Home remedies for foot tendonitis

The tendon is located at the bottom of the foot. The inflammation of the tendon of plantar fascia is clinically termed as tendonitis. Continuous strain from exercising, running, is jumping and so on. It can become very tough to walk or even move the feet at times due to this. You will be glad to know that there are plenty of effective natural remedies available to solve this problem.

The inflammation occurred on the foot tendon is referred to as foot tendonitis. It is a serious, painful condition associated with swelling, redness and irritation. This problem is caused due to the heavy stress on the foot area. In some cases it is also caused by wrong size of the shoes, obesity, spurs in the feet, diabetics and so on.

Home remedies for foot tendonitis

Oil massage

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Take some amount of oil and massage on your feet to get the relief. Olive oil is known to give better results, take two tablespoons of olive oil and warm it in the medium heat. Now apply this oil on the feet and massage for few minutes. This process will stimulate the flow of the blood around the affected muscles and ease the pain and make you feel comfort.  Continue doing up to several minutes until pain calms down.

Ice pack

To reduce the inflammation and the pain accompanied by foot tendonitis ice pack is a good home remedy you can try out. Take few ice pieces and crush them, keep it in the bag and wrap it with a cotton towel. Apply this bag on the affected area gently for few minutes. It will reduce the inflammation and swelling. You can hold the bag up to 15 minutes for a single trial. Do it for many times in a day long to relax the foot.

Warm water and epsom salt

In curing the foot tendonitis warm water and epsom salt helps you great. Soak your feet in the warm water that is dissolved with the epsom salt for ten to fifteen minutes. The warmness of the water shows amazing effect on the pain whereas epsom salt reloads the lost magnesium in the body. It is suggested to try this remedy for only once in a day to not hinder the feet into dryness. Follow up your feet moisture after this procedure.


Reduce the pain and inflammation accompanied with foot tendonitis with the help of vinegar. Switching with the hot and cold vinegar wraps, you can treat the problem. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water,  and then heat it up for few minutes, dip a cotton cloth in it and apply on the affected area. Now mix the equal amounts of vinegar with cold water and apply this solution on the foot with a cotton cloth. Repeat the above steps for two to three times in a day to get the relief and then follow up with moisturizing cream.


In fighting with the pain and to speed up the process of healing, flour is a handy available ingredient in the home you take the help of. Prepare a paste from the two ingredients flour and wine, apply this paste on the affected area and leave it for about 30 minutes before rinsing off. People who are suffering with foot tendonitis are not recommended to consume the floor as it may leads to further complications.


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Tendonitis generally leads to the swollen foot, to reduce the swelling and the excess fluid present in the system asparagus is an ideal one. Consumption of asparagus leads to the flush out of the additional water through its natural diuretic properties.

Cabbage leaves aid

Cabbage leaves can fix the sore in the heels because of its anti-inflammatory quality. If you are down with the pain of tendonitis you can use this remedy. Just soak some cabbage leaves in a bowl of cold water. Keep it soaked for 30 minutes. Now press the leaves on the affected spot, use a cotton cloth to wrap you foot holding the leaves still in its position. Leave it overnight for the total absorption of the juice. Follow this process thrice a week to ease the pain down.

Relief with broccoli paste 

Combat swollen joints with broccoli for visible results within a short span of time. Harness the healing effect of this wonderful tree lookalike vegetable following some simple steps. Start with putting some broccoli in a blender, add a little water. Make a paste. Rub this paste on the area where it hurts, wraps a cotton cloth around the spot to hold the paste. Leave it to get dry for about half an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water. You will certainly not be disappointed with the outcome if you manage to repeat this method at least twice a week.

Resist pain with potato

Studies have shown that potatoes contain pain relievers and sedatives that calm you down when the level of pain rises up. It is a tested ingredient to treat the injured tendons. All you need is one potato that is probably always present in your kitchen. Boil it. After that peel it off and mash it finely. Apply the mashed potato on the affected area of the foot. Let skin absorb the necessary contents from the paste. After half an hour wipe it off. Repetition of this process three times in a week will get you rid of the burning and swelling.

Treat with epsom salt

This salt is a fine remedy of tendonitis. The magnesium content in this salt will heal the slightly tore connective tissues and the soothing effect will make you feel relaxed. To make an Epsom salt bath, at first you will have to mix one and a half cup of this salt in a tub of warm water. Wait until it dissolves. Dip your foot in the water, close your eyes and feel yourself getting cured. Continue to take this bath for 3-4 times a week. You will not regret the time you invested on it.

Cure with sage water

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Sage water can proficiently remove the inflammation with its healing properties. You can get some fresh sage leaves; boil it in a cup of apple cider vinegar for minutes. After almost 5 minutes, put the heat off. Now soak a cotton ball in the mixture, daub it on to the affected area gently. On the other hand you can take the cure orally by making sage tea. For that you will have to boil the dry leaves in water for 10 minutes, and then you may add honey for taste, although that is completely optional. After the boiling is done, strain the water. Put it in a cup and relish.

Treatment of turmeric

Turmeric is a treasure in the world of natural medicines. The curcumin extract in this is found to possess anti-inflammatory properties and gradually gives you total relief by healing the connective tissues that cause swelling. All you need is to have patience. To use, add 1 tsp of turmeric powder to a glass of hot milk, add honey for taste. The strong smell of the turmeric might make gulping it down a bit tough for you but this much can be done to get away from pain. You can also rub turmeric paste combined with mint paste on the heels to enjoy the refreshing, cooling effect it provides.

Carbonated water treatment

It is another great method to get redemption from the pain of tendonitis. All you require is to empty a bottle of carbonated water in a tub, soak your feet in it for some minutes. The broken tissues will be gradually healed through this process. Repeat this two times in a week.