How to get relief from foot pain with natural home remedies

You must be hearing about your dear and near ones suffering from foot pain. You may get number of causes associated with the pain.

Some people can diagnose the cause and avail proper treatment. But, there are folks who did not find out foot pain. Walking too much in an uneven land can give rise to foot pain. Many women have a tendency of wearing heels in shoes.

The height in the shoes can be one of the reasons of the foot pain. If there is an uneven layout of the footwear, keeping feet for a long time in such a position can give rise to such pain. Even if you stand in a place for more than an hour, this can be a reason as well.

Causes of foot pain

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Shoes can be one of the reasons behind foot pain. Some people gets shoes from the market and starts wearing it.

Means, even if it does not feel comfortable while wearing, they go ahead with the same. This activity can affect your feet. Rather, you can suffer from the foot pain. Sometimes some medical conditions can be a reason as well.

If you have caught up an accident where your feet bone has fracture, it is quite easy to have foot pain. Mineral is an important part of our body.

If a person do not have passable quantity of minerals in their frame, this can disturb you with pain. People suffering from blood sugar problem can suffer from foot pain. If your nails gets malformed, feet pain can be your issue.

Facts to keep a note

  • You can adopt very simple ways to treat shared foot pain
  • If you find any type of aberrations while you move your feet, go for checkup and treatment at once.
  • Just observe how long the foot pain persists. If it takes long to get cured, go for consultation with the physician
  • It is mandatory to wear the shoes that fits your feet well. This should be done whether you are going to your workplace or visiting a casual place with friends.
  • Rice which stands for Rest, Ice, compress as well as Elevation is the real mantra for your foot pain relief. This combination of 4 activity will definitely give you relief when you are suffering from severe foot pain.

Home remedies to get relief from foot pain

Cayenne pepper remedy

Cayenne pepper is a natural ingredient available at your kitchen. You can now get relief from foot pain with this particular natural product. This is reddish in color but is not harmful as dried chilies.

This has the decentsum of capsaicin, an element which is a hit for firing muscle aches. There are procedures of using cayenne pepper to for foot pain relief.

The first option is pour few sprinkle of cayenne pepper inside the socks and then wear it in your feet. Alternatively take a bucket of warm water and pour some cayenne pepper in it. Now soak your feet inside it. You will definitely get relief from feet pain.

Sage remedy for foot pain

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You can now get a natural and side effect free treatment through sage. Yes, this natural ingredient has the medicinal property that will remove the toxin inside your body and remove the infection from the root.

You have to take few sage leaves in your hand palm and mash it. Now place a container with half cup of apple cider vinegar. Set this under the flame. Now place the sage leaves in the mashed form inside the pot.

Now take a cotton dry cloth and soak it inside the pot.  Take it out and place it over the feet where you have pain. Do this for 2-3 times and get relief.

Use broccoli for foot pain

Broccoli is one of the vegetables which looks like cauliflower. The only difference lies in color. Cauliflower is white in color whereas the broccoli is green.

You shall get astonished that, even this natural product can be used to spring you relief in foot pain. You need to take a small size broccoli and cut it in pieces. Now put them in grinder with little water addition.

Slog it and sort a paste. Apply this paste over the portion where you have foot pain.  Cover it with a cotton cloth and wait for 30 minutes. Then wipe it off with little warm water.

Use saltwater remedy

This is one of the simple and easy way to relief pain. You will definitely have salt handy in your dining table or the kitchen cabinet. The cost effective process of killing the feet pain will make you surprise with its result.

You can also use the Epsom salt if you have that handy in your home. You have to take a bowl with wide mouth and little flat at the bottom so that you can place your feet comfortably.

Now fill the bowl with warm water of around half dept. Now add 1 cup of salt in it. Mix the salt so that it gets dissolved. Put your feet in it and keep for 15 minutes.

Sesame and clove oil

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You must be using cloves in your kitchen to add flavor in dishes. This has a strong smell and also variety of health benefits.

We are now going to state the remedy with both sesame oil and clove oil. Use your hand palm and put 2 drops each of sesame and clove oil. Mix them in your palm and apply it over your feet. Massage it well and see how you feel. Don’t forget to do it in a circular motion.

Ice therapy

Ice is another wonderful way to get your pain relieved. If you fall down or get hurt, parents asks you to get some ice over it. It is just because ice helps in making the portion numb and hence will give you relief from excessive pain.

The same theory applies when you are suffering from the foot pain. Take an ice bag and pour some ice cubes over it. If you don’t have a proper ice bag, no need to worry as well. The plastics which are having some weight can be used for ice therapy. Try this today and see how well it results.

Simply olive oil

You can now get variety of olive oil in the market. Some are used to cook food whereas others are used for application in skin. You need to get the olive oil that can be applied over the skin.

Take 1 spoon of such olive oil and apply over your feet area. Massage your feet with your palm and winger tips. Touch the pressure points and carry on massaging.

Continue this till the olive oil gets soaked inside the skin.  Then observe for 20 minutes how your feet feels. I am sure, you will be really happy with the improvement.

Cabbage leaves

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Have you seen the cabbage leaves? You must have consumed the cabbage curry which is cooked at home by your mother or wife.

The green layers just placed covering the cabbage are the leaves. You can take them out layer after layer.  Take a bowl and place the cabbage leaves over it. Keep this for 20 minutes.

The goodness of the leaves will be transferred to the water. Now use this water to wash your feet. Alternatively you can dip one cotton cloth and apply the fluid over the feet. This will give you relief from the feet pain.

Hot oil massage

It is always good to have a hot oil massage if any part of your body has pain issue. You can take any of the natural oils such as jojoba oil, olive oil, sesame oil, clove oil, lavender oil or a combination of all together and avail a hot oil massage.

Take 2-3 drops of each oil and set it over flame. One it is lukewarm, apply it over your feet. This will give you an effective way of massaging and hence will provide a remedy over your feet pain. Use your finger and palms for massaging in an appropriate way.

Remedy with potato paste

Take raw potato and get it inside pressure cooker. Pressure cook for 2-3 minutes and set it under cool water. Peel out the peels of potato and mash them with spoon or hand.

Now apply this over your feet covering each portion really well. Now cover it with a cotton cloth. Wait for 20 minutes and wash off. Do this for consecutive 2-3 days and get best remedy.