How to avoid common & natural hair mistakes

Hair is regarded as one among the biggest strength of every lady to bring out their beauty in a natural way. Every one wishes to have a gorgeous, shiny and healthy hair which also looks attractive. But, not all individual are lucky to get it naturally. Even if they have had such healthy hair, after few years they probably starts falling due to adulteration, pollution and other reasons of health conditions. You need to take proper care of your hair in order to look beautiful. But, in the process of caring hair, people are seen to make variety of mistakes. The mistakes starts from using harmful cosmetic shampoos till the curling and straightening tools that makes your hair really dry and unhealthy. People with an intention to keep hair healthy and sound must shop the common mistakes.

Healthy and beautiful hair is a great compliment to one’s personality. There are several ways to keep thick beautiful hair but it requires extra care. The fast developing fashion, hair styling techniques and lots of hair care products attract most people to commit mistakes in taking care of their hair. These mistakes lead to damage of hair One can surely have strong healthy and shining hair by understanding these mistakes and avoiding them. Repeating the mistakes can lead to your hair damage in large scale.

There are numerous widespread hair mistakes that numerous persons make without even recognizing it. Read on and we’ll help you realise what they are, and how to bypass them.

Following the latest tendency

Common hair mistakes women do

It’s hard not to desire to pursue the newest hairstyle tendencies. If your very popular celebrities are fair the newest method, it’s only usual to desire to cut your hair that way too. Before you cut off your hair and dyestuff it a absurd color, first just ask yourself, “will it look good on me?” If the response is no, then don’t do it!

Hairstyles don’t gaze good on everyone. Depending on the form of your face and the texture of your hair, the method that you love on someone else could turn out absolutely distinct on you. You want a method that will work with (and compliment) your features, and enhance your natural attractiveness.

Cutting your own hair

It seems tempting occasionally to try to trim your own hair in between haircuts. If you know what you’re doing, this can workout fine, but more often than not, it will turn out badly. One incorrect snip and you’ve taken a chunk out of your hair. Girl chopping her own hair bangs may seem easy to trim, but they are likely the most obvious if you mess up. They are the first thing that persons will observe. If you really seem the need to trim at home, inquire for somebody else opinion first; otherwise depart it up to the professionals.

Brushing too much

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scrubbing your hair too much is one of those mistakes that may appear a little weird. I signify, isn’t scrubbing your hair presumed to make it gaze shiny and wholesome? That’s only partially factual. scrubbing does add glow to hair, but too much of it can origin it to become oily, and even poorer, result in some impairment.

Towel drying hair

Towel-drying hair When you get out of the wash, it’s only natural to desire to cover your hair up in a towel to help drain out some of the moisture. This step is fine, but one time you take your hair out of the towel, that’s where the error usually starts wiping your hair with the towel to once afresh try to eliminate excess water can be impairing to your hair and can cause frizz. rather than, just try to blot the moisture out.

Dying your hair at dwelling

Dying your hair at dwelling isn’t necessarily a awful thing; you just need to be smart about it. You first and foremost need to know what you’re doing. The first major error people make is when picking out the box of hue. You can’t always proceed by the hue on the carton. The hue may turn out differently counting on the shade your hair currently is habitually make sure you have on apparel you don’t’ brain getting dye on, and you are employed in an area where you can effortlessly clean up a spill Leaving the hue on the proper allowance of time is key as well – too long and your hair could over method, and leaving it on too little won’t give the hair enough time for the hue to take. No issue how many times you’ve done it before, read the directions!

Shampooing your own hair

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Young female shampooing her hair Shampooing your hair everyday may appear like the right thing to do, but depending on your hair kind, it may be overkill. Your hair tends to look best when it has a possibility for the natural oils to resolve in. By cleaning everyday, these oils not ever get a possibility to “shine.” In detail, it could even cause your hair to gaze duller there are a few exclusions to this direct although. If your hair tends to be naturally oily, you may desire to extend following your daily shampoo regimen.

Not getting normal haircuts

This one may not appear like a error, but not getting regular haircuts can origin your hair to gaze poorer than it has to. The whole issue of going to the salon for a haircut is to chop off your divide ends and to make your hair gaze wholesome one time afresh. Going too long between salon visits, will just display off the unhealthy ends.

Utilizing too much products

As they say, too much of a good thing is bad. Using goods in your hair can help to sustain form, add capacity, eliminate frizz, and abounding of other cooperative things – just remember to use these goods in moderation. Too much can origin you to look greasy and can end up weighing you down. You desire to look like you’ve fashioned your hair effortlessly.

Wearing your hair in a ponytail

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Having a awful hair day? The very simple answer is to drag your hair back into a ponytail.
Two young women with glossy hair This is fine every once in a while, but wearing this identical method too often can be impairing to your hair. Pulling it back in the same location day after day, as well as the elastic hair band you are utilizing, can cause breakage to the hair.

Use too much heat

This is likely the most conspicuous mistake you can make, but it’s very simple to desire to ignore it. Between all the devices out there – hair dryers, curling irons, crimps, warm rollers, and flat irons – it’s hard to use them in moderation. They help you hair to look large and accomplish a method, but utilizing them too often can impairment the hair. All the heat you are putting on the hair can shatter the cuticle. utilizing heat activated shampoo and conditioner can help, moderation is always the key.

Some more common and natural hair mistakes to avoid

  • Combing wet hair is at a risk to split ends and breakage. Always wait for the hair to dry completely before combing.
  • Blow driers help to dry the hair soon, but the heat from the driers damage the hair and make them dry and frizzy. Split ends develop and the hair appears dull.
  • Henna is good for the hair, but it should be natural and not packed, as some harmful chemicals are used to preserve it for a long time. We try to buy these products and do not realize the danger from them.

Best tips for long hair

  • Cotton pillow covers must be avoided as they tend to damage hair.
  • Frequent shampooing also leads to hair damage. The safest bet is to shampoo the hair twice a week.
  • Mechanical tools like curling irons, hair dryers and straighteners used for styling hair weaken the roots of the hair. The gels and hair sprays used for styling tend to damage the hair. These tools should never be used on wet hair.
  • Tangles in the hair must be opened gently with the help of a wide tooth comb. Brushing directly will damage the hair. Do not brush only the ends of the hair to disentangle them, especially wet hair.
  • Many women make the mistake of applying conditioning to the ends of the hair it is necessary to condition the roots as well as the ends of the hair.
  • Sleeping with wet hair should be avoided as friction leads to breakage of hair.
  • Dry hair pick up more chlorine from the swimming pools. Hence it is essential to take AA shower before diving into the pool.
  • Selection of the shade of hair color should not be done without consulting a specialist for the first time. They will help in choosing the right color.
  • Similarly haircut should not be cut by you.  It is ideal to get a proper professional cut from a hair dresser who will match the cut to your age and style.

How to keep your hair moisturized

  • Harsh towel drying by rubbing the head with a rough towel must be avoided as it can damage wet hair. This process will weaken the hair follicles and make the hair dull and dry. On the other hand the hair must be patted dry with a soft towel and then the strands shaken with the fingers.  Again this process may take long for the hair to dry but will help in keeping the hair healthier in the long run.
  • Women who plan to grow hair tend to avoid the hairdresser. This is a wrong practice. Trimming the hair from time to time will help the growth of the hair without the development of split ends.
  • Proper research must be done before changing a hairstyle, so that the style is in harmony with the shape of the face. A professional hairdresser is the best guide for the correct
  • Touching up of different color roots must not be avoided. The difference of color on the roots gives a shabby look to the crown. Grey roots peeping out of a dark color hair scalp give a shabby look. Regular touch up can be done at home or at the parlor to avoid this mistake.
  • Women with black hair often commit mistakes in taking care of their hair.  Black hair is different from all other types of hair. They are very delicate and can damage with slight wrong actions. These hairs do not produce too much oil and hence remain dry. They need to be moisture from time to time. Hair care products containing alcohol must be avoided as they make the black hair drier. Frequent   washing of black hair will make the hair drier and lead to breakage of hair. Most women have a feeling that black hair become dirty fast. They should not be shampooed often but they can be rinsed with warm water to keep them clean instead of shampooing them very often.

Common and natural hair mistakes to avoid

Combing wet hair

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Some people have a habit of combing wet hair without knowing its consequence. It has been proved by the hair experts that combing wet hair leads to hair breakage and giving rise to the split ends. Also when your hair is wet, the root becomes very soft and vulnerable. A little pull of hair can lead to uprooting your hair from the roots. Thus, you must avoid combing your hair when it is completely wet. Rather, it will be better to get it dry under fan or natural sunlight and then comb your hair.

Using henna in packed form

You must be hearing the models and characters engaged in advertisement of packed henna saying about its natural content. But, most of them lies and states that to attract customers. There are situations when people putting packed henna gets dull and frizzy hair. Had it been natural content, this would have never happened.  It is better to avoid the packed henna and substitute it with natural henna leaves.

Using cotton pillow covers

Almost 75% of people around the nation have a habit of using cotton pillow covers. But, very few of them are aware of its harmful effects. Hair experts say that, using cotton pillow covers are a reason behind hair damage. During the summers, due to moisture and sweat, your hair will stick to the pillow cover with will give rise to excessive wear and tear. It will be preferable for you to use a silk or satin pillow covers instead of cotton.

Hair exposure in sunlight

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People wear full sleeve shirts and dresses whenever they get out of house in scorching sun rays. But, hardly any people care about the hair. Even if your hair is exposed to sunlight for a long time, you might not think about damage cause by sunlight on your hair which is a very common mistake of many individuals. To avoid this mistake you must always cover your hair while you are out in sunlight. Either you can use an umbrella, hat or that of a cap to stay away from sunlight.

Knotting hair

Every 8 out of 10 people cannot leave their hair open; rather they are engaged in knotting their hair. This activity will give rise to hair damage and hair loss; even in extreme cases this will give rise to appearance of bald patches. The remedy of this will be untying your hair at night when you are going to sleep and throughout the day you must tie it quite loose. This will lessen breakage of hair and you will stay away from hair breakage.

Oiling hair overnight

According to some primitive thought, some people still keep on oiling their hair and keep it throughout the night. This is probably a wrong practice as it gives chance of increasing itching. Even this procedure can lead your hair to dandruff. Instead if you want to oil your hair, keep this for only 2 hours after oiling. Once 2 hours is gone, just wash it with the help of shampoo. If you need nourishment on your hair, this can be easily done even if you keep the oil for 2 hours. It is important to know the misconception and avoid it in the right time so that you don’t suffer from the problem of hair damage once again.

No hair brushing before washing

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Some of us don’t know that hair brushing is important before washing or shampooing hair. They do the combing after wash when the hair is wet. This gives rise to hair breakage. If you brush your hair before washing, the shower induced snarls will be avoided. If you have been carrying on with this particular mistake, it is the time to mend it immediately. You need to brush your hair properly before washing. Try this today and see the difference.

Wrong way of conditioning

Conditioning of hair is really vital during the monsoons. Since the hair damage and breakage is quite normal in this season, it will be really important to avail the right way of applying conditioner. Some people have the habit of applying the conditioner in a haphazard way. They just apply them randomly over the hair and forget everything. But the right way of applying conditioning will be starting from the root and stretching it till the tip.

Hair sprays before styling

Most of us would like to go ahead with styling but along with it a protection is deemed. But, in the want of styling some of us end up with spoiling hair with the application of hair spray. Yes, the hair spray that is used just before styling will be really harmful for your hair.  People wish to get straight hair or curl over the hair and apply hair sprays over it. But, the alcohol present in the hair sprays will be ideal for burning your hair and damaging it as well.

Teasing hair

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Another reckless habit that we develop in the want of making our hair look attractive will be the teasing of hair. Normally, people go ahead with teasing to create the bump over the hair.  Yes, this is probably one of the trends in the styling industry. Teasing actually leads to hair breakage and also the damage of hair. It will be better if you can avail any other way of making bump instead of teasing. You can put a soft bumpits that will not break your hair either.