Home remedies to treat oily scalp

Like the way people with dry skin tone have dry scalp and dandruff, individuals with oily skin type also suffers from oily and greasy scalp. Even after using very expensive shampoo, the hair strands seems to have cover up with greases due to excessive oil secretion from the glands. Normally oil secretion is good as this helps your scalp healthy by restricting hair breakage. But, excessive hair breakage is ideally worse for the skin tone. There is variety of reasons due to which people suffers from such excessive oil secretion. But, there are some natural ways to control such secretion.

Home remedies to treat oily scalp


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Henna is a natural herb that is known to provide a great conditioning to your hair. Since it is little dry in nature, the excessive oil secretion from your scalp will be restricted with the use of henna.

You need to soak henna powder in an iron container overnight in warm water and mix it well so that there are no lumps. Get up the next day morning and apply it over your hair. Cover your hair and scalp and keep it for 2 hours. Once it is dry, wash away with a mild shampoo. You can see the oil secretion has been restricted.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is commonly available plant which grow anywhere without much care. The long leaves of Aloe Vera contain gel which needs to be extracted and used to treat greasy oil. You need to extract the Aloe Vera gel and add it with your shampoo that you have been using regularly. Mix the Aloe Vera with your shampoo and keep it in a refrigerator. Whenever you are going to shampoo your hair the aloe Vera mixed in your shampoo will remove oil and grease from the scalp.


You must have heard from your friends and relatives that beer is a good solution to make your hair look good and healthy. Yes, the fact is really true when you have oily scalp. Since beer contains a certain percentage of Alcohol, it works well in removing greasiness. You need to take half cup of bear in 2 cups of water and wash your hair thoroughly. You will not only observe eradication of oil from your hair but also get a wonderful over your hair shaft.


People prefer mint leaves to make fresh juices and add as a garnish in vegetable dishes. Thus, you can easily get these leaves in the vegetable market or departmental stores. You need to take a handful of mint leaves and boil it for 20 minutes in a glass of water. Let it dry and slowly pour it over your hair and scalp. You can see the greasiness and oil from your scalp has reduced.

Lemon juice

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As you all know that lemon with citric acid has the potential to cut the oils and fat layer, it will also work well on oily and greasy hair. You need to cut a lemon into half with two slices. Now slowly rub the lemon against your scalp with the juicy portion facing your hair. Move the lemon to almost all parts of your hair and scalp so that not a single portion is left idle. Now keep it for 10 minutes and wash it with warm water. You can easily see good improvement over your hair and scalp which have been affected with oil.

Rosemary and tea

You have to take a container where two teaspoon of rosemary in the dried form is taken. Now some warm water is poured over it. Cover the container and then Steve it after 20 minutes. In another container get some boiled raw tea in liquid form. Mix both rosemary water and tea in a bottle and refrigerate the same. This is a wonderful solution that keeps your hair free from oil and grease after each shampoo session.

Snake gourd juice

Snake gourd is one of the vegetables that are used to make different curries at home. You can easily get it in any of the vegetable market. You have to take a snake gourd and keep it in a food processor to make pieces. Also extract juice out of it. The juice so extracted must be applied over your scalp covering all parts of your skin. This will remove oil and grease from your hair.