All time best perfumes for men

The fragrance market is yet another in demand portion of retail products. With so many brands and varied perfumes reaching people, deciding the best is surely easy!

Perfume is one such product that is purchased for both self-use and gifting purpose as well. Whenever we are running out of thoughts before someone’s birthday, perfumes sound an ideal pick! Though, every man has his own specific consideration while he seeks a particular fit of fragrance for himself, below mentioned men’s perfumes are some that you should definitely own!

Acqua di gio by giorgio armani

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Many people like experimenting with their perfume collection. Having a distinctive fragrance can really make heads turn towards to you at a gathering or a party. Acqua di Gio was launched in 1996 with a fresh and sweet tint in it. Anyone around will feel an altogether different combination of mandarin orange, lime, neroli and jasmine when you wear this on!

Versace man eau fraiche by gianni versace

When it is about a guy with killer look and hot toned body, this perfume by Versace is the thing for you. Just like its bottle’s color, the perfume is aquatic, fresh, seductive and mysterious at the same time. You will find a strong summer feeling wearing this on with a cool shirt on the beach.

Bleu de by chanel

There are some fragrance ingredients that never fade away. Woody aroma is one of them, found exclusively with some other exotic mixes in Bleu de. This perfume is an ideal pick for any sort of age group. While it is not too overpowering or hitting in once, there is definitely something worth making an impression!

Tommy hilfiger’s tommy cologne spray

Few brand like Tommy Hilfiger often come up with classic scents that last in demand forever. This one comes with a neutral and natural smell in nature. Something ideal to be worn during day, night, to the office and even at the parties. A must have for every season with freshness of apple pie and cinnamon.

Dior homme intense

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Imagine walking down at a place ad getting eyes getting stuck at you? Only a sophisticated fragrance coming from a brand like Dior can provide you with such an experience. There will be no need to tell people what you are wearing, the mild tones of iris, pear and ambrette (musk mallow) will make do the talking on your behalf!

Artisan by john varvatos

If you are one among those who like to attract women with their scent then this hand crafted bottle of captivating fragrance is what you have been looking for! This perfume bottle is a packed with uniqueness and sexy smell of various exotic ingredients like thyme, georgywood, ginger and orange jasmine tree. Doesn’t it sound interesting and new concept?

Fierce by abercrombie & fitch

Fierce is reviewed as a tempting perfume launched in the year 2007. The smell of this product is quite clean and citrusy in nature. This bottle of aromatic woody fragrance is available in a 1.7 fluid ounce bottle and larger quantities. It something every young guy should have in his collection!


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Cologne completes the look of every man; no matter it is a party or an office meeting. You can buy these fragrances easily online at some popular retail websites. Original fragrances always get delivered in a sealed packing, so do not fall for something unauthentic or fake. The customer reviews can be of great for a newbie!

Also, if you are new at buying and testing scents then it is important for you to know some basic things to look for in a perfume bottle after you like one.

Most of the colognes from good brands go through this progression

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  • Top notes that last a few minutes.
  • Middle notes that stays for 2-30 minutes to an hour.
  • Base notes that revolve for longer than an hour.

This is mainly caused by a differences in volatility (the rate at which a compound evaporates) between essential oils. The ingredients used in each bottle of perfume can be distributed into these subheads and will indirectly describe which tint of flavor you are going to experience!