Most common hair mistakes women do

Women often tend to stick to the hearsays regarding hair care passed on to them through their ancestors, peer group and neighbors. These conventions are like superstitions that provide no good to them, rather cause them troubles like split ends, weak hair, dryness, dandruff etc. You think you know all about hair care and still facing hair related problems, there are some myths that need to be broken. It’s high time to open your eyes. This article features some common hair mistakes women make.

Using a hair shampoo that don’t suits your hair, exposing hair to too much heat and there are more and more hair mistakes women tend to do. Some do it unknowingly but there are few who do it even after knowing its a mistake. So, atleast try to stop them now to protect your beautiful fuller hair from various kind of damages.

Here are few common hair mistakes women do

Avoid too much heat

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Women use heat based hair tools like hair dryer, curling iron and the flat iron to provide hair solutions, but give a deep look, they are apparently damaging your hair. Infact exposing hair to heat tends to develop split ends and fade in the natural color. And it is one of the top list among the mistakes women do to their hair.

If you must to use the heat to dry, curl or straighten the hair adjust the machine heat setting to low and take the help of the products that can prevent your hair from damaging, say like thermal protectant sprays.

Brushing many times

Brushing your hair in a day is necessary to remove the tangles and to tilt its look to great. But too much brushing is highly not recommended as it leads to split ends and breakage of the hair. Do it only when you want it and you even need to choose a perfect brush to comb your hair.

Wet mistakes

The mistakes that we do after the completion of shower is hard towelling and wet brushing, both of which damages the hair. Don’t rub your hair too often with a towel left and right. Similarly don’t comb your hair when it wet, it leads to the hair fall.

Rinsing frequently

Washing the hair is a general need to flush out the dirt from the scalp and hair. But rinsing off too often has been linked with the hair damage. It removes the natural oils from the hair and makes it appear dull and life less.

Neglecting conditioner

The immediate step one need to follow after rinsing off the hair is conditioning. Choose a good conditioner according to your hair type and use it after every wash. You can also use leave-in conditioner to help your hair from  tangling and dullness.

Don’t skip trimming

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As a part of maintaining the beauty of the hair, trimming is crucial. Plan your next trim after every five to six weeks to clean up the split ends and damaged hair. Infact girls who are planning to grow the long hair must have to trim their hair for atleast every 8 weeks inorder to shape it and style it.

Go according to seasons

According to the changes in the seasons all around the year switch using  the hair products. For instance, in summer take the help of the hair products that consists of SPF to protect the hair from sun’s ultraviolet rays. In winter, your hair is in need of a good conditioner that can moisture the scalp and prevent the fly-aways. In the humid days, what all your hair needs is de-frizz products.

Combing wet hair

Are you belonging to that species of women who have learnt by heart from their childhood to comb immediately after taking a shower? Show some mercy upon the precious strands at least now. Wet here is extremely prone to breakage as the pores of the scalp remain loose. All you get after hard combing is a bunch of hair in your fist. You should always let the hair dry naturally by keeping it open and then touch the comb. It is best to use a wide-toothed hair brush.

Leaving the scalp unbrushed

Many women are seen to comb only the ends, that too not thoroughly. What isolating the poor innocent scalp? For the adequate growth of hair, you need a proper blood circulation in the scalp and brushing is the best way to boost the circulation. It is essential to comb from root to tip using a wooden wide-toothed brush taking your time.

Too much shampooing

Rinsing your hair with shampoo is an indispensible part of hair care. Some people do it everyday which turns the wheel. Shampoos contain surfactants that wash out the dirt, excess oil and impurities from the scalp but when overdone, it takes out the natural moisture too. Unrestrained use of shampoo can make your hair dry like anything, snatch away its lustier. If you already have a dry hair, do not shampoo more than once a week and people with normal or oily hair should too not repeat it more than twice a week.

Use soft cloth instead of towel

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This is another very common mistake done by most of the ladies. They rub their wet, breakage-prone hair with a dry, thick towel with all the strength in their bodies in order to dry them quickly. What happens next is heart-breaking. Too much toiling ends up in hair damage, dullness and fizziness. Always pat the hair softy with a soft cloth and try to untangle the ends using your fingers. Your hair might take a long time to get dry but you save a bunch of it in lieu.

Conditioning the entire head

The scalp has its natural oil to keep it moistened all the way. Applying a hydrating product like a conditioner will end up in making the scalp look oily. The focus of conditioning should always be the tip of the hair. Gently take a little amount of the brand you use and massage the ends.

Applying heat to damp hair

Heat and water are the two completely contrasting element of nature and they simply don’t get together. It is a common notion to using a heating tool like hot and curling irons immediately after taking shower. Curling irons on damp hair can immensely harm the hair follicles leading to hair loss. Always get your hair naturally dry before applying heat to it.

Picking a wrong hairstyling product 

Buying products without reading the label is problem limited to not only ladies. You must know that ingredients like alcohol, ammonia can do irreparable damage to your skin. The intimidating part is people often get beguiled by the flashy advertisements on the T.V, hit the store and buy the product. Plenty of these hairsprays, shampoos and hair colors have harmful chemicals in them. Read the label on the back of the bottle carefully otherwise you may have to regret in future.

Untangling the knots like a bullfighter

It is completely understandable that untangling those super tight knots takes a lot of patience but then what doesn’t? Despite of struggling with a hairbrush, just simple put a little conditioner on your finger and gently loose up the strands. This will lessen the risk of ripping off the tangled part along will preventing hair fall.