Tips to escape from hiccups when you are drunk

Drunken hiccups can ruin a party and is not too easy to get rid of it. To get rid of hiccups when you are drunk, one of the following methods will be effective. Drinking carbonated alcoholic beverage like beer, champagne and many mixed drinks can cause the stomach to expand.

These drinks can also cause the acids of the stomach to rise up into the oesophagus to cause hiccups by causing irritation of the nerve that controls the diaphragm.
There are no established remedies to cure occasional hiccups but there are some home remedies that can stop the drunken hiccups.


Beverage Method

1. Fill a glass with a beverage. It is best to select juice, water, or other non-carbonated drink since carbonation causes hiccups, but since this method is designed to target your breath and muscles, beer or seltzer water will do in a pinch.

Avoid strongly alcoholic beverages, since you will be drinking a fair amount to work through your hiccups.
Don’t drink from a bottle. It is much harder to drink without swallowing air (which also causes hiccups) from a bottle than from a glass.

2. Breathing very slowly through your nose, drink the beverage in tiny sips for as long as you can.
By breathing slowly and forcibly, making small muscle contractions, you will disrupt the spasms in your diaphragm. Start by doing this for thirty seconds. If it doesn’t work the first time, allow yourself a short breather and repeat.Avoid slurping (i.e. swallowing air) as you drink.

Breath Method

1. Just sit down. This method involves holding your breath which can make you dizzy.

2. Inhale deeply to fill your lungs. This will help to push your spasming diaphragm muscle downwards.

3. Hold your breath to stretch your diaphragm.

4. Gently push the air downwards into the bottoms of your lungs. This will help you to stretch your diaphragm even more.

5. Hold your breaths for as long as you are comfortable doing so. If you are feeling lightheaded, please don’t push yourself.

6. Slowly exhale in a controlled manner.

7. Continue doing Steps 2 through 6 until your hiccups stop. The alcohol in your system will probably make dizzy and you may feel uncomfortable while holding your breath. The more time you stretch out your diaphragm, it is more you can break the spasming spell.

Tips to escape from hiccups

Stop the Hiccup Cycle

This can be done by holding the breath for a few seconds. This is possible because hiccups are associated with reflex action of the diaphragm and so stopping the breath may stop the hiccups.

Change the body position

Sit with the knees folded to the chest in a manner to press the diaphragm. Since hiccups are connected to spasms of the diaphragm the compress may help to reduce the spasms.

Drink a glass of water

Drink a glass of water in a single gulp without stopping. The abdominal muscles get into action and the hiccups may end. Drinking water with a straw can help in drinking the water quickly.

Try coughing

Coughing forcefully might halt the hiccup reflex because coughing uses intense abdominal muscle power

Try to sneeze

Sneezing also engages abdominal muscles to work, which can break the hiccupping action and may end it. To sneeze by sniffing a little pepper, or walking out into bright sunshine.

Take a sip of vinegar

Strong substances like vinegar or pickle juice can “shock” the body into a bout of hiccups, but if the hiccups are already there it can also stop them.

Apply Ice

Place a small bag of ice on the skin of the upper stomach. The cold will bring changes in the circulation and muscle activity of the area, which can also stop the hiccups.

Distract the brain 

Concentration of the brain on a difficult activity can bring an end to the hiccups. Count backwards from 100-1 or sing the alphabets backwards starting from Z

Drink water in an uncomfortable position

Drinking water by bending forward or drinking it from the table without touching the glass will distract the mind and make it concentrate not to spill the water.. The distraction can also help to end the hiccups.

Eat something sweet

eat a spoonful of sugar everyday. The sweet sensation on the nerve endings of the may work to end the hiccups. Have a teaspoonful of sugar, the sugar overload will pack the most punch.

Bite into a lemon slice

Suck the juice from a lemon slice on which a little sugar is rubbed.  This will give a shock to the brain and the hiccups may end.

Peanut butter

Place a big tablespoon of peanut butter in the mouth and hold it for 10 seconds. Then, swallow the peanut butter without chewing.  Almond butter or Nutella can also be used instead of peanut butter.


Swallow a spoon of salt, and take a small sip of water. Take slow breaths and stay relaxed.

Get to burp

Swallow air till the air comes out as a burp comes. This will reset the nerve and lead to the ending of the hiccups.

More Tips

• It will help, if you drink a shot of pickle juice, if you can stand it.
• Be aware about your own health and also understand the location and function of the diaphragm and this will help you to understand how to get rid of your hiccups.