How get clear skin complexion

Who does not want a beautiful and flawless skin? A clear healthy skin is everyone’s desire. But how many have a clear skin? Very few. In today’s world, everyone is busy in competition and everyone wants to look good and presentable. If you have good skin it will always help you to become presentable. It not only helps you to look good but also boosts your self-esteem and moral too.

Many women are worried about their skin tone. To make dark complexion to the fair is always not possible. Well, you can do that with the help of cosmetic surgery which is not possible for everyone as because it cost huge. So if you maintain your skin, dark skin also will glow. It is not the matter of dark or fair. If you have clear and healthy and flawless skin a dark skin also can look even more beautiful. The best way to keep the skin healthy is to improve your food habit. What you will give your body it will reflect on your skin.

In two types you can improve the skin tone. Cosmetic and natural way. The natural way is the best one as it is affordable for everyone and it will give your better result. Many women do not like dark complexion and they try many cosmetic products to get fair skin. Without consulting a skin specialist if you use the cosmetic product it can affect your skin because you don’t know which product will suit your skin tone. So before using any skin product always consults a skin specialist who can guide you. Ask your grandma, she can tell you best home remedies for clear complexion with no side effects. Here we will discuss some tips to get the beautiful clear skin.

Take care of your body

How to get clear & glowing skin

Taking care of the body is the key to maintaining your skin. It has been said that “the more you pour water on the root of the tree the more it will give you fruits and flower.” It means if you take care of something definitely you will get a good return. If you stay healthy from inside it will reflect on your skin. Drink daily 3-4 liter water is mandatory. Being dehydrated and it will show on your skin. Your pores also will open and all the dirt will come out from this. Never skin vegetables and fruits. Eat healthy look younger. Try to avoid oily and junk food.

Understand your skin

Skin type can be the various Oily, normal, dry or combine. If you have oily skin then your facial gland produce more oil and in the oily skin, you cannot use all products as oily skin is very sensitive, the specific product you can use for each type of skin. So before using any products know your skin type.

Wash your face twice night and morning

Cleaning the face is essential. Cleaning will open the pore and make your skin to look brighter. Use face wash to clean your skin. If you have dry skin use cleansing milk and for oily skin use face wash liquid cleanser.

Always use toner

After washing your face use toner always. It will help you to moisturize your skin. So your skin will not dry.

Apply facial mask

Fairness beauty tips for oily skin

Facial mask help you to get rid of the impurities of skin. Use twice a week facial mask. It will improve the skin. Those who have oily skin be careful at the time of choosing a mask. Use hydrating mask always

Steam your face

Apply this once in a week. Take a towel and make it wet with hot water, rinse it and lay it on your face, or you can boil water pore into a bowl and take the steam. Cover your head when you take the steam so that can go out. It will help the dirt to out from the skin pores.

Some home remedies to make your skin bright

Granny’s home remedies are the best way to make your skin glowing. Here we will discuss some of best home remedies which are easily available in every home.

Drink detox water

Prepare a detox water with lemon cucumber a handful mint. Keep it for overnight in the refrigerator. Next day drink this water whole day. It will keep your body cool and rejuvenate your skin.

Lemon for clear skin

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Take a lemon cut into two pieces and rub gently on your skin in a circular motion. You will see that within few days your skin will start glowing. It helps to reduce dark patches.

Honey for smooth skin

Honey not only tasty it is good for skin also. Apply one spoon of honey on your face and leave for few minutes then wash your face with lukewarm water. Do it everyday and see the difference.

Rose water and gram flour

Make a face pack with gram flour and rose water apply twice or thrice in a week. It is a great pack for face, you can use a pinch of turmeric.