How to sleep well during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need more care and pamper yourself than you have ever done before. In order to change your lifestyle, you get disturbed also. The sleeping disturbance is not uncommon while you are pregnant. There can be several reasons for getting your sleep disturbance like hormonal changes, stress, anxiety, work pressure, and physical changes. There are many discomforts with pregnancy you may face as your pregnancy proceeds you will find it more difficult to be comfortable.

Rest is very important while you are pregnant it is not only for you but also for your baby will be beneficial. The role of proper sleep is vital during pregnancy because it keeps you away from the exertion and let you stay cool which is very important in the brain development of your baby.

You may find it difficult to get proper sleep due to the discomfort of pregnancy. There are some tips given that will help you make your sleep comfortable.

Make sleeping routine

Sleeping well during pregnancy

It is necessary to make your sleeping routine because your body does not allow you to sleep if your routine is uneven, therefore, you should maintain the time to sleep. During pregnancy, you need rest and the best way to get proper rest is making a fixed sleeping time so that your body should support you to take a beautiful sleep when you want to go to the bed. A proper sleeping routine prevents insomnia during pregnancy. Fixing the bedtime makes your body habitual to take rest which is quite necessary for your health and your baby’s health.

Be comfortable

Your comfort level should be well when you go to the bed. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that should be cozier and promotes your comfort level while sleeping. Comfortable clothes make you more comfortable when you go to your bed. You should prefer the mattress that is cozy and can give you the more comfort, make sure the mattress you choose should not be too hard and should not be even too soft. Sleeping on the right mattress increase your comfort level and make your sleep comfy. You should prefer a clean bed sheet with the good mattress and don’t forget to surround your self with soft pillows this can be called a cozy combination to get the comfy sleep.

Left side sleep

During pregnancy, make sure you are sleeping on your left side to maintain the blood circulation in your body which is quite safe for your growing baby. Don’t sleep on your back because it causes harm to you and your baby also. Your blood circulation gets interrupted if you sleep flat on your back because your growing baby makes the pressure that creates the disturbance in your blood circulation. You may experience aches and pain as your muscles get weaker due to the weight of your developing baby as well as the changes of hormones. Sleeping on the left side will help you to reduce your problem.

Make sure you are not using the pillows anywhere like under the abdomen, behind back, pals, knees because it can promote the aches and pain as well as obstruct the blood circulation in your body.


You need to practice relaxation techniques while you are pregnant to prevent insomnia which is caused by hormonal changes, anxiety, stress, and over-sleep. Insomnia can even lead you to the postpartum depression if it is not treated well.

There are few more ways that can help you to stay away from insomnia. You should do moderate exercise most days in a week, don’t take stress even avoid the situations that can give you stress, and practice rhythmic breathing. These all techniques will help you to have comfortable sleep.

Drink less before going to the bed

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Frequent urination is quite common during pregnancy because as your baby grows so the bladder size gets decreased. You should try not to drink water before going to the bed. Drinking water before you go to the bed can interrupt your sleep and make you get the trips to the bathroom. Less sleep can cause several problems and increase the health issue.


A comfortable sleep needs no disturbance but if you are suffering from heartburn the there will be obstacles in your comfy sleep. Just you need to avoid the foods that are rich in fat and oily. Divide your meal into 6 small parts so that your digestion should also support you well. Take your meal at least 3 hours before you go to the bed. Stop intake the foods that can cause the heartburn and irritation in your esophagus.

Intake calcium and magnesium

Make sure you are getting sufficient calcium and magnesium to stay away from leg cramps. The problem of leg cramps is not uncommon during pregnancy but to reduce this problem you need to take enough calcium and magnesium.

You should stretch your legs to lessen the leg cramps OR you can also stand on the cold surface it may give you the relaxation. You should visit your doctor for leg cramps.