Types of face masks and how to use them

For the outbreak of a severe and deadly virus coronavirus (COVID19), the world has faced a tumult. The fatal virus has claimed the lives of over ten thousand people all over the globe. Simultaneously, there is increasing fear among people in all countries. All want to stay safe. Doctors and health-caregivers try their best to treat the disease. The use of different face masks has become prevalent among the general public. While using these masks, these should be used carefully. Not all masks are equal so before choosing the mask, know about different masks. 

The different types of face masks and how to use them

Here is the list of various masks and how to use them. Read the below-mentioned points:

Surgical mask

 It is a disposable medical device that protects against transferable agents transmitted by “droplets”. These droplets refer to the droplets of saliva or release from the upper respiratory tract as the wearer exhales. This mask protects from the danger of splashes of biological fluids. The surgical masks are equipped with a waterproof layer and a visor to protect the eyes. But surgical masks do not save against “airborne” diseases that mean it cannot prevent the user from the probable threats of a virus-like coronavirus. 

How to use masks

Doctors mainly surgeons use these masks that create a physical barrier between the nose and mouth of the wearer. The users wear the mask carefully to shield themselves and also to avoid the contact of infection. But these masks cannot protect healthy people from getting an illness and the loose fittings of the masks leaves the place infected. Caregivers mainly need these masks.

N95 respirator

A respirator is a personal protective device that protects the wearer from not only from the inhaling aerosols (dust, mists, smokes) but also from the health issues. It can be used to stop the airborne infectious agents (e.g. against the contamination by a virus such as a coronavirus, H1N1, etc). Respirators also save those who wear them from inhaling “droplets” of contagious agents. These respirators are reusable or disposable. In some cases, it is possible to replace it after it is full. People should not use respirators if there is no need. If not used properly, these can cause negative results. 

How to use the respirators

People who work with dust, medical/environmental emergencies can use it. Being divided into two parts, insulating and filtering, the former respirators include a filtering device and a face piece. These facemasks are effective only against particles, certain gases, vapors. These masks are easy to use. 

Filtering respirators are useful for doctors, healthcare workers to avoid the contamination against COVID 19. These are equipped with an exhalation valve that can improve the comfort of the user. The valve can prevent the condensation inside the mask. So, the wearer can use the respirator conveniently by following some easy steps.

P100 respirator/gas mask

Apart from these masks, there are also these masks that are effective for people associated with woodworking, painting. These masks save the wearers who are exposed to lead, asbestos, chemicals, solvents. These masks do not protect the wearer from the spread of COVID19. 

How to use the masks

These masks are reusable.  These can fit the users easily. But these masks are not recommended for doctors, healthcare givers. But workers who are engaged in printing works can use these masks. These masks can protect from the harmful chemicals, lead, asbestos, solvents on the job. 

Self-contained breathing apparatus

These masks are useful mainly for the fire-fighters. While combating with fire, the firemen face the terrible flames and the emitted carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide can make them ill. But these masks are not useful for protecting diseases.

How to use them

These easy-fitting, breathable apparatus helps protect people like firemen who clean the air is dangerously polluted situations. 

Full face respirator/Powered air-purifying respirator

These respirators are useful for painting or an environment that needs protection from vapors and gases. They also protect the eyes. It fits people who are with breathing troubles or robust facial hair. These are not for COVID19.

How to use them

These respirators are covering the full face. So, the wearer can easily use them. These respirators are powered with an air supply. 

These above-mentioned masks are useful in various diseases, situations. While using the masks, it is necessary to follow proper guidelines. To prevent the spread of COVID19, use the masks sincerely.