What to eat during pregnancy for fair and intelligent baby

Every expectant mother goes through a series of tumultuous events which includes the nurturing and delivering of a well-developed baby. However, is it extremely important to focus on the proper growth and development of the foetus to help instill the best characteristics. While every mother is careful and pays heed to maintain a healthy and ideal lifestyle to give her best to the baby, here are some of the key foods that women must consume during pregnancy for fair and intelligent baby.

Food rich in iron

Top foods for pregnant women

As a mother, it is of utmost importance to raise your iron intake for a healthy oxygen influx in your body. While most women are iron deficient, pregnant women are especially advised to double their iron intake by consuming green leafy vegetables, legumes and pulses rich in iron content and chicken, lentils, beef. This will help in increasing the IQ of your baby while in womb.

Omega 3 rich food

Omega 3 is a vital element that stimulates your neurons and helps transmitting messages to your brain. Babies will be best nourished and nurtured with food rich in Omega 3. Include the likes of fish, eggs, salmon, meat, spinach, tofu and beef for a healthy and intelligent baby.


The South Indian staple food is a haven for your baby in the womb. Kernel is said to infuse fairness element in your foetus. According to Indian traditional literary works, it is said kernel helps in smooth delivery of child, so you can consider including this heavenly item in your diet.


A pregnant women must consume the dried or soaked in almonds everyday to ensure a fair and intelligent baby in her womb. It is believed and said that almonds help in improving the complexion of the baby in the foetus and helps nurture its mind.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

The indispensable fruits and vegetables are indeed helpful for your baby’s growth. Their antioxidant properties help fight free radicals which in turn makes it feasible for pregnant women to consume them quite often and regularly. However, you must ensure cleaning the fruits and vegetables prior to eating them. Papaya, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, oranges, pineapples and lentils will help you boost your immunity. This will increase your chances of delivering a fair and intelligent baby.


Ideal nourishment during pregnancy

The Indian traditional homemade ghee is one of the most cherished food items of every Indian household. It plays a key part in improving the skin color of your baby and soothes the labour pain during pregnancy as well. It helps in less painful delivery and is any day a better alternative to oil.

Saffron milk

One of the most highly recommended food item for pregnant women is saffron milk in the first trimester to help boost energy and give the woman enough strength to fight the pain. Loaded with nutrients and rich in iron, this not only helps in improving the complexion of your baby but also to add higher level of IQ for baby developing in the womb.


• What are the best foods to eat during pregnancy for a healthy baby?

Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, dairy, and healthy fats are all excellent choices for a healthy pregnancy diet.

• What kind of snacks should I eat during pregnancy?

Healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains are recommended during pregnancy.

• What are the best sources of protein for pregnant women?

Good sources of protein for pregnant women include lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, nuts, and seeds.

• How much iron should I be consuming during pregnancy?

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of iron during pregnancy is 27 milligrams per day.

• What types of dairy products are safe to eat during pregnancy?

Most types of pasteurized dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese, are safe to eat during pregnancy.

• What types of seafood are safe to eat during pregnancy?

Generally, it is safe to eat shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, Pollock, and catfish while pregnant.

• What are the best sources of calcium for pregnant women?

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are some of the best sources of calcium for pregnant women.

• What vegetables should I eat during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should aim to consume a variety of vegetables such as leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and root vegetables.

• What types of fruit can I consume during pregnancy?

Fruits that are safe to consume during pregnancy include bananas, apples, oranges, berries, melons, and avocados.

• What types of fats should I be eating during pregnancy?

The best types of fats to eat during pregnancy are unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds.