Laser combs for hair loss are effective? Are they safe to use? Do they have any side effects?

The laser comb is a low-level laser device to improve the cosmetic appearance of the hair. This device emits gentle, red beams of light which make contact with the scalp to provide numerous cosmetic benefits to the skin and to the hair.

The laser comb is for women who are struggling with thinning hair or for women who are dealing with short term hair loss during pregnancy, menopause or certain medications. The low level lasers are constructive and help in healing tissues and not in destroying them.

How does the laser comb work?

It is an expensive device used in salon for many years, but now a take home hand unit is available. It is the cheapest way to treat loss.

The exact method of working of laser combs is under investigation. But it is generally understood that the low gentle beams encourage the follicles to restart growing new hair. This device is opposite to laser hair removal which has much stronger laser beams which encourage the hair cycle to a resting state.

Temporary increase in shedding hair is seen in the beginning which confirms the theory that the follicles have shut down to restart the growth of new hair. Any hair loss treatment shows shedding of hair at the start of treatment.

After the shedding of hair by laser comb, general improvements are visualised as a hair growth phase. It is recommended that for effective results regular use of laser comb is required.

It is found that typical results are seen after two months which should continue for two years to achieve the desired results. It provides improved appearance of thinning hair, increased thickness of hair and a healthier scalp.

Laser comb side effects

So far the only side effects reported with the lasers have been itching and tingling of the scalp which is not very harmful.

Harman laser combs

The most popular handheld laser combs are the Harman laser combs and the X-5 lasers.  It is a portable hand held laser treatment system that provides continuous use at one’s convenience. It delivers an energising and nourishing effect of Laser Phototherapy to give a healthy and vibrant look to the hair.

This is a product made after two decades of clinical findings and experiences. The results have been encouraging and impressive for men and women both. It can be used by men and women of all ages. People have found positive benefits from this product.

Advantages of laser combs

  • It is much cheaper than the office-based, clinical systems used for hair growth. It is cheaper than drugs prescribed for this purpose and taking hair replacement systems.
  • It actually allows the laser light to reach the specific areas of the scalp in a betterway than the office systems.

Disadvantages of laser combs

  • The treatment needs to be done manually on regular basis for desired results.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to ascertain the results and to know what alternatives are available.

Results reviewed

Scientists say that the low level lasers are safe and act on cellular compounds that help to increase hair growth. Studies have revealed that hair density increases by 7 % with the use of Hair max after 26 weeks.

But doctors are doubtful of this claim as they believe that it is an expensive tool giving very low results. Other scientists say that laser combs do grow hair but the results are very slow. It normally takes six months to show any results and it may not be seen in all using the treatment.

The only home laser device cleared for hair growth by the Food and Drug Administration is the Laser Comb, which claims to increase hair growth in men.

Lexington International is the only company which has published the studies. Still there are several controversies taking place in regard to the clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

Conclusion: Low-Level Laser Therapy is useful for hair loss in men and in women where the thinning tends to be diffuse. LLLT can be used safely in conjunction with other medications and there are no harmful side effects. It is safe and approved by Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of hair loss. Its short term usefulness is validated in several studies, but its long term effectiveness has yet to be determined.

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