Best amazing summer hair care tips

Summer is the season when your hair is in need of the best of attention. In summer you cannot do with lots of hairstyles. You should keep the hair loose so that it does not get spoilt with the sweat. The hair should have the sort of natural look. This is the time of the year when you need to protect the hair from the damaging sun rays. The hair should not be allowed to get humid. There are more things you can do in order to help the hair stay in the perfect state. This is the season when you need to take the best care of the hair and maintain the growth and glow process.

Avoid too many cosmetics

Summer hair care mistakes to avoid

During summers, sun already dries up the hair and damages it. So, in that case having so many chemical hair treatments will not be good for the hair. You must go easy even if it’s about coloring the hair.

Love your conditioner

As the sun is known to make your hair dry as much as to retain moisture you must wash your hair with smoothing conditioner which suits your hair texture generally. Hence, one that can make your hair damage free totally.

Avoid heat

You should avoid using blow dryers because the sun is already doing the job of heating your hair. In that case using dryers, curlers or styling iron may damage your hair completely.

Trim your hair

During summer, the hair goes through heating which results in split ends and dryness. So, to avoid this damage summer is the best time to trim or shorten your hair in order to bring back life and make your hair healthy.

Cover up your hair in summer

When you are going out in the sun, it is best that you cover up your hair. With this you can protect the hair strands from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and in the way you can even help the scalp retain the moisture. Males can make use of a hat and this helps in protecting the hair from strong wind and the dirt. If your hair tends to get tangled easily then a hair protection is utmost needed at the time of the year.

Washing the hair in summer

How to control hair splits during summer

In summer there is no need to wash your hair all the time. Frequent washing can damage the scalp and the hair will lose the natural oil content. Often in summer you feel that the hair has become oily. This helps you feel the necessity to wash the hair often. For this you can make use of a natural dry shampoo and you can even use a homemade shampoo to make the hair feel so perfectly dry and grease free. In place of shampoo you can use cornstarch and this will help the hair stay perfectly well without long time washing. You can even make use of witch hazel and the application of the same on the scalp will help in absorbing excess oil.

Keep the hair loose in summer

It is best that you keep the hair loose in summer. You just tie your hair loose when you are out in the sun. This way you can control your hair and avoid maximum exposure of the hair to the damaging rays of the sun. It is not good to have a tight hairstyle. When you are tying up the hair tight there is a chance that the hair gets pulled and it breaks from the root. Hair becomes more damaging when affected by the strong heat of the summer.

A superb concoction for the Hair

You can make a component made of portion of water, avocado oil and Aloe Vera juice. When you feel that your hair need moisture you can sprinkle some on the strands in order to keep the hair in the best of condition. You can even mix argan oil with water and this mixture can be applied on the hair for maximum control.

Shampoos with UV protection for the hair

In market you get the shampoos with the sort of UV protection. However, these are all chemical stuffs and it is recommended that you avoid all the traditional and the usual shampoos available in the market. These shampoos will do no good to the hair. One thing you can do is to apply a bit of sunscreen lotion on the hair just by running the hands on the hair after you have applied the lotion on the skin. It is a great way to help the hairs stay protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

The right comb to use in summer

In summer it is best not to use a brush when combing the hair. The hair remains wet with sweat and this is the reason there are chances that the hair can break when it is pulled hard. If you use the wide tooth combs they can help the hair get untangled easily. It is always best to treat the hair gently rather than being harsh. This will help in maintaining the hair strands perfectly.

Hair is the most delicate and beautiful part of the human body system and this is the reason you should take the initiative to preserve the same with lots of care and attention.