Navratri dress styles and hair styles

Navaratri is a special occasion in every Indian Hindu family and hence getting the right style during these special days is important for every girl. No matter if you are in your twenties, thirties or above, you can always get that special Navratri look and make the heads turn.

Have you already decided about your dress style during this special festive or you are still all messed up and undecided about what to wear? This article will give you a clear idea about the dress styles in trend that can go perfectly for the occasion of Navratri.

In order to get that perfect look that even your mirror will cherish, putting on the right dress is not enough. You also need to get the right accessories and hairstyle to actually make it work at its best.

In this article we have presented a complete guide for your Navratri dressing style, accessories as well as hair style. Read on,

Dress styles to be followed during Navratri

Going ethnic about your dress style is one of the key mantra during Navratri. Ethnic wears match perfectly with the festive and they can actually give you the best look. However, along with the huge variations of lehengas and sarees you can also try out some fusion and Indo-western wear that will match with the essence of the occasion.

First let us take a look at the different latest designs of Lehenga-cholis that can set the tone just perfect for you this festive season along with some indo western, fusion wear and sarees,

Embroidered long sleeve Lehenga Choli


This type of unique yet simple lehenga cholis are in trend now. This Lehenga choli has a color combination that is sure to catch the eyes and expresses the festive mood very clearly. The longer blouse with the lehenga along with the three quarter sleeves not only gives the dress a modest look, but will also easily hide any stomach fat under its fabric. You can always pick this type of simple yet classy lehenga-cholis for this Navaratri.

Lehenga choli in net and sequin


Net based lehengas are extremely in trend now. Net as a material is often preferred for lehengas due to the flowy, dreamy look they offer. The blouse of this lehenga-choli set is all over sequined which make it look gorgeous without going over the top. One of the best things about this type of net based lehenga cholis is that these are lightweight and can be carried easily even if you are not very much habituated in ethnic wear.

Printed net lehenga


Floral prints never go out of fashion and there can be hardly any other better lehenga than this one for this Navaratri. The floral prints in pink look absolutely gorgeous on the soft colored base of the lehenga and the net covering actually completes the look. The gorgeous, short sleeve blouse of the dress should not be missed. If you have a knack for laces you can surely try out this type of lehenga this Navaratri.

Solid Lehenga choli in floral print


The simplicity of this Lehenga choli makes it stand apart. Here the lehenga is solid and the upper part is completely devoid of work, which has been followed by a zari border and then again a contrasting solid border without zari. The blouse of this Lehenga, which makes one of the primary attractions, has a bright floral print in yellow and black. You can always try out this type of unique floral designed lehenga-choli for any traditional occasions including Navaratri.

Two piece fusion dress


This beautiful fusion dress can add to the look of any women during this festive season. This type of fusion wear is highly in trend and they look really pretty. The body hugging long top of the dress looks absolutely gorgeous with the over flowy georgette lehenga in light color. The neck pattern of the dress should also be noted. Pair this up with the right accessories and hairstyle to look your best this Navratri.

Traditional lehenga-choli in bright colors


For occasions like Navartri, a bright, traditional Lehenga-choli like this one will always be the right pick. The long netted sleeves of the blouse, along with the net covered embroidered lehenga looks gorgeous in combination with the net made pink colored dupatta. Pair this lehenga choli with heavy ethnic accessories to complete the look.

Lehenga with long jacket

Lehenga with long jacket

This is another latest trend that you can surely try out this Navaratri to look ravishing. A heavily worked deep colored, full sleeved long jacket pattern top coupled with a solid contrasting lehenga can be your best pick this season. It is great to introduce some variations in the normal lehenga-choli look and will also hide imperfections in your figure nicely.

Saree for navratri

Pink and beige color saree

You can always pick a gorgeous saree to get the right look during Navratri. While picking the saree make sure that it goes perfectly with your age as well as the time of the day when you are wearing it. Generally, opting for bright colored and heavy worked sarees is always a good idea during Navratri unless you are planning to take part in Dandia dance.

Mirror worked lehenga choli


Mirror worked lehengas are a popular trend this season. They look absolutely gorgeous and perfect for occasions and festivals. This mirror worked lehenga comes with a velvet blouse and net dupatta which gives it a dreamy look. This type of lehengas does not come with much pleats and can be a good option for girls planning to play Dandia or trying to get a slimmer look.

Long dress in Silk with Dupatta


Silk is always a cherished fabric and this type of beautiful long dresses made with high quality silk can actually give you the best look during Navratri. If you do not want to put on Lehenga-choli that all else must be trying on, check out this type of long Indo-Western dresses that will look chic and beautiful on you. The high neck collar pattern of the dress along with the intricate front work and the flowy base can look absolutely stunning when paired with the right accessory and hairstyle.

Long dress with jacket and salwar


This is another latest indo-western pattern that is in trend and can be a stylish pick during this Navaratri season. If you are looking to introduce a difference in your style and to make a style statement of your own instead of coping the common fashion, try out this type of long dresses that comes with heavy worked jacket and salwar to give a complete look.

Fusion dhoti dress for navratri


Another latest fusion wear that is just picking up the heat is the dhoti dress. A beautiful dhoti dress like the one in the picture above can always be the right pick for occasions like Navaratri. Here the top of the dress has intricate golden work, while the dhoti pattern bottom is comparatively simple and looks beautiful due to its flowy pattern. You can pick a dhoti dress in any bright color combination this Navratri.

Hairstyles for navratri

You can keep your Navratri hairstyle simple and classy to match with your ethnic wear. While picking a style always make sure that it goes well with your dress and is comfortable as well, particularly if you are planning to take active part in the puja or the celebration. Some of the handpicked hairstyles that you can try out this Navratri have been included below,

A long fishbone plait


When you are wearing an Indian ethnic wear, a long fishbone plait can work nicely for you. Having a fishbone plait will also make it much easier to manage your hairs and to take part in different activities of the festive.

Two side open hairstyle


If you have medium hair length with layers on your hairs a plait might not actually look that good. In such cases keeping your hairs open can be a good option. Simply part your hairs at the side or as you part normally, and then divide the total volume of the hairs into two sections, take the hairs to the front from over the shoulders.

A long braid with a back puff


Long braids with back puff looks perfect when coupled with ethnic wear. Part your hairs at the middle and collect the hairs at the crown to create the puff. Finally complete the braid with the length of the hairs. If your hairs are not that long, you can easily use some falsies for the braid and get the look.

Bun with a back puff


Buns are the other most popular hairstyle that you can easily get this Navratri and look your feminine best. There can be several variations in buns. You can either go for a simple bun at the back of the head, or a roll bun, doughnut bun or any other patterns. Always make sure that your bun is well fixed.

Accessories for navaratri

Even after putting on the right dress and having the right hairstyle, your dress up is not complete unless you have put on the right accessories. Jewelries play a very important role in getting the right traditional Indian look. Heavy jewelries can be your best pick this Navratri season. Be it junk jewelries, gold or any other metal always opt for the heavier ones as heavy jewelries are the trend of the season.

Long layered necklace


Heavy and long layered necklaces along with intricately worked bigger ear tops are one of the most popular trends now. You can always pick jewelries like the ones shown in the picture above to get the right Navratri special look.

Jhumka for your ears


Jhumkas are back in trend since last year, and the bigger they get the better they look with traditional Indian wear. So, for the Navaratri pick some adorable jhumkas that go perfectly with your Navaratri special dress.

Short neck pieces


Stone studded, gorgeous and short neck pieces are also in trend this year. You can easily pick accessories like the ones shown in the picture above to pair up with your ethnic Navratri dress.

Long gorgeous ear pieces


If you have a long neck and you have got a hairstyle that leaves your neck region open, getting a long gorgeous ear piece as shown in the picture above can be a great idea as it will look marvelous on you.

Victorian bangles


Victorian Bangles can look pretty good and stylish with any indo-western as well as fusion dress. Pick matching Victorian bangles that look gorgeous and matches with your accessories.

Hand bracelet


To add a gorgeous and different look to your hands, put on a stylish hand bracelet that matches with your dress.