6 Ways to Treat Hair Loss in Females

Hair loss is really a devastating journey for people regardless of their gender, but for females, it can be a crucial journey as they create a connection of hair with their beauty. Hair loss in females can happen due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, stress, genetics, or just a natural aging process. The 6 easy ways for hair loss prevention are mentioned in this article.

Start Taking Supplements

Vitamins prevent hair fall, and this has been proven by various studies. Women often suffer from vitamin deficiency due to an unbalanced or unhealthy diet which causes the hair to lose its strength and thus fall permanently. Do consult a doctor first to ensure whether this is the key problem to your hair loss or not and neve risk-taking unprescribed vitamins as they may cause a vitamin overdose.

Scalp Massaging

A study has proven that massaging the scalp at least 4 minutes a day can stimulate hair growth. Try using different oils while massaging as it nourishes and hydrates the hair. After massaging, use a wooden brush rather than a regular one; this further helps the oils to evenly distribute in the scalp and promotes blood circulation.

Onion Juice

This one an old yet effective remedy promoting hair loss prevention for centuries. Many studies have shown that patchy alopecia can be cured by applying onion juice on those areas several times a week; this helps in hair regrowth and makes hair follicles stronger.80% of people have seen improvements after a time span of 6 as a result of this remedy.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone imbalance can mostly happen after menopause, but in some cases, it might even happen before it. The imbalance causes a lot of side effects, hair loss being one of them, and doctors recommend hormone treatment to stop it. Birth control pills, estrogen, and progesterone are usually recommended to correct hormone imbalance. Hormones such as androgens also cause hair fall, which can be prevented using antiandrogen medication but do consult a doctor first.

Hair Transplant

Before opting for this method, try to learn about hair loss and find different ways to cure it rather than going for it directly. Some patients are not good at responding to treatments where they are home remedies or proper medical treatments. It’s a costly option, painful, and sometimes it may not suit the person hence, causing an infection.

In this procedure, doctors take a piece of your scalp and put it on the bald area to promote growth naturally.


Approved by the FDA, minoxidil is excellent for hair loss treatment. It’s recommended for both males and females, and a lot of people have proved to be satisfied after its usage.

This medication stimulates hair growth to the fullest, causing the hair growth cycle to increase deliberately. It promotes thickening of hair, high hair density, and reduces patchy appearance on the scalp.

Be aware that some people go through hair loss at first while using this drug, but this ends after a couple of months and, in turn, causes hair to become shinier and stronger.


There are a variety of methods for hair growth, including OCT, and anyone who is going through this stage should definitely consult a doctor and get diagnosed. For some people, this may be a temporary problem; for others, it may be chronic.