How to lose fat after eating pizza

One cannot simply get into a diet if that person is a pizza lover. Pizzas and diet are two words running side by side in two different parallel lines which will never intersect. Though you can eat pizza as there is no bar in eating but if you want to stay in shape and also eat pizza then you have to work on yourself and on what you consume. The pizza’s we usually consume are made of multiple ingredients, out of which the crust which is made up of wheat flour is very low in fibre and other nutrients and high in carbohydrates. The ability to recover after a binge of eating pizza is what you should excel in if you don’t want to cut pizza off from your daily diet. An occasional pizza binge can be helpful but if it turns out to be a regular binge then you need to take necessary steps. Consuming around 3000 to 4000 calories a day will lead to hell lot of fat storing up in your body. You can get a hold onto the calorie consumption and reduce the carbohydrate levels from your diet without removing the pizza from your daily or weekly routine. You can use vegetables, whole grains and other low carbohydrate toppings on your pizza to make it healthier and less fatty. This will make you feel full faster and help you control your weight gain. Use the excess carbohydrate to gain energy from it as it will reduce the carbohydrate levels in your body. This will fuel your body and recharge the glycogen stores too. There are no such rules that you cannot consume pizza if you want to be in shape. You can always be in shape if you want to. Here we have some tips and suggestions for you to get rid of fat without quitting pizzas. Follow these tips to eat healthier pizzas and control your appetite too. Even if you ate too much of pizza for a day or if you’ve been a binging person when it comes to pizza, then there are few health tips too.

Tips to have healthy pizza

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  • To lose some weight you need to lose more calories than what you consume. Cut down the daily calorie consumption by 2500 calories a day. You can cut the calories down more efficiently with the help of both exercise as well as diet. Consume foods which are low in calories and contain an elevated level of nutrients. Consuming foods with low glycemic content may actually help in losing weight effectively. These foods contain lesser units of carbohydrates and helps keep the blood sugar levels under control to diminish hunger cravings. Whole grains and veg pizzas are the examples of low glycemic foods.
  • Utilize bean flour or mashed beans prepared from garbanzo beans and other kinds of legumes to make low in carbohydrate flatbread used for your pizza. Just like normal flour recipes, flour pizza and bean puree entail eggs or water to hold and form the base together. Bean mash pizza bases are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, protein which helps you to lose weight.
  • Just like the crust of the pizza, the topping is also very important. Stack chopped fresh vegetables and herbs to get a complete healthy vegetable pizza. In case if you have a preference for meat on your pizza, omit the processed ham and sausages, and swap them with minced red meat, lean protein such as low-sodium canned tuna grilled chicken or fish. Add mashed spinach to the tomato sauce for an additional dosage of hunger-fighting fiber.

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  • You can alter anything in a pizza but not cheese. It is that one important ingredient which cannot be removed or replaced. But it is the same ingredient which contains high amount of carbohydrate. The first thing which you can try is to lessen the amount of cheese you add to your pizza and check how it tastes. If it suits your taste buds then it’s alright else you need some other way out. It is recommended to use skim-milk mozzarella cheese, fat-free American cheese or low-fat cottage cheese, fat-free cheddar cheese, which have a very low amount of fat in it.

Tips to bounce back after a heavy pizza meal

First of all, be aware of that overeating every now and then can actually up regulate certain hormones (like leptin) so as to keep your metabolism working properly, especially if you’ve been restricting your diet. But if not then it may stack fat in your body. Once you have consumed more than usual you cannot bring it back to its initial form. What you actually can do is, shed that extra fat piling up in your body. Restrict the false hunger so that you can eat the actual required amount of food. Get a workout schedule which contains all kinds of exercises required for losing weight and toning up the body. Here are few points which will help you in this matter.

Manage your false hunger

Get yourself informed about the false hunger. Avoid any kind of carbohydrate meal to satisfy this hunger. Rather sip on to some hot black coffee or a cup of green tea. You can have some fibre oriented food stuffs though.

Engage in high-intensity exercise

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Whatever you eat or consume, be sure that you lose the exact or bit more amount of fat in the gym. Regular exercises help balance the carbohydrate levels in the body and boosts up the glycogens. A day which starts with some intense workout results to be a healthy and energy packed day. Make a workout chart for yourself or ask your trainer to make one for you. Do cardio, freehand and weight oriented workouts to stay in shape and not quit eating pizzas loaded with carbohydrates.

Resume normal eating habits

This may sound bit difficult but if you want to lose some fat then you’ve got to try this out. Get back to your normal diet, where there are more leafy recipes, vegetables, lean meat, fruits and less carbohydrate packed pizzas. Avoid overeating completely and limit the consumption of pizzas from everyday to only on weekends and better if occasionally. This will be a long process to get rid of fat but it is effective. You don’t need to sweat or workout, all you need is to control your diet.