Common mistakes that will stop your hair growth

Most women crave for shiny gorgeous hair. This is possible when proper care in washing, drying and styling of hair is followed.

In order to achieve their desired results they tend to stick to the advice regarding hair care given to them by their parents, peer group and neighbours.

These conventions are many times  are like superstitions that do not help them, and can cause troubles like split ends, weak hair, dryness, dandruff etc. It’s high time to understand the proper methods of hair care and avoid some common mistakes made by a number of women.

Hair stylists have tried to find some common mistakes that is made by women. These mistakes vary from shampooing to haircuts and use of hair products which damage the hair and interfere in normal hair growth.

Every individual has the hair growing process. This is a natural phenomenon for which people do not need to go for artificial therapy. But the extent of the growth varies from one individual to another.

There are varieties of factors that will be responsible for getting proper hair growth. Sometimes genes can be a reason when someone in family has more or less hair growth. Other external and environmental factors also contribute in it.

Most common hair mistakes that must be stopped

Avoid too much heat

Most common hair mistakes

In the recent times many women use heat based hair tools like hair dryer, curling iron and the flat iron to style their hair. This heat tends to develop split ends and take away the natural colour of the hair.

This is one of the common mistake most women perform without realising the damage done to the hair. In case use of heating tool is a must it IA advisable to use them at the lowest heat level to prevent damaging of hair.

Brushing many times

It is essential to brush hair to remove tangles, but excess brushing leads to split ends and hair loss. Brushing should be done with a perfect brush and it should be done only when it is required.

Using at-home hair colour

By making the hair colour at home often most women fail to pick the right shade and, they over-colour their hair. The selection of the right colour must always be done by an expert or in a salon to get the right colour tone of the skin.

Cutting your own bangs

It is a common mistake to do a haircut your own or by watching a You Tube. Most of the time while cutting the hair on their own women, they cut them too short or too long and they often look uneven. Hair should be cut vertically and not horizontally.

Over-washing hair

Avoid bad practices to hair loss

Many girls get into the habit of washing their hair everyday to make different hairstyles and look fresh. Actually over washing of hair strips away the essential oils from the hair. In case a fresh look is wanted in between shampoos dry shampoo can be used to give the hair a fresh look.

Applying heat styling tools to wet hair

When women are in a rush to get ready, they often make the mistake of using hot tools like curling or flat irons on wet hair. In this way they burn the hair follicles and weaken the hair. Hair should always be completely dry before using a heat styling tool.

Using hair care products with alcohol and detergents

Hair care products should never be chosen by seeing catchy advertisements on the TV or papers without reading the ingredients in them. Ingredients like alcohol, ammonia can damage the skin.

There are plenty of hairsprays, shampoos and hair colors that contain harmful chemicals. Most women tend to buy hair care products without reading the label on the products.

Detangling knots in a hurry

Knots and kinks in tangled hair must be handles with patience. It is better to smooth the hair with a conditioner before entangling the hair with the fingers in order to loosen the strands. Tangled hair must be gently combed with a wide tooth comb.

Towel-drying hair

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Hard towelling to dry wet hairs another common mistake.Towels can create a rough friction against the haircuticle which scrubs off the leave in conditioners.

Hair should be patted dry with a soft towel and left to dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer. In case hair dryer is essential it should be used at the lowest heat level.

Slathering conditioner on the entire head

The ends of your hair should be conditioned well while applying conditioner on the scalp. Most women neglect the process of condition after rinsing the hair. Conditioner must be applied immediately after the hair wash to prevent the hair from tangling and dullness.

Prolonging a haircut or trim

Most women avoid haircut or trimming with an aim to grow hair. But this is a mistake that invariably leads to split ends.

Trimming is a crucial part of maintaining the beauty of the hair. Girls who are planning to grow long hair must also get their trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep a proper shape and style to them.

Practicing bad ponytail habits

There are moments when women tend to use rubber bands when an elastic ponytail holder is not available Rubber bands cause breakage and split ends. Also wearing of ponytail that are too tight or are made in the same position everyday lead to damage the hair.

Combing wet hair

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There are several women who comb their hair immediately after washing them. One must remember that wet hair are prone to breakage because the pores in the scalp are wide at that time.

Combing wet lead to bunches of broken strands of hair. Hair must be left to dry naturally. Never style or tie wet hair. Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb only when they are completely dry.

Washing hair mistake

Washing hair with warm water is a normal habit adopted by most women. Hot water dries up the hair and scalp. On the other hand lukewarm water will help to open the cuticles and increase the effect of the shampoo to cleanse the hair.

It is advisable to rinse the hair in the end with cold water, as it will help to close the haircuticle and help to lock the moisture. Women with hair dye should avoid hot water completely because hot water will increase the chances of removing the colour faster.

Too much washing

Cleanliness of hair is good in order to get hygienic hair. But, too much of washing is equally not good. We have natural oils over our scalps and the roots of hair.

This natural oil helps to give us proper nutrition and initiate growth. Now, if you wash your hair with too much shampoo, the natural oils will go away and you will end up with less hair growth.

Wrong combing tool

Whether you use brush or comb for your hair, make sure that the size is appropriate for your hair. If you choose a wrong size brush, this can break your hair from the middle or root. This in turn will give rise to the discontinuation in your hair growing process.

Not using heat protection

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The teenage girls would invariably go for all types of styling tool. It is just because they wish to flaunt their hair in front of their friends. For this they will be using the hot rollers as w ell as heaters for hair.

There is no doubt that this habit can spoil your hair. But, if you can use a protection for it, getting good hair with growth will be easy. There are girls who are not aware of heat protection factor.  If you are one among them, hair growth will be restricted.

Using hair sprays

The hair sprays that people are using for styling has harmful chemicals. This will invariably restrict your hair growth. Some girls have the habit of using the hair sprays before they go for styling. But this is again a negative factor for having the hair growth in schedule.