy. It goes with almost any Indian wear and crowns your hair even if you have done a simple bun.

Magic Foam Sponge Hair Styling Donut Bun Maker


This is a bun maker which gives you a quick hair hack. If you want a top knot, you can easily get this and tie your hair with ease. It is quick to open and quick to tie, and makes your style look neat.

Young & Forever Golden Tassel Leaf Chain Hair Comb


This is a two way hair comb which makes the accessory fall on the back of your head. It is one of the cutest designs and makes you manage open hair. This can be suited with most colors, as it has a nude touch.