Hair fall control vegetables / Lovable vegetables for hair growth

Maintaining a proper growth and shape of hairs is so important not just to have a good social impression but is essential to have good overall hygiene. Every day we deal with pollution, which curses our lungs, mental health, skin and importantly our hairs. Dust and smoke grease our hair and damages scalp cells causing rapid hair fall, flakes etc. And if you think of caring for your hair with expensive shampoo or conditioner, because the advertisement shows it to be the best I must tell you, there is some technical glitch you must understand.

Promote hair growth instantly with Organics, Which and How! Most of all available commercial products are heavy in toxic chemicals, like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or a different form of parabens. But what if I tell you that Mother Nature has every ingredient you possibly need to have a healthy scalp or to promote your hair growth so that you do not have to watch commercials again. Yes, my friend, as old sayings said, eat properly and live healthily. So, following are some essential ingredients our scalp needs to maintain a good ecosystem.

Understand the basics

Hair fall control with vitamin E

Our hair cells are made of mostly keratin. Though itself it does not need direct nutrition, the scalp cells surely do. Hair cells need a proper coating with natural oil to keep away dust or toxic smoke. Essential ingredients for scalp include Vitamin A, C, E, macro-nutrients like potassium and micro-nutrients like iron, magnesium, and zinc etc. Cells also need a source of protein for maintaining proper cell growth and division. Other important ingredients of promoting hair growth include omega-3-fatty acid and biotin etc.

Importance of balanced diet

For every age group of people, eating habit is the backbone of living a healthy life. Properly balanced diet or the right mixture of protein, carbohydrate, and fat stimulates cell growth and smooth orchestration of body functioning. Just like muscles, to have a long and healthy bunch of hairs, proper diet is the key. Green vegetables have all the ingredients to impact the way of living for betterment. Here we will mention some lovely veggies with essential ingredients to promote a healthy scalp.


Obviously everyone loves those green, round-shaped leaves on the dinner plate. It’s tasty, right? But you might don’t know that Spinach is full of zinc and iron, so having it regularly can boost cellular growth in the scalp Iron deficiency is the major cause of hair fall and Spinach is the right answer for that. It also contains omega-3-fatty acid, which naturally conditions hairs and stimulates sebum secretion.

Citrus fruits

Another lovely vegetable which helps our hair is a group of citrus fruits. These fruits are like a depository of Vitamin C, which is essential for proper functioning of any cell type. Vitamin C is needed to uptake iron into the cells from the blood. Also, it stimulates collagen production, which is essential for strengthening capillaries carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair shafts. So, an orange or a dash of lime per day and you are going well.


Hair fall control with egg

Carrots are considered as one of most loved vegetables by hair cells because of its richness in Biotin or Vitamin B7. Biotin is essential for re-growth of hair shafts and also to make the follicles strong so that it holds the hair shaft closely.

Beat roots

This all-red vegetable is rich in metal ions like magnesium and potassium. So, adding this to your salad regularly helps scalp cells live a happy life. It also had lycopene, which boosts hair growth.

Sweet potato, kale, broccoli

All these mentioned vegetables are a rich source of Vitamin A. It is an anti-oxidant which safe-gourds hair shaft from UV exposure. Vitamin A also stimulates sebum production, which coats the hair and keeps away dust and smog.


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Similar to Vitamin A, Vitamin E is also a natural anti-oxidant which helps our hairs to stay healthy. Vegetables like avocado, spinach are an affluent source of Vitamin E and thus having these veggies regularly promotes scalp cell growth.

So, above mentioned are some good organic vegetables which promote proper functioning of scalp cells and maintain proper hair growth. The last advice would be to stay away from harmful chemicals in commercial products and start accepting Nature’s gifts.