How get clear skin complexion

Most women are concerned about their skin complexion and texture of the skin. There are two types of beauty tips Natural and Cosmetic to keep the skin complexion fair and smooth. Natural types use natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables and cereals for skin care. Cosmetic type consists of making use of artificial cosmetic products to make the skin fair. These can have some adverse effects and may not be very effective as well.

Dark complexion is something which most of us do not like.  This is the reason we are in a habit of getting the products that will make our skin color fair. But, do all products really work to make the color of skin attractive? Some also have many side effects.  It is better to have the home remedies in this regard. You will absolutely stay fair and beautiful with the help of the home remedies. Let us explore some of the home remedies for fair skin complexion.

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Minimize the sun exposure

How to get clear & glowing skin

Stay clear of Ultra violet rays whenever possible. This can be the foundation pertaining to stopping early growing older as well as cutting your threat of building epidermis cancer. Whenever outdoors, use any wide-brimmed cap as well as decide on clothes in which handles the maximum amount of with the epidermis as you possibly can.

Protect skin

Never be put into sunshine with no using sunscreen, if possible that has a zinc oxide base. Use 30 minutes prior to direct exposure.

Keep away from cleaning soap

Water and soap is usually hugely alkaline, and it may damage the skin’s pure barriers. Go with a soap-free facial cleanser as a substitute.

Take the fiber food

Pores and skin impurities will often be due to intestinal complications. A sound body will begin along with great eating routine, and so always consume a lot of well-balanced meals for excellent skin tone for example fresh fruits, natural vegetables and complete grains.

Defend yourself

Fairness beauty tips for oily skin

Stay away from the foes of the pores and skin: anxiety, overdue evenings, caffeine, liquor in addition to smokes would be the most severe offenders.

Take water regularly

Pores and skin is actually approximately 16% water. In climate-controlled offices, in which wetness in no way moves in relation to 8 to 10 %, water from the skin evaporates more quickly in comparison with it can regenerate.


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Hydrate the face every day

Appropriate hydration could decrease the appearance regarding lines, avoid tightness along with dryness along with “pump up” this cells, providing a gentler, a lot more perhaps check out the epidermis.

Facial mask with fruit acids

Together with standard work with, fresh fruit acids in addition to nutrients will help do away with useless skin color, increasing imperfections in addition to blemishes in addition to clarifying the epidermis. In order to save money, help to make goggles in the home more regularly than acquiring high-priced items.

Move around

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Standard training restores vitality for your skin tone and continues to be the obvious way to remain in appearance. Opt for a task that you simply enjoy and allow it to become component of your day-to-day regimen.

Natural tips to improve the skin complexion

  • A balanced diet with enough vegetables, fruits and oils are essential to get a glow on the face. Healthy fruits for the skin namely banana, watermelon apple and papaya must be added to the daily diet .Carrots, spinach, cabbage and tomato are good for the texture and complexion of the skin.
  • Sufficient fluids and water are required to wash away the toxins from the body and to keep it hydrated.
  • Cosmetic products with artificial chemicals and fragrances are harmful and may lead to premature aging of the skin. The results of these products are very short lived.
  • Consume a good amount of low-fat dairy products like milk,curd cheese and butter to keep the skin moisturizer and healthy. Coffee and tea are not good for the skin. They must be limited or avoided completely.

Homemade beauty tips for fair skin

  • Honey is one of the best ingredients to get a fair skin. Apply a spoon of honey directly on the face twice a day.
  • Papaya is heat producing when consumed in large amount. But it is the best fruit to make a mask for enhancing the skin complexion. Papaya is also known as a topical medicine for skin care which means it is more effective when applied externally. A mask can be made by peeling and crushing the papaya into a thick paste. Apply this paste on the face and hands and leave it for an hour. Then wash it off with water.

Home exfoliates for skin care

  • Rose water: Rose water promises you a fair skin in very less time. You can purchase already available rose petals or simply peel off rose petals and allow them to soak in water for a day. Now apply this water on face regularly. If possible, whenever you wash your face, you can wash with rose water. Remember not to apply soap when you wash your face with rose water. There are many cases wherein people used rose water and got not just fair complexion but close to pink complexion.
  • Turmeric: If you are in India, you must be very well aware of the good effects of turmeric. In fact, Hindu women use turmeric to paint their feet. This is said to be holy. However, studies proved that women who used turmeric got fair complexion. Since turmeric is not costly, it’s the best thing you can try out friends. Apply turmeric on your face, hands and feet regularly in the morning and before you go to bed. You can notice fair complexion in no time.
  • Milk and saffron are the two best ingredients to make the skin fair. Mix saffron in a cup of milk and mix it well. Apply it on the face and massage in circular movements. Wash it clean after some time.
  • Tulsa or basil is found to be the best remedy to get rid of skin tan and get a clean fair complexion. Tulsa juice works wonders on the skin by giving relief from all kinds of skin problems like blemishes, freckles and dark spots. Grind leaves of Tulsa and make a paste. Apply this paste on the face and wash it off after 10 minutes.
  • Curd is a common food easily available in all homes. Regular application of curd on the face in the morning will make the skin fair and help to get rid of acne.
  • Potato is found to be the best remedy to get rid of black scars left by burns or cuts.
  • Coconut water is helpful in removing all skin tan marks and gives a refreshing and refreshing feeling on the face. It also removes blackheads and improves the complexion.

Best tips for skin lightening

  • Egg yolk is best natural ingredient to make a homemade pack for fair skin. Prepare a paste with egg yolk, honey and curd into a paste. Apply this paste on the face and leave it to dry. Then wash it off with cold water.
  • Sandalwood paste a pinch of sandalwood paste made with sandalwood powder and rosewater on the face to enhance the skin complexion.

Skin complexion tips for you

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Olive oil

Olive oil has much positive effect on your skin. It will make your skin smooth, attractive and wonderful. Research has also found out that using olive oil to massage the face and hand can give fair skin complexion. But, you have to make sure you use it on the regular basis. Clogged pores are one of the reasons behind getting unhealthy skin. But, with the help of olive oil over your skin you can get  fair skin complexion.

Orange peel

You must have seen much orange peel face mask in the market. But did you know that even this can be made exclusively at home. Get the collection of orange peels and dry it under the sun. Once it has become dry you need to take it in a grinder and make powder out of it.  Now take a bowl and take two spoons of orange peel powder along with same quantity of milk. Mix all and apply over your face. Keep this for some time and then wash off with plain water.

Oatmeal with milk

Skin care tips for teenage girls

You actually require making your face free from all types of dead skin layer. All you have to do is take oatmeal with moderate granule of 1 spoon and mix it with two spoons of milk. Also add honey with it. You need to mix it really well and apply all over your face. Use your finger tips to rub it and make it soft and remove the dead skin layer. Then let it stay for some time and wash it off with warm water.