Vitamins for hair growth & stop hair loss

These days, your appearance majorly determines the fate for success, and hence, making the perfect appearance to the public is absolutely a must.

To accomplish this objective, you go on trying various tricks, like dressing in the most fashionable outfits, trying the best fashion accessories, so or and so forth. However, nothing would accomplish the aspiration, unless you are having a healthy and glowing hair.

In other words, healthy and glowing hair is one of the key conditions to get the perfectly crafted look that will enable you to impress people.  Hence, you require taking good care of your hair health. Remember, it is only the healthy hair that glows radiantly.

These days, people of all ages and gender, across the globe are facing the issues with premature hair fall. In some cases, the issue goes to such alarming extent that a young man or a lady gets compelled to carry bald head.

Why do such instances come up? What are the key factors that trigger such troubles? Well, such challenges can spring up due to various factors and one of the key factors that can be accounted in that regard is that of deficiency in the supply of Vitamins.

As the supply of this key nutrient gets hampered, it retards the hair health and enhances the extent of hair fall.

Home remedies for hair loss

As it comes up from clinical studies and observations made on people, suffering from excessive hair fall, a few vitamins majorly influence the hair Health, and if, the supply of these nutrients is affected, hair loss troubles will obviously spring up.

Fortunately, these vitamins are easily available through the consumption of natural foods, and thus, if you are adopting a healthy and balanced diet, you can easily overcome these issues and restore the health of the hair. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the most crucial Vitamins for the health of your hair.

Hair loss control vitamins


Lovable vegetables for hair growth

Biotin is very important if you are longing for healthy, shiny and long tresses. Biotin supplements are getting very popular to promote healthy growth of hair. Biotin rich products that can be included in your diet are eggs, almonds, salmon, cauliflower, mushroom, cheese, sweet potato, wheat bran, peanuts and avocados. These contain high amounts of biotin that can really work wonders for your hair fall.

Satthwa Biotin Supplement

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Niacin is another vitamin that promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp. Niacin makes blood reach the scalp with its content of nutrients and oxygen from the body. This gives food to the hair follicles and promotes the growth of new and healthy strands. Niacin is found in coffee, poultry, meat and fish like tuna.

B-Complex vitamin

Apart from biotin and niacin, the other B-complex vitamins are Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Cobalamins (Vitamin B12) and folic acid. Taking B-complex vitamins through food or dietary supplements can help you to reverse hair loss and start seeing new hair growth.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also known to provide you good hair and skin. When Vitamin K is deficient in your body, it may lead to premature hair loss. Include green leafy vegetables in your daily diet to have a healthy dose of Vitamin K everyday. Vegetables like spinach, kale and turnip have huge amounts of vitamin K.

Vitamin A

Hair fall control with vitamin E

Vitamin A is very important for the overall health, including the hair health as it is the regulator of the Retinoic Acid synthesis, in the follicle of the hair.

This vitamin not only plays a role in the growth of the hair, but, majorly influences the skin health as well.

In addition, it retains the health of the hair by moisturizing it. Hence, you must ensure that your diet includes items that contains this nutrient. Consumption of such foods will bring overall benefits to your health.

Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Tuna, Lettuce & green leafy vegetables, Sweet Red peppers, and fruits like Mango contains Vitamin C in very high extent. The best part about these foods is that it is natural and easily digestible. In addition, you will not require incurring high expenses for including these foods in your diet.

Vitamin B

It supports you to handle stress in a better manner. B Vitamins are the treasure house for the health and it has roles to play to boost the hair health as well.

One of the key challenges to the hair health is stress, and Vitamin B12 will support you in handling stress in the best manner.

Hence, you must include foods like Eggs, Meat, and poultry foods as well as fruits and vegetable like Papayas, oranges, and Beans in your daily diet.

The inclusion of these foods will definitely enable you to ensure the supply of adequate B Vitamins for collective health Benefits.

Vitamin C – Get the maximum iron out of the foods consumed

Supply of adequate iron is absolutely necessary, if you have to live a healthy life.

Vitamin C assists the body to absorb more iron from the foods consumed, and in addition, this Vitamin enhances the rate of collagen production, securing the health of the hair, retaining the ideal hair structure and restoring the damages.

Therefore, make sure that you are consuming those items that are rich in this Vitamin.

Vegetables with Dark green leaves, spinach, Kiwi, Broccoli, Oranges, Yellow Bell peppers, Lemons & sweet lime, Peas, Papayas, and Guavas are loaded with Vitamin C and hence, are always advised by the dieticians for inclusion in the daily diet.

The benefit of including these items is that it boosts the skin health as well. Hence, if you are aspiring to get healthy and glowing skin and hair, you inevitably need to bank on these foods.

Easily available and costing insignificant amounts, you can’t expect more benefits from any foods.

Vitamin D

Hair fall control with egg

In the opinion of the health experts, this Vitamin is responsible for stimulating the Hair follicle and the hair cells for forming new shafts of the hair.

In other words, you need this nutrient for reversing the damages, already caused to your hair and prevent the chances of further damages.

Hence, you need to take a good care that your diet is not lacking the items that contains this nutrient.

Consuming those items on a regular basis, you can prevent hair damage, which is always a better alternative to cure the troubles, after it outbursts.

Fish, Cod liver oil, Oysters, Ham, and Salami are the foods that include Vitamin D in very high extent. In addition, you may opt for items like Tofu, Eggs, Soya Milk, Products from Fortified Dairies, as well as Mushrooms.

These items are available easily in the market and will never ever cost you any extravagant amount. Hence, you will never ever find troubles in including these foods in your diet.

You will surely experience a sweet surprise, consuming these foods regularly for a few days. In addition to the health benefits, the formidable taste of these items will definitely be a fascinating bonus for your taste buds.

Vitamin E

One of the major threat to the hair health is that of the improper blood circulation. Such instances are more likely to happen when your diet lacks in the supply of adequate extent of Vitamin E.

This Vitamin stimulates the capillaries and thus, brings improvements in the blood circulation to the scalp.

In addition, for the richness in antioxidants and properties of anti-inflammation, Vitamin E comes effective in reducing inflammation of the hair follicle and neutralize the effect of the free radicals, offering collective gains to your health.

If you are wondering, what foods are to be included in your diet to ensure the adequate supply of vitamin E, you should go for Tofu, Spinach, Almonds, Avocado, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin, Olive Oil, as well as Broccoli. Offering the perfect balance between the aspects of health and taste, these foods are really wonderful options to opt for.

Vitamin B5 – The key ingredient of the hair loss medicines

The best hair care products feature the presence of Vitamin B5 that implies that you inevitably need this Vitamin to prevent the chances of hair fall and reverse the issues with the damaged hair. To accomplish this objective, you should rely on foods like:

Hair fall control with castor oil

  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Mushroom
  • Oily Fish
  • Beef
  • Poultry products
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Beef and Leen Pork
  • Avocados

Inclusion of these foods in the daily diet will enable you to secure the health of the hair, without compromising on the aspect of the taste.

Some crucial information about the diet plan to fight hair loss

  • If your diet is excessively heavy inn the content of Carbohydrates and Fats, lacking the supply of adequate extent of protein, you are ought to suffer from hair loss issues. Hence, you need to keep the perfect balance between these nutrients.
  • Ensure that your diet includes Protein and the necessary Vitamins in the right extent. Remember, you have to work on strengthening the health of the hair, if you have to prevent the issues like hair fall.
  • You should include citrus fruits in the diet to the highest extent possible. For instance, a glass of lime or lemon juice will not only refresh you, but, will enable you to boost the health of your hair. This is going to be a simple yet effective measure to ensure that you are getting the adequate supply of the essential Vitamins.
  • You should include whole foods in the diet, to the maximum extent possible. This will enable you to ensure the adequate supply of the necessary nutrients, offering overall health benefits, in addition to boosting the health of the hair and the skin.

In addition, you can even opt for the supplements that are developed for boosting the health of the hair and reversing the existing damages. Likewise, try to minimize the use of artificial hair care and styling products to the extent possible. These measures will definitely bring improvement in the health of the hair and irs radiance, perfectly crafting your appearance.