How to stop breastfeeding and when?

Are you ready to stop breastfeeding to your baby? It is the natural phenomena of life that after a certain time you have to get the ideas of how to stop breastfeeding. The perfect time to stop breastfeeding to your baby is when he or she reaches on 1 year stage almost. The experts on breastfeeding say it is good if your baby stop sucking your breast milk from them. If your baby is not having any eager to stop it then you can take the initial steps. After turning 1 year it is not enough for the baby to feed only breast milk. Breast milk is the best source of food for the first six months. You can give some formula foods too along with breast milk as per the suggestion of your baby’s pediatrician.

Stop breastfeeding at night first

One of the very disturbing times of parenting is feeding the breast at night. Before stopping the breastfeed at day, you should try to stop feeding the breast at night. While you baby is sleeping you can give a substitute like pacifier if your baby has a sucking habits. You not need to stop the night breastfeeding just for your baby only. It is also important to get some sound sleep for you too.

You need to do some research on it

Never try to stop breastfeeding without having a good idea of stopping it. It is true that a mother is the best expert for baby but some research helps you to be more knowledgeable about breastfeeding. Always consult with the elders and doctors about how to stop it. Your friends, neighbors, parenting books and online research will give you the best ideas.

Feed more at day

One thing you should always keep in mind that your baby should not deal with improper nutrition for stopping breastfeeding. You need to feed your breast more at daytime to provide proper and balanced nutrition for your baby’s health. Try to feed every two hours instead of every three hours. This way your baby will get the nutrients of breast milk and you not need to feed breast at night.

Distraction should Be minimized at daytime

Try to feed breast milk to your baby at daytime without any kinds of distractions. Make the room dark by covering with curtains, pull down the blinds, close the door and keep the environment quiet. Talk with soft and minimal voice by lying baby on your lap while feeding.

Full the tummy with one feeds

You should always check well at last that your baby’s tummy is full after breastfeeding. It is quiet natural for the baby to leave the breast when you pull it away. It is not indicate of your baby’s tummy fullness. Experts say if the baby leaves your breast you should try twice to feed him or her again. One time full time can leave you away from breastfeeding very often. This way the habits of breastfeeding you can minimize day by day and can stop ultimately.

Introduce your baby with solid foods

It is normal to introduce your baby with solid foods after six months of stage. Keep notice that the solid foods nutrition is proper and adequate for your baby. Never stop breastfeeding instantly after feeding new foods. You should feed breast milk as well with new foods initially. As your baby is getting familiar with new foods him or her eagerly stop sucking breast milk. If your baby is not willing to stop it then feed him or her semisolids foods very often and let the tummy full always. You can wean the habit easily then.

Full the tummy at evening

Before going to be you should full your baby’s tummy in the evening. If your baby is less than six months of stage then feed the breast milk as much as your baby can suck. If your baby is above sixth months of stage then feed some semi solid, easy chewable foods which can help to tight the tummy with full nutrients. If the tummy is full at evening then your baby is never awake you at night.

Always feed appropriate foods

For the babies less than six months of stage breast milk provides them all kind of nutrients their body needs for growth and development. After sixth months to twelve months you are going to introduce your baby with new foods while also feeding the breast milk. After completing a year when you are ready to wean decide the proper diet chart which will provide all nutrients according to baby’s health needs. After completing one year you can switch to cow’s milk or formulated milk as well give your baby solid foods. When your baby is in between the ages of one and two you can give egg, fruits, vegetables, butter etc. along with cereals.

Exact time to stop breastfeeding

There is no exact time as per the experts to stop breastfeeding. Usually different kids have different circumstances which help them to inherit different habits. Always aim to feed your breast milk to your little one at least for the early sixth months. There are a lot of babies in the world who wean breastfeeding after a long while. So, no need to concern if your baby is reluctant to wean breastfeeding even after completing a year.

Signs of weaning

There are lots of signs which indicate that the right time to wean for your baby. Always keep in mind that most of the baby not weans breastfeeding by themselves. At least when the baby is one year old you can start the processes of weaning. As you gradually decreases breastfeeding and frequently nursing, your baby will also give you sign of weaning. Try to be resentful to your baby as he or she clinging for breast milk after completing one year.

Breastfeeding is the most valuable phase of the life of a mother. This is the phase through which you and your baby bonded together from the earlier stage of your baby’s life.  It is difficult to wean for a mother as it makes an emotional attachment between mother and her baby.