Best foods for baby brain development during pregnancy

It has been scientifically proven that baby foods must be consumed in the adequate quantities to promote the brain development of pregnant woman’s baby. The baby in the expectant mother’s womb is very much affected by the former’s lifestyle and diet regime.

It is therefore, of utmost importance to take care of your baby health and provide him with the quintessential nutrients for a better IQ growth and social skills in longer run.

Vitamin loaded diet

What to eat during pregnancy for fair & intelligent baby

Doctors have time and again said that expecting mothers must include vitamins in their daily diet.

Power packed vitamin dosages in the form of sardines, lentils, avocados, peanuts and such will help in building red blood cells.

Vitamin C helps to promote collagen while Vitamin D helps in bone building and zinc for brain development.

Omega 3 rich diet

According to several studies and reports, it has been observed that more than 50% expecting mothers with a rock-solid intake of fish in their second trimester have proved to give birth to the baby with higher IQ level and better learning capabilities as compared to those who didn’t.

Women who are allergic to fish may also opt for fish oil supplement post doctor’s advice on the same.

Mind your mercury content

Needless to say, fishes are an extremely healthy addition to the diet of every expecting mother, yet the mercury content differs from fish to fish.

Add to that, The Food and Drug Administration has totally banned the consumption of fishes like shark, tile fish, king mackerel, and swordfish for the pregnant ladies. Although, they may resort to milder options in fish like salmon, pollack, whitefish, shrimp etc.

Bite on fresh leafy veggies and fruits

Nothing can truly replace the wondrous addition of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to lead to a healthy and strong baby.

Look for deep colored vegetables like spinach, lentils, beans, broccoli etc and fresh fruits like papaya, blueberries, tomatoes are very effective during pregnancy for the baby in your womb. This helps in building up the brain cells and function baby better.

Say no to alcohol

Any form of alcohol beverage like win, beer or even a breezer is a no-no. The ethanol content may prove to be harmful for your baby and affect him in the learning abilities social skill in the longer run.

Protein booster

Top foods for pregnant women

The more the intake of protein in your diet, the merrier. Remember what you eat is what helps your baby to grow and function better.

To add the least, it’s extremely crucial to take foods like yogurt, bean soup, peanut butter, whole cracker smacker and lean beef for a protein enriched diet to supplement the required content to the baby.

Look at your weight gain

Most importantly when you’re revising your diet chart and keeping a check on the to-do list, make sure your ideal weight is maintained all throughout to overcome the problem of premature delivery of baby.

This may cause as a result of building up of tissues and the layer around the womb becomes vulnerable to the delivery, so keep a regular tab on your weight and stay healthy.