Hurt for oral health: 10 food habits

In many countries oral health is regarded as an important part of life. They go for a regular dental checkup in every six months. But, few countries lack such awareness. Individuals are suffering from different kinds of dental problems.

It’s time to take care of dental health as your million dollar smile will be kept intact with a proper oral health.

In order to take care of your teeth, it becomes important change some food habits. Some of the food items that disrupt dental health are energy drinks, soda, sugar, hard candy etc.

According to one of the cosmetic dentist in New York, sugar is regarded as sticky carbohydrates which help bacteria to get inside. It also produces acid; as a result adequate minerals are pulled out of your white teeth with erosion of enamel.

Some ladies are really cautious about their health. Thus, avoiding sugar and sweets has become a part of their healthy lifestyle. But, even if you are avoiding the sugary food, this might not keep you out of dental problems ever.

10 food habits to consider or reconsider

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

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Vitamin C is one of the important constituent available in many fruits. Oranges, lemon etc have good amount of vitamin C which helps in maintaining collagen in gums. But, high amount of vitamin C can also harm your teeth.

If you are consuming multiple oranges in a day and lemon water, it can be the reason behind softening your teeth enamel. You should be very careful about your enamel as this will not grow back again.

How to fix

After consuming citrus fruit or drinking a glass of juice made up of citrus fruits, consume a glass of plain water and after 20 minutes of this activity brush your teeth.

Since the citrus fruit makes your teeth enamel soft , the best way to eradicate such problem will be to brush your teeth after consumption of citrus food.

Pickled food

Pickled food

Pickles are sour and spicy which converts our food items tasty and delicious. But, excessive consumption of pickle can also have negative effect on your teeth.

Since a pickle contains vinegar, amount of acid is quite high in it. Thus, your teeth can get dematerialize any time. If the pickle is sweet, it will also contain sugar which is another reason for getting cavity.

Fix it

Just after consuming pickle, biting cheese will be a remedy to avoid dematerialization in teeth. Cheese helps in neutralizing a lot of acids.

You may also consume a sugar free gum with the content of xylitol. It will easily make acid subsidize. Your mouth will produce adequate quantity of saliva to cut out the acidic concentration.



We all consume one or the other type of beverages. Coffee is one among the popular beverages consumed by maximum people daily. Since coffee has a lot of antioxidants, it is regarded as a very healthy drink for body.

But, one of its disadvantages is the staining potential. The color of your tooth will be converted into yellow and have the capacity of making it rough and husky.

How to fix?

Even if two or three cups of coffee in a day will be ideal for developing brown color spots in your teeth. If you can add ice to the coffee and take it with straw, getting brown spots on your teeth will be avoided.

It will again be preferred if you can avoid adding sugar into it. Coffee with milk will give rise to fewer stains as compared to coffee alone.



Nuts have their own positive effects as those have good fats along with high amount of vitamin E. Almond is one of the expensive variety of nuts which is not only tasty but have all health benefits.

But, since they are hard, once you try biting it, you can see the creation of wedges. In some cases, your teeth can also fracture.

How to fix?

If you wish to protect your teeth and consume almonds as well, it will be better to avoid biting whole almonds and go for sliced variety of almonds. This will create less damage in your teeth.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit

Some people have realized the benefits of munching dried fruit instead of raw fruits. Unlike the fresh fruits dried fruits can be kept for long time and consume slowly in leisure time.

But, it is also an important fact to realize that the dry fruit comes with adequate concentration of sugar. Once you try biting those dry fruits, it tends to cling your teeth. On sticking it will also attract a lot of bacteria.

How to fix?

After consuming dry fruits, you must take water in your mount keep it inside with your mouth close for 3 minutes and throw it away. Just after 20 minutes of its consumption, brush your teeth.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter

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It is really wonderful to consume a spoon of peanut butter either in breakfast or at night after dinner. It is almost a food that makes your tongue tasty.

It is usually provided to kids and children as it contains adequate quantity of protein. But, it is also having a negative effect towards your teeth. Since it is a paste it gets settled in various parts of your mouth and forms cavity.

How to fix it?

Since the peanut butter is rich in sugar, the best way to remove it from your teeth holes is through proper brush. You must brush your teeth just after consumption of peanut butter in order to avoid teeth damage.

People are getting cautious about their dental health as more and more people are suffering from gum problems, cavity and discoloration of teeth.

If you can take some of the steps and avoid unhealthy habits of food consumption, dental health will be improved with retention of your sparkling white smile.

Don’t allow your teeth enamel to erode or you will never get back again. Avoid junk food and sweets so that bacterial attack on your teeth gets minimized.