Most weight loss friendly foods

Functionally, every food carries different calories and properties that play on your body metabolism. They design your body’s natural reactions like hunger and thirst, besides controlling hormones and offering right amount of calories for weight-loss. Here are 20 all-time effective foods for weight-loss.




Leafy greens have always been excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, and minerals including calcium. These nutrients help burn the fat in body. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, lettuce, collards, Swiss chards etc. are low in carbs and calories. Leafy greens increase your low energy diet intake, but controls calories efficiently.




Salmon is a nutrient-filled food with healthier protein and fats. This is an amazing food that curbs your hunger for a longer period. One of its contents, iodine is important for the thyroid’s health that keeps your metabolism in fine shape. It also has anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that keeps the weight down. 




Eggs have always been held as culprit for raising cholesterol and body weight. However in reality, eggs are very filling and are wonderful for losing weight. Though if consumed in excess, eggs can raise bad cholesterol in some people also. These are good source of protein, nutrients, and healthy fat required for the body.

The studies done on overweight women showed amazing results. When they eat eggs in breakfast, they feel satiated without any strong urge to eat anything in next few hours. The result showed in few weeks with a distinct loss of weight.




Many experts believe meat to be unhealthy. However, studies find unprocessed meat is not the cause for heart and diabetic issues. Meat in fact, is a weight-loss-friendly food with its higher protein contents that can help you burn fat substantially. It also reduces late night desire for snacking.




Tuna fish is a low-calorie, high in protein and low in fat food. This is used by people who work out for its protein contents. It keeps weight down as Tuna has low calories and fat. Avoid Tuna packed in oil, prefer in or from water.




Cruciferous vegetables are high in fiber contents, proteins, and other nutrition. These make up for good low density food being low in calories, thus making this a perfect food for weight-loss pursuit. It also contains cancer fighting substances. The Cruciferous veggies include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.




Potatoes are shunned for carbs and weight gain properties. In fact, boiled potatoes are healthy and great for weight-loss. It’s a complete food because of its nutrients. Boiled potatoes are most filling food to encourage weight loss, as these cut further snacking to minimum.




Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and monounsaturated oleic acid, which is found in olive oil. These are less energy-dense despite having high fat contents. These have nutrients, water, and fiber in them, making your bowl of salad complete. Avocado is great for your weight loss plans. 




There are no two ways about the health benefits of fruits. They have low energy density despite natural sugar. Healthy fiber also helps reduce your body weight. People on very low-carb or ketogenic diet can avoid these. 




Grapefruit, as per studies, deserves mentioning for its weight loss properties. Grapefruit reduces insulin resistance, which is a metabolic irregularity. Eating grape fruit 30 minutes before meals satiates appetite and helps you in losing weight by restricting binge eating.



Composition with variety of vegetarian food ingredients.


Some lentils like black beans, kidney beans and similar others support weight loss. These being high in protein and fiber help in keeping weight down. It keeps stomach satiated and metabolism in great shape.




Low energy density meals allow lesser consumption of calories. Make soup of veggies and fruits, this would make you more satiated.  Avoid adding fat in soup and enjoy weight loss regime with this tasty and healthy treat.




Like other dairy products, cottage cheese is low in calories and high in protein & calcium. It’s filling and contains fewer carbs and fat to hurt your weight loss plan. Its calcium content actively helps in weight loss.  Greek yogurt is one similar dairy product for weight loss.




Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that help in improving digestion and protecting against hormonal instigators like inflammation and leptin resistance that cause obesity. Avoid low-fat yogurt as it contains sugar, eat full fat yogurt which controls obesity and type-2 diabetes.



Apple cider vinegar is used as condiments in dressings or vinaigrettes, or it is taken by mixing with water. The studies suggest that apple cider vinegar is helpful in weight loss. It also controls blood sugar.



assorted nuts


Nuts are not as fatty despite its fat contents.  Nuts are good snacks with protein, fiber, and fat contents. These also contain omega fatty acids and antioxidants to promote weight loss. Never binge eat them as these are high in calories.




All cereal grains are not bad for weight, as some of these like oats, brown rice, and quinoa are packed with protein and fiber. Soluble fibers beta-glucans in oats are amazing for metabolism enhancement. Avoid refined grains, as whole grains would help you lose weight fast. You can avoid if on low carb diet.




Chili peppers help in weight loss as it contains capsaicin that helps in burning fat fast. Chili pepper is also available in supplement form. So add more spice in your food and life.




Chia seeds are considered healthiest food with high fiber and low carbs. Its amazing nutrients make it a popular food for weight loss, as it helps in controlling appetite. 




Coconut has higher fatty acid contents namely medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fatty acids controls appetite efficiently and help in burning extra calories. Coconut oil helps reduce weight and belly fat also. Besides this, extra virgin olive oil is one healthier option.