What is female pattern baldness? Reasons and how to treat it?

One among the common variety of hair loss in women is known as female pattern baldness. Studies say that each stand of hair is engraved in cavity that is represented as a tiny hole which is also known as follicle. As soon as the hair follicles gets shrink with time, baldness takes place. Thus, from long and thick hair conversion takes place to shorter as well as thin hair. Slowly this thinning of hair gives rise to bald head. The follicle becomes so weak that it does not at all grow new hair.

In females, pattern baldness takes place with the gradual thinning at the part line. This will be backed with increase in diffuse hair loss

Reasons behind female pattern baldness

Causes or reasons of getting female pattern baldness vary from one individual to another. Some of the visible reasons behind it include:

  • Hereditary or female having family history of female pattern baldness
  • Due to aging
  • Medical conditions such as surgeries, side effects of medication etc
  • Due to menopause

You must consult with the dermatologist to find out the exact reason behind the pattern baldness and get an appropriate treatment procedure. You may also refer to the therapist or a consultant doctor who are well experienced in this particular field. Pattern baldness takes place in both male and female but the area where hair starts lessening will be different. For male personalities, baldness takes place right at the temple area whereas for females this hair loss takes place in the part line. This would also give rise to the increase in defused hair loss. You may also feel the emotional difficulties and frustration due to hair loss.

Treatment options for female pattern baldness

  • You can apply perm, lotions and other cosmetic options that can show your hair thick and fuller.
  • You can go ahead with the professional counseling schedule to find out ways of treating the female pattern baldness
  • You can also get relief from the pattern baldness through the hair addition. This will help stimulating natural appearance in hair pattern. You must consult with the expert to find out the solution.
  • Hair replacement surgery is another way of curing the pattern baldness in female. The modern technique of hair transplantation is very effective as proven by the experts


If you have been suffering from certain disease and seek medication for the same, you may also adopt the pattern baldness due to its side effects. According to the research, an effective medication of pattern baldness is minoxidil. If you can apply this to the scalp, pattern baldness can be reduced. For female personalities, concentration of 2% minoxidil is recommended. It is important for you to carry on using this medicine for a long time as once you stop it, you can be affected by pattern baldness once again. For many ladies, minoxidil might not work. In such a situation doctor can recommend a medicine named as spironolactone. But this should not be applied in your head or hair, rather it is meant for consumption.

If you have male hormone more than that of female hormone in your body, an effective medicine that can cure your pattern baldness is spironolactone. Since it is an FDA approved drug, there is no problem in consuming it at all. If you are among the women with kidney failure, it will be better for you to avoid this drug as it will definitely cause increased potassium level in blood.

Hair transplantation

Another effect way of reducing the female pattern baldness is through hair transplantation. This is a process of planting hair in the area where you are suffering from baldness by taking hair from other parts of your body where your hair has grown quite coarse and with stability. You might have unwanted hair in various parts of your body especially in your vagina which is not at all used. Surgeons will take hair from that area and plant it over the area in your head where you require hair vigorously. The hair that has been transplanted will shed in a period of two weeks and the new growth will start once again.