Bad practices that leads to hair loss

Sometimes we blindly follow the myths that promise to speed up the growth of hair making it strong and healthy, other times it is just a lack of patience to nurture the hair properly that leads to untimely loss of hair. Of course there are other forces that act behind alopecia or baldness but our carelessness might aggravate the process and worsen the condition. Be alert; know your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them consciously.

Counting the number of hairs that have fallen! No use with such chanting. Hair loss is caused due to many causes, if you are losing the hair due to the below bad practices, then its the time to make a promise of saying not any more of them.

Bad practices that lead to hair loss

Hot showers

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Just like our skin, hair also gets dehydrated with the use of hot water, which it leads to brittle and dry hair that is more responsible for the fallout. It also removes the essential oils from the scalp and damage the roots of the hair.

Take care

Take care about your hair by using the most possible cool water.

Styling tools

Our hair is made out of protein and keratin, the scorching temperatures of the styling tools disrupt the proteins and the protective cuticle. The damage of cuticle further leads to imbalance of the moisture which in turn, your hair becomes prone to breakage.

Take care

Refrain from the usage of styling tools even the blow dryer. Adjust the settings to lowest possible temperatures. Application of heat protection spray will provides a thermal barrier and helps in the reduction of friction.

Improper diet

Insufficient food intake promotes low energy in the body and is used by the body for the primary functions such as heart functioning and brain work, where there is loss of hair production.

Take care

Get a healthy diet that is all set with high amount of proteins like chicken, fish, beans, lentils and so on. As our hair contains more amount of protein, food with more protein will give you more lustrous hair. Target to get 46 grams per day.

Mishandling wet hair

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A rough way of handling the wet hair is one serious cause for the snap out of hair. Aggressive brushing and towel dry makes the hair prone to damage.

Save your hair

After the completion of the shower, instead of rubbing your hair with a towel blot it for a few minutes to take away the additional water. Avoid wet hair brushing or combing to help prevent the hair damage.

Long lasting hair products

Hair sprays which promises the long lasting future are mostly made up of alcohol, they indeed turn your locks harder and results for dry and brittle hair.

Save your hair

Give up using the hair products which gives you the feel of sticky and stiffness. Instead the best choice is using the products that pump for soft hold, they create moisturizing effect and locks the moisturizer in the hair. So long lasting hair products are a complete no-no products on your hair, which comes with bundles of side effects.

Oral birth control pills

A woman who is sensitive to hormonal changes may loses her hair if she has been using the oral birth control pills. Pills that contain androgens shows sensitiveness towards the person and causes hair loss.

Take care

Stop using those and opt for a low – androgen index birth control pills such as norgestimate (in Ortho-Cyclen, Ortho Tri-Cyclen), desogestrel (in Mircette) and norethindrone (in Ovcon 35). If you want to know whether you are sensitive towards the androgen or not get checked by a hair physician with a quick cheek-swab genetic test.

Excessive shampooing

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Rinsing your hair with shampoo is an indispensible part of hair care. Some people do it everyday which turns the wheel. Shampoos contain surfactants that wash out the dirt, excess oil and impurities from the scalp but when overdone, it takes out the natural moisture too. Generally shampoos contain a Ph level above 5.5 which reduces the amount of the intercellular glue that bind the cortex of the hair. Damaged cortex means damaged hair. Unrestrained use of shampoo can make your hair dry like hell, can cause the hair cuticles to swell and snatch away the luster of the hair. If you already have a dry hair, do not shampoo more than once a week and people with normal or oily hair should too not repeat it more than twice a week.

Toiling with towel

This is another wrong method practiced by most of the ladies. They rub their wet, breakage-prone hair with a dry, thick towel with all the strength in their bodies in order to dry them quickly. What happens next is heartbreaking. Rubbing the hair strands hard with towel creates friction that causes the cuticles to swell and you end up with hair damage, dullness and fizziness.Always pat the hair softy with a towel and try to untangle the ends using your fingers. Your hair might take a long time to get dry but you save a bunch of it in lieu.

Putting too much tension

Manipulating the hair with too much hard combing is a way of creating tension in the scalp that makes the rootweak. The bad practice becomes worse especially to try to use the comb on wet hair. When the water enters the hair shaft, it makes the pores big enough to let the hair break easily. Show some mercy upon the precious strands at least now. All you get after hard combing is a bunch of hair in your fist. You should always let the hair dry naturally by keeping it open and then touch the comb. It is best to use a wide-toothed hair brush.

Heat is not a treatment

It is perfectly alright to use a dryer to stylize the hair quickly. Overuse of dryer can actually leave you’re here with dryness alone. The heat tends to cause split ends and even hair damage. The best way to dry your hair is to leave it open under the sun or room temperature. If you still want to use the machine, it is necessary for you to curl the hair up and lower the intensity of heat before blow-drying to avoid the damage.

Be chemical free

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Buying products without reading the label is problem limited to not only ladies. You must know that ingredients like alcohol, ammonia, sodium sulfate lauryl can do irreparable damage to your scalp leading to the damage of the scalp cortex. The intimidating part is people often get beguiled by the flashy advertisements on the TV, hit the store and buy the product. Plenty of these hairsprays, shampoos and hair colors have harmful chemicals in them. Read the label on the back of the bottle carefully otherwise you may have to regret in future.

No heat on damp hair

Heat and water are the two completely contrasting element of nature and they simply don’t get together. It is a common notion to using a heating tool like hot and curling irons immediately after taking shower. Curling irons on damp hair can immensely harm the hair follicles leading to hair loss. Always get you hair naturally dry before applying heat to it.

Why conditioning the scalp?

The scalp possesses its very own natural oil keep the scalp conditioned and contributes to the growth of the hair. When you put external conditioner, the scalp becomes greasy and prone to hair loss. The focus of conditioning should always be the tip of the hair. Gently take a little amount of the brand you use and massage the ends.