How to do hair highlights with foil?

The style of highlighting hair has become a great fashion this day which has been adopted by not only female but also male personalities. Who would not like to have a sun kissed glow over the hair along with original natural color. This will be possible if you can highlight your hair in a proper way. Highlighting can be done in a many different ways but choosing the right way will be an important consideration. Many people have been trying the technique of hair highlights in number of ways right at their home but hardly few has become successful in this regard. The technique of hair highlights can be also said as an art as some people does it really well but others applying same technique fails. The article will speak about hair highlights with the help of a foil. 

Hair highlights with foil 

Of late, foils have become a wonderful material with the help of which people have been carrying on with the techniques of hair highlights. People are getting wonderful highlights over their hair with the help of foils. Following are few steps that make grand success.

Knowing proper highlights 

Some people absolutely go for highlight but they are unable to draw difference between highlights and low lights. Before going ahead with the highlights, you need to know about the actual highlighting looks. Highlights are the color applied over the strips of hair which you die lighter and are quite prominent as compared to your natural hair color. But in comparison low lights are also dye applied over your hair strands which are darker in shade than your natural color. If you have straight hair the highlight makes your hair looks more volumized whereas the curly hair looks pretty well with depth over the curls.

Choose your color

This can be probably stated as the first step in creating highlights on your hair. You need to choose the color with which you will create a highlight on your hair. If you have never used color to your hair and doing it for the first time, it will be safer for you to avail the semi permanent dye in this regard. You may not be sure whether an how the highlights would look, thus if you put a permanent color you may not be able to remove it. It will be always better to avail temporary color as this will be removed after 6-8 times of shampooing. If you have blonde hair, the color to be highlighted must be in copper or gold.

Wash your hair to clean 

Before you are in the process of dyeing your hair, it is really important to wash it and clean with the shampoo. This cleaning must be done between 24 to 48 hours before you are in the process of applying the dye. This process is really essential as after cleaning your hair your hair will bring the natural oil which is really effective in binding the color and allow it to last long. You should also avoid conditioning of hair before the day when you are going for hair dye application as this will restrict developing natural oil and the color will not be effective.

Avoiding the stains

The hair color once dropped on your clothing may leave stains that may not go ever. Thus, this will be really important to protect your garment that you are wearing while going ahead with the process of hair highlight.  While you avail this from a salon, the professional will cover your whole body with a cloak. At home you can do this with a towel or a cloth which has become faded. Also try to wear an old garment which may not impact your heart even if a stain accidentally falls on the cloth.

Putting gloves on both hands 

You should also avoid the dye making stain on your skin. This is the reason you should always use a dye glove on both the hands while applying the color on your hair. Generally when you buy a hair dye or color from the market, you get gloves made up of plastic free with this. Pull in the gloves in both your hands and then start the activity of applying the hair color. With this there is an assurance that you don’t get stains of dye in your hand.

Protection of neck and ear 

You will probably not wish to have stains of color over the ears as well as neck. Thus, you also need to protect these two places so that color does not create a stain over it. A very easy and effective trick is apply the coat of conditioner, Vaseline or a lip balm on it as after applying this even if you get the stains of color, this will absolutely go away once you wash it with plain water.

Mixing of dye 

There is also a systematic process of mixing the dye. The hair dye that you have bought from the market must have two essential elements, one is cream base and other is a white lotion like substance. You need to take a glass bowl and mix both the ingredients equally and apply it over your hair. Remember; do not allow the mixture to change color before applying over your hair otherwise this won’t give you good result.

Bring the foils and get it ready 

Now comes the role of foils which will be a vital ingredient to hold the colored hair for a long time. Take the foil sheet and cut it length wise in several parts or you can restrict it according to the hair strands you wish to color. You can cut the foils as per your requirement.

Apply the dye 

The next step will be to apply the hair dye on your hair. Remember to divide your hair in several parts and apply the dye with a brush from tip to toe. Before applying the dye , divide your hair in several sections and clip the hair those you don’t wish to apply color. Try to avoid the dye right at the root of your hair as this may lead to hair damage.

Use the foil 

You have to color your hair strand and cover it with foil immediately. After applying the color over the particular hair strand, you need to place the foil at the back. There after wrap the entire hair with the foil. This way you have to cover the dye applied hair with foil and pin it with clip.

See your clock for waiting period 

After applying the hair dye and wrapping it with the foil, the next step is waiting and viewing the watch till the thing is done. The standard time is  1 hr to 1 and ½ hour. You need to wait till this time passes.

Rinse off 

Once the time period is over, you have to rinse your hair with water. Before that slowly open the foils and allow some air to pass. Now wash your hair with simple cold water and make sure all the colors gets removed. You must wash your hair till the time the water becomes transparent in color. Do not apply shampoo.

Dry your hair 

Now you need to dry your hair that has been highlighted. Do not use any blow air or hot air to dry your air. Only use the natural source such as sunlight or stay under the table fan to dry your hair. Then discover beautiful highlighted hair. In order to protect the hair color you can also apply conditioner in the next wash.

Shampooing must be done after 2 days of the hair dye application. You can use any mild shampoo and if possible the color retention conditioner can also be applied to safeguard the highlighted color.