Which day is perfect in a month to conceive – Find the ovulation period?

The process pregnancy starts with conception which takes place after one malesperm cell joins with one female egg cell and fertilises it. This process starts in the Fallopian tubes of the female partner and then the embryo is transported and implanted in the walls of the uterus. It grows there for nine months to build a new life.

Some people have an opinion that pregnancy is just a matter of chance which clicks when the sperm from a man combines with the female ovum. But, scientifically it is neither a chance nor an accident. There is systematic way of either making the fertilization happen or drop it with a proper plan. If you really wish to conceive, you need to know about the days within the month when the chance of fertilization will be maximum. Yes, this is known as the ovulation period. Let us find about it in detail.

Tips for partners in pregnancy

Partners looking forward to have kids must have sex during the fertile period of the woman. It is difficult to pinpoint a single day effective for conception. The fertile window lasts for six days after ovulation every month which is the time when the female egg is released.  It is a six day period as the sperm survives for six days but the egg survives for only one day after it is released.

Women get confused about the time of conceiving. It depends on the ovulation period. When a lady is ovulating, she can take that time to be best for conceiving. But, many inexperienced ladies are unable to understand their time of ovulation. Many women must have asked about when is it the best time to plan for a baby?

When does ovulation take place?

Ovulation depends on the length of the menstrual cycle and the length of the periods.  An average woman has her menses 12-14 days after ovulation. The menstrual can be as short as 22 days or can exceed to 36 days in some cases. Ovulation in a normal 28 day menstrual cycle takes place 14 days after the end of the periods. Ovulation takes more time in a long menstrual cycle. In most women the menstrual cycle varies by seven days, in that case the fertile window can also vary between each period.   It is effective to have sex two to three days in every cycle to conceive. Regular sex every two to three days also helps to improve the quality of sperm

Signs of ovulation

Ovulation is the time when the mature egg released from the woman’s ovary reaches the fallopian tube and is ready for fertilisation.

Signs of ovulation start about three weeks before the next menses.  One of the sign of ovulation is that there is increaseof whitish vaginal discharge which is the fertile mucus.  Women become sexier in this stage and there is little discomfort on one side of the stomach. The easiest way to know the fertile days is to note the changes in the cervical mucus

The ovulation calculator

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Success in conception is maximum when the fertile period is carefully understood and followed. Pregnancy can occur in the five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. Chances of conception are zero if the woman has sex a week before ovulation but it gradually increases until two days of evolution and the day of evolution.

How to know when ovulation will take place?

The period of ovulation can be traced by finding out the length of the menstrual cycle. Day one is the first day of the menses and the last day is the starting day of the next menses. Ovulation takesplace about 14 days before the next menstrual period. The normal menstrual cycle is calculated to 28 days. Ovulation takes place on the 14th day and the fertile window begins on the 12th day. In a long 35 days menstrual cycle ovulation takes place on the 21st day and fertile window begins on the 19thday.  In a short 21 days menstrual cycle ovulation takes place on the 7th day and the fertile window begins on the 5th day.

Tips on finding out ovulation period and fertility

Take help of your calendar

It is very important for a lady to keep a track about her periods when she actually wishes to be pregnant.  Generally, cycle of periods takes place after every 28 days. But, these days, ladies get unusual period cycles. It may repeat after 30 days, 28 days or 33 days. Ovulation takes place in a woman after 14 days of period cycle. For example, if a lady has her period on 1st of January, the time of ovulation will begin on 14th of January. Thus, you can plan to conceive by marking your date of period on the calendar.

Symptoms to notice ovulation

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Every woman can come across various signs and symptoms through which the time of ovulation will be clear. The time of fertility will also be quite clear with the help of signs and symptoms in a lady. You will see some clear discharge just before the time of ovulation. You must mark from the clear discharge that, in this particular period you are fertile and can get pregnant easily.  There is also a way to notice that a woman is not fertile even after ovulation. This is the time when you notice cloudy discharge from your body. Even many women will discharge nothing at all in such particular period. Some people may also experience mild cramp during the period of ovulation.

Temperature of a woman’s body

Women willing to get pregnant must also keep a note about her body temperature. In order to keep a note on your body temperature, you must purchase a body temperature. You must take your body temperature everyday you woke up in the morning. You must note down the body temperature every morning while you are preparing for fertilization. The lady will be most fertile two or three weeks before the time her temperature is in its peak.

The frequency of having sex

If you really have the desire to get pregnant, having sex frequency is a wonderful step. During the 14 days of your ovulating period, frequency in sex is very important to get pregnant.

Women or the couple willing to have a baby must mark the period of fertile window. This lasts for tenure of six days every month. Within these six days is the time when the body of women lays egg.  The lifespan of the egg is just one day after it is released from ovum. But, sperm of a male partner lasts for a week. Thus, within the six days fertilization can effectively take place between the couple. If you have sex just two days before the day of ovulation, it will be quite likely for her to become pregnant.

Some accurate methods to know the time of evolution are

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  • The vaginal discharge becomes thick and slippery during the time of evolution.
  • An ovulation predictor kit can be used to find the estimated date of evolution. The testing is done after subtracting 17 days from theaverage menstrualcycle. The positive result will indicate that the ovulation will happen in the next 24-36 hours.
  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT) risesafter ovulation takes place. This is taken with the help of a special thermometer. It can be guide for the next month’s cycle as the indication is there after the ovulation.
  • Physical examination of the cervix appears to be open during ovulation which is otherwise closed.
  • Urine and saliva ovulation predictor kits also give a hint of the fertile period of a woman.
  • Some women have some spotting during ovulation which is an indicator of the fertile period.
  • It has been revealed that older women are less fertile than young ones. But maintaining a good body weight, eating a nutritious diet, adopting a healthy life style and having sex during the fertile window of the woman will maximise the chances of pregnancy.
  • (Bigelow et al 2004, Alliende et al 2005, Scarpa et al 2006, Ovulation period is indeed a very critical phase in the life of every lady which needs to be accomplished with perfect plan for getting pregnant.

The perfect day for ovulation

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Yes, fertilize window period is the most suitable time to have sex if you want to conceive. Every month, this particular window period stays for around 6 days. You can choose any one day within these six days to have intercourse. This will be the time when the female body release eggs. But even among these six days, 2 days before the ovulation period will be the best time to have full proof pregnancy.

Menstruation cycle and pregnnacy

Normally, menstruation cycle takes place after every 28 days of calendar. But some women gets its early before 2-3 days and another groups get it later than 4- 5 days. Pregnancy is directly related to the menstruation cycle of women. This is just due to the reason that elderly women who had menopause have no chance of getting pregnant at all. Even the 5 days within the window period will be an exclusive scope of getting pregnant.

Charting menstruation cycle

Now, it is really difficult to find out the actual time when you can become pregnant with ovulation. Since the menstruation cycle and duration differs in every individual, you actually need to find out the best time when you have a start up date and the end date. You need to see whether the menstruation cycle is taking place in regular for 2-3 months. Once it gets the strength of regularity, you can proceed with the intercourse. Yes, charting the menstruation cycle and noting the dates will be again important consideration over here.