How to make black paste / Saadu / bottu for using on kids / new born baby face

A new born baby is regarded as god to many people as they are pure and innocent in their mind. There is also a custom of welcoming the new born child by putting a dot or saadu in his forehead.

But, since the child is having very sensitive skin you cannot put any type of paste or tika on his forehead. The black paste must be composed of all herbal and natural ingredients which may not harm the skin of individual child at all.

Reasons for putting black color paste on a child’s face

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Since babies are very precious for every parent, they do not take any chance for their child getting affected by the evils eyes. Some people may like the baby but their eyesight in viewing the baby will be just similar to that of an evils eye. Black line down the eye will be really effective fir saving your child from evils eye or buri nazar. According to the medical science, this has got no effect on the baby.

Some people applies black paste lining surrounding the babies eye so that the lining becomes distinct with the passage of time. It is an age old tradition practised in many parts of India to apply black paste or kajal to the new-born baby’s eyes. It is believed that surma or kajal in the baby’s eyes will ward off evil eye or buri nazar as it is commonly called. Doctors do not recommend kajal in the eyes as it can lead to irritation and infection. In the recent times most mothers put a small mark on the side of the forehead behind the ears or on the sole of the feet to ward off evil.

Bottu means a dot that is worn in South east Asia and South Asia mainly in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan and Mauritius. It is a dot applied in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows.

Saadu Bottu is a black paste that is used on the new born baby’s face. It used to be made at home in the good olden days by grandmothers before the arrival of a baby. In modern times ladies use normal eyetex kaatuka which is a small black dot applied with a matchstick on the forehead of the baby. Still there are some houses where ladies make it at home.

Method to make saadu bottu

Roast sabudana or sago on a very low flame in an iron kadhai till it turns dark brown. Light a matchstick and put it in the sabudana . It will become a mass in a few seconds. Pour some water to make it a thick paste. The whole mass will become coal black because of the lighted match stick. Boil this mixture till it becomes thick and pour it in an old steel bowl which is no longer in use. Keep it to dry in the sun—it will shrink.

How to use

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Put a drop of water on the surface of the container and rub with fingers. The mass will melt. Gather a portion of it on the finger. Rub it between the fingers to eliminate excess water. This thick mass can be immediately put on the baby’s forehead. It turns hard and silky when it dries up.

Another method of making saadu bottu

Fry sago seeds without oil in an iron skillet till they become black. Pour a little water and keep stirring to avoid formation of lumps on medium flame. Cook till it becomes thick. Add few drops of castor oil. Put it in a container after it becomes cold.
When applying takes little water on the finger and take out the paste with it and apply it on the face or forehead or cheeks.

The black paste is traditionally stored in coconut shells but it can also be stored in glass containers. The black spot in the middle of the forehead of infants is put to ward off nazar or drishti. It is called chandu bottu in Tamil. It dries up very quickly and does not smudge at all. It can be easily cleaned with water while bathing the infant.