Top 10 massaging oils to get skin glow

Closing your eyes and enjoying a soothing body massage with heavenly aromatic oil really feels like a dream. Doesn’t it? After having a long tedious day full of stress and office works, a refreshing aroma therapy is all you need to feel alive again.

Although it is not possible to hit a spa or beauty parlor everyday for oil massage. You can save your time and some money by arranging a massage session at your own home. All you need is right oil for it.

For the clean, glowing and soft skin one must need to take appropriate care and as a part of care massaging is vital to remove out the bad from the body and to rejuvenate it.

The process of oil application to the body with some pressure on it is a simple way of massage that helps to get the glowing and younger looking skin.

Due to the change in climatic conditions, dryness or pollution our skin tends to become dry. Some of the conditions like usage of harsh soaps and chemical based body products will strip the essential oils from the skin, to beat out all such conditions oil massage helps in a natural way.

Massaging for some time will make the oil to penetrate deep into the skin through which the skin gets many benefits. As like the way you massage, the type of massaging oil also matters for the skin charm. So, let us see some oils which are placed as top most oils for the body massage.

Top oils for the massage

Sunflower oil

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Sunflower oil is a non-greasy oil that don’t give a feel of oiliness on the skin. It is light and has the essential fatty acids such as stearic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid which are helpful for the skin nourishment. The massaging will be more perfect when you add sunflower oil with a pinch of turmeric and vitamin E oil.

Sesame oil

The high usage of sesame oil in the Ayurveda is due to because of its great medicinal properties. The method of giving self massage to the body is termed as Abhyanga in Ayurveda. The daily  self massage is an easy way to boost blood circulation in the body.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a light oil that matches perfect for every one’s skin care. It is a light aromatic and non-greasy, converts the long chain triglycerides into medium sized chain triglycerides.

As its availability is high and is low at price, anyone can use it with as per the requirement. Coconut oil has also got its significance in treating many general skin problems like patchy skin, dry skin and rashes also.

Almond oil

Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular massaging oils. It is a pale yellow colored oil with rich vitamins.

Our skin absorbs almond oil very quickly when compared with the other oils and it penetrates deep into the skin with in less time. Add a dash of vitamin E with the almond oil to use it as a body massaging oil.

Jojoba oil

Give a deep massage with jojoba oil to the suffers of back pain to reduce the pain. It is findings its way in the treatment of many skin allergies and ailments due to its antibacterial properties. The waxy texture of the oil helps your skin to retain the appropriate sebum levels.

So, pick up any of the top massaging oils from the above list and make your skin and mind pleasant and peaceful, and also control the levels of stress and fatigue.

Apricot kernel oil for perfect bliss

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This oil is obtained from nine different varieties of apricots that grow on the selected places on the globe. It is high in vitamin E which is known for its countless positive effects on the skin along with vitamin c that is used for beauty treatments for the same reason.

It is used for body massage mainly because the oil can easily penetrate the skin, does not get sticky, apart from that, its aroma is seductive enough to make you calm in an instant.

Before beginning the massage, add a few drops of any essential oil with this oil. Then lie down on a hard surface. The person who will be massaging should thoroughly continue the process for half an hour

Due to its mild nature, apricot kernel oil is also used in baby oils. This oil looks similar to almond oil but can cost some bucks more. Its deeply nourishing properties make it ideal facial oil.

Massage your back, necks, hand muscle to improve the blood circulation and nervous system. You will surely not regret the money you invested. For people who have allergy-prone skin, this oil will be harmless to them.

A relaxing olive oil massage

What makes olive oil an essential oil are its rich vitamin Antioxidants and fatty acid contents.

Professionals’ aroma therapists swear by this oil because it can wonderfully reduce the blood pressure, the amount of cholesterol in the body. The peace that is unleashed in your body and mind both can be only felt, not described.

Slightly heat the oil. You need to have the oil in room temperature before using. The next step demands you to prostrate.

The massager will start with the back, gradually getting down to the lower back region with mild circular massaging strokes. The up and down movement will light pressure will follow. Then turn over for a mild facial massage.

For a long time, the tensions of daily life, dreadful deadlines, muscle sores, stiff joints will not loiter around your mind. This amazing oil will heal the muscle cramps, spasm, sore and so on. It will also help you to sleep better.

Grape seed oil for massage

This oil is light in texture and has a smell that can make one weak on his knees. It is so revered as massaging oil because of its skin absorbent quality.

It is loaded with vitamin A, C and powerful minerals that nourish the body inside out. The polyphenol content in this oil slows down the process of aging; the fatty acids prevent the clogged skin pores.

This oil is light in nature therefore it is extensively used for hot stone massage and facial massage. It is often blended with oil before the massage.

The greatest therapeutic feature of this oil is its anti-aging property. It maintains the connective tissue proteins and elastin in our body to remove wrinkles, fine lines which are common signs of aging.

Wonderful wheat germ oil massage

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It is a unanimously believed fact that wheat germ oil is the best source of vitamin E on earth. This vitamin is a mighty force against skin aging, tissue breakdown and its nurturing effect makes the skin look radiant, flawless and glamorous as ever.

Wheat germ oil as a massaging oil is quite a fine choice as it will combat dry skin and oily skin issues at the same time.

Unlike many other massage oils, this oil must not be heated before using. It is best to blend this oil with essential aromatic oil like rosehip seed oil or coconut oil before applying externally. These additions will double the power of this oil.

Moisturizing kukui body massage oil

Kukui nut oil is a symbol of royalty in Hawaii is also the national tree of that country. People with complaints of sunburn, tanning, dry, chapped skin can rely on its linolenic and alpha-linolenic fatty acids for complete cure.

It has all the properties that a perfect body massaging oil needs to possess essentially. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin, does not feel greasy.

An expert hand can make all your stress oblivion, hydrate the body, improve the condition of the sore muscles, not to mention the glow on your skin.