How to use henna for hair dye?

Henna is not only the ingredient for hair dye.  You will get a wonderful natural conditioning with the same. Your hair will become soft, smooth and healthy. It is really important for you to go ahead with henna conditioning at least once in a month. If you can do in every 15 days, that will be much better.

But there are people who are also using henna for hair dye. If you have gray hair grown over your head, the best way to make it natural will be through the application of henna instead of harmful hair dye.

The cosmetic usage of henna is been followed from ages. Fairly for ladies to put on henna on hands in addition to legs specifically during tees or other important occasions. This article discusses the usefulness of henna for attaining long and lustrous hair.

Everyone is aware of the many uses of henna as an hair conditioner. Many of them today have this wrong assumption that henna spoils the hair texture. The fact is that the product sold in the market isn’t of good quality and hence affects the hair texture. Natural henna leaves are known to provide complete nourishment to the hair thereby making them manageable and beautiful.

To reap from the many benefit’s of henna, mix it with other ingredients like tea leaves, curd, ova, lemon juice, and amla juice, before using it as a conditioner for your hair. With regard to hair care, henna not only works as a hair coloring agent but also an excellent hair conditioner.

How to use henna on hair

Hair benefits of using henna

Mehandi powder- 2 cups,

Eggs- about 2 or 3

Coffee powder- 2 tbsp

tea leaves- 4 tbsp

Kattha powder- 1 tbsp

Sugar-1/2 tbsp


Take a tea kettle and add 2 glasses of water along with the coffee powder and tea leaves. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Now strain it in a clean bowl and add henna and all the other ingredients to it. Mix it well, see to it that there are no lumps being formed in the mixture. Cover the bowl and keep it for about 2-3 hours (yields best result when kept covered overnight). Apply this henna mixture along your hair and leave it for an hour. Now wash it off with warm water, till the water rns clean.

Method regarding application regarding henna on hair

Wet your hair with little water. Apply the henna paste along the length of your hair beginning from the roots upwards to the ends. Now cover the head with a shower cap or plastic cover. Leave it a for a minimum of  1-4 hours roughly.  Wash your hair and leave it to dry. If you have dry hair/scalp then after shampooing and drying the hair yo may also choose to apply oil and leave it overnight for extra nourishment. The effect in this dye are going to be noticeable in the morning when the color of your hair would seem deeper.

Mentioned below are few useful tips for healthy hair

  • If your hair is exceedingly white and you are want to use henna for the very first time, then use it daily and leave the henna hair pack for 4-5 several hours and then wash it off. Follow this routine for till 4-5 days to weeks.

Tips to use henna for hair

  • When your is unmanageable and turns curly and wavy then applying henna is the best solution to make hair straight and soft, make use of henna (mehandi) with eggs and curd.
  • The character of henna is usually cool so it is advised not to use when yo are affected with cough, cold, fever and menstruation.
  • Dandruff problem can be resolved by applying henna.
  • The re are no side-effects of henna as a conditioner.
  • Hair gets proper nourishment and shining. It is also restored from being rough to smooth, soft and silky.
  • Headache and sleeplessness is cured
  • If you are a vegetarian then yo can skip eggs and replace it with curd. This will also act as a perfect conditioner for your hair.
  • Yo may choose to oil your hair before applying henna to it. Those who just want to use it as a conditioner and not as a hair coloring agent can resort to this technique. Oil application doesn’t allow the henna color to penetrate in the hair thereby leaving it in its original form and color.
  • After henna is applied it should be covered to keep it moist. Leaving it open will dry the mixture and it will become very difficult to wash it off. In addition it will not be able to yield better results if it is kept open after application.
  • Leaving henna pack on the hair for a longer time will help repair the damaged hair, thereby leaving it nourished and healthy.


Ways to use henna for hair dye

Simply henna

Best ways to cover grey hair naturally

You can use simply henna over your hair so that the hair that has become gray will be easily removed. Just use as a hair dye. It will be better if you can add two spoons of henna in hot water and let it soak overnight. Once you can view it in the morning, you can see that the color has changed. Now use the brush and apply it over your hair and the hair roots. Wait for 20 minutes and wash with simple cold water.

Coconut oil with henna

Now, if you want something more for your hair apart from hair dye, the mixture with coconut oil will be really important. You have to soak henna overnight and mix 2 spoons of coconut oil with it in the next day morning. Mix them well and apply henna all over your hair, scalp and roots. Let it stay for 1 hour and wash with mild shampoo. This will bring an extraordinary shine to hair.

Henna with neem leaf

Along with beautification of your hair, it is really important to think about the hair health. Sometimes your hair and scalp is attacked by bacterial or fungal infection. As a result you suffer from dandruff. Now, a wonderful remedy to get it over is the neem leaves with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Along with the henna mixture add the juice of neem leaves boiled. Or you can mix the henna in the water where the neem leaves has been boiled. Let this soak for sometime and then once it is cooled down apply it over your hair and scalp. Also keep this for 30 minutes time. You need to remove it easily with the cold water without a second though. This will not make dandruff to attack your hair.