Grooming tips for men

Gone are the days when grooming was considered only the territory of women. At present, the need of being well groomed is not anyway less for men than women. A well-groomed man can easily leave a lasting impression on the mind of any one he comes in contact with, which can certainly give him an upper hand in every aspect of life, be it professional or personal. So, for all the men out there, it is important to get the right grooming, which can make them more confident about themselves boosting their life in a very positive way.

To get a groomed look, men really need not to spend hours in front of the mirror or load of cash in the parlor. A bit of extra care and following some vital tips can be sufficient to get that groomed look which can make you more successful in every aspect of life. Being well groomed is something that can change not only your appearance but also your personality and how people react to you. Bring the changes in yourself and see how the world changes around you.

To make a great and lasting first impression every man should follow the next grooming tips,

Personal pointers

Get a fit body

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Well, when it comes to grooming, the first thing to be careful about is your body. You certainly have nothing to do to change your height, but you can make a lot of changes to get the right weight and a good physique. A well-toned body can naturally give you a smart look which you are sure to miss if you have a pot belly or a lot of extra fat here and there. To look well-groomed you really need not to visit the gym regularly and get a six-pack figure but getting rid of that excess lose fat in your body is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

Health should show through your skin

Soft and supple skin might be a treasure only for the ladies but rough, dirty, dry skin is certainly not a prize for the men either. To get a well-groomed look it is really important that you take the necessary care of your skin. You need not to load up on moisturizer and spend hours on skin care regimen to get clean and well-nourished skin. All you need to do is to make sure that your face is clean from dirt, grime, sweat and excess oil. Also make sure to apply a light moisturizer that will remove the dry, starved look from your skin. Cleansing and moisturizing your face properly and regularly can be one of the easiest ways to get the groomed up look.

Shower regularly and frequently

Keeping yourself clean and good smelling is an important step to get a groomed appearance. Taking a shower regularly and even more than once in a day is the easiest way to make sure that you do not smell awful or look dirty. Make it a point to take a shower not only every morning, but also after your workout sessions, before going out to a party or whenever you feel there is sweat and dirt in the body. Also use toiletries that come with a mild, masculine scent but not an overpowering perfume.

Shaving is the key

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If you maintain a clean shaved look it is important that you opt for a close shave daily. Having irregularly grown stubbles is never going to add to your look or personality. If you are keeping a French beard or a groomed beard make sure that it is well kept and there are no irregular fly away or growth making the beard look messy. Groomed stubbles is a latest fashion but keep in mind that maintaining a well-groomed stubble can be much critical than a clean shave. So, if you are opting for it, you should take the right care of it all along.

Get the right haircut at the right time

No matter the hairstyle you are maintaining, to get a groomed look getting the cut at the right time is important. Letting your hairs grow quite long and unkempt only because you are not getting enough time to visit the barber is certainly not a good excuse and is sure to harm your look. A nice, clean haircut can always make a man look smart.

Maintain your hairs

Maintaining your hairs in the right way is sure to add to your overall appearance giving you a well -groomed look. To make your hairs look good, you really need not to opt for regular hair spas, just make sure that your hairs are clean, free from dandruff and they do not look unhealthy. To give your hairs the right look you can also opt for a hair styling gel. It will set your hairstyle perfectly giving you a well-groomed look.

Let your lips do the talking

Dry, chapped lips can never add to your manliness. They will only make you look shabby and unattractive. To get that perfectly groomed look, it is important to take care of your lips as well. Make sure that they are well hydrated and not chapped. If you do not prefer opting for a lip balm, simply use a layer of moisturizer on your lips before you go to bed and before you leave home. Taking care of your lips is more important particularly if you smoke. In that case, scrubbing your lips regularly is a good option.

Trim the unwanted body hairs right in time

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To get that well-groomed look it is important to keep an eye when the unwanted body hairs cross their limit. Trim the hairs on the chest, nose and ears regularly and routinely. A hairy look will not certainly add to your overall personality and appearance. If you do not prefer a fully shaved body, opt for regular trimming to ensure that groomed look.

Take care of your hands

Your hands speak a lot about you and how much care you actually take for yourself and also the level of hygiene you maintain in your personal life. Do not forget to clip your nails routinely and properly. While longer nails never look good on the hands of males, extremely clipped nails that expose the nailbed does look odd at the same time. So, make sure that your nails have the right length. A small white strip of nails surrounding the nail bed is considered the right nail length for males. Your nails and hands should also be well cleaned and free from any spot. Moisturize your hands regularly to keep dryness at bay.

The right cloth and more

What you wear has a lot to do to get that groomed look. Here are the best grooming tips for men to keep in mind while putting on the clothes,

Get the right style

For a groomed up look it is important that you get the right dressing style. If you are getting dressed for the office your dress up should be suitable for the purpose and at the same time if you are getting dressed for a date you should dress in a way that is ideal for the day. Also make sure that you combine the right pair of clothes and accessories that suits you best as well as the primary occasion of the day.

Clean and fitting cloths are important

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In grooming of men high importance is given to the clothing. It does not matter if you do not put on a thousand dollar suit every time you step out, but you should put on a clean and neatly pressed cloth every time you are in public. Also make sure that your clothes are well fitting. Oversized or undersized clothes can actually hamper your total appearance and they are the worst enemy of a groomed look.

Your shoe tells a lot about you

It is said that you can best judge a man by his shoe and while it might not be always true it is certainly a key to get a well-groomed look. You need not to wear only expensive shoes but your shoes should be well maintained and a proper match with your dressing style. Putting on shoes that are in a bad shape is sure to hamper your impression.

Get the right smell

Everyone likes men who smell nice. You really need not to smell like a pot of flower but a light and persisting smell of cologne can certainly add to your overall personality. It is important that you pick a particular type of male scent and stick to it, so that people can know your presence from your smell.

Some more tips

Get the right posture

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This is a point that often men overlook but if you are trying to get a groomed up look it is really important that you get the right posture. A straight and attentive posture asserts confidence and energy which can easily add a lot to the overall personality of any man. A slouched and careless posture can do just the opposite. Also take a look at how you walk, a smart walk can always add to your personality and appearance giving you the right groomed look.

Be polite and intelligent in your interactions

Being polite and yet firm in your dealings is certainly a quality that can always help you to get that groomed up personality. Make sure that you talk intelligently and with proper hold on the topic because your words can always create a lasting impression on the mind of anyone listening to you. If you can talk the right things the right way it is sure to add to your groomed up personality.