How to deal with someone that they have bad breath

It is often unavoidable circumstance when you happen to tell someone your friend or acquaintance that they have bad breath. It really hurts the person to whom you tell so. And you are also put in a delicate position revealing the same. You can try talking to them in person about it. Can also advice them some remedies or recommend some doctor, so that they can check on it. It is always nice to help others rather than make fun of them. So below mentioned are some ways in which you can tell a person about their bad breath without hurting them.

  1.   Recognize the person : The most important task is to identify the person who has bad breath, if you are in a group. It is quite difficult to find out a person in a group who has bad breath, that too when all speak together. But if the person is close to you or you have one to one discussions then it is easier to find out.
  2.   Speak to them alone : Once identified try to speak to them, taking them aside. You should always try not to discuss any negative thing in a group. If told in front of others they may feel insulted. So avoid telling anything in public. If it is a quiet area, then try to whisper. Do not shout getting the attention of the others. This may also cause trouble. Such a situation is a delicate issue so needs to be handled with extra care and concern. It always right to think about once moral during such a situation.
  3.   Tell them straight : Depending on the relationship or how well you know them, tell about it in a simple and straightway without beating around the bush. Or else by the time you make them realise someone may come and simply tell them that they have got bad breath. This will be more embarrassing to hear from a stranger. It is always better if a friend tell them about it rather than any stranger. You can actually help them by getting some mint and telling them to eat it. Mints help to reduce bad breath. You can also search for some home remedies and let them know. This will not hurt them that bad, since you are not only pointing that they have bad breath but helping them get rid of it. Helping a friend during difficulty is a noble and duty of a good friend to do. So don’t talk at the back, about their bad breath rather help them come over it.
  4.   Reminding to take mint : Try to give them a mint or gum often. But make sure not to overdo the same. They should not feel that you are so precise of their bad breath. Make it appear as a causal not. You can also take some mint yourself too. Mint does not harm your either. So they may not feel obvious.

Bad breath is a very shameful physical condition of a person who faces his or her colleague, friends and social group. No one will come near you as you have bad breath. The only thing you can do with your bad breath when facing group of people is never speak and just keep quiet. It is really an awkward situation of a person who has bad breath with every word or statement. But, if you are dealing with a person who has bad breath, it is very difficult to let him or her know that he is having such trouble. Either he or she will be annoyed or ashamed. But you can always give the person some hint so that they can understand the fact easily. Following are some tips.

Ways to make the person know that he has bad breath

Offering breath aid

You can give a hint to a person that he is having a bad breath. There are several breath aid in the market with several flavors one of which is mint. You can provide a mint stick or a chewing gum to offer a solution of bad breath. The mint flavor chocolate is good to have and can be consumed without any reason.

Oral hygiene need

If the person with bad breath is one of your family members, making him or her follow the oral hygiene is not a tough task. One of the problems behind oral bad breath is ignorance about oral hygiene. An individual has to brush his or her teeth two times in a day after dinner and early in the morning so that germs cannot breed inside your mouth. You can also ask the person to go for dental floss after lunch.

Be polite but direct

If you are really close to the person who has bad breath, go direct and shoot. But, while speaking about the fact you must be really polite to him or her as this is a sensitive area which can give rise to complications. The person might feel sad for sometime but he will actually realize it by himself and rectify it.

Anonymous way of saying

If you are not daring to say it directly, you can go ahead with anonymous approach. You can keep a note in his or her notebook and wait till he reads. This will solve the problem as the person is not getting a direct hit but can know about the fact for further proceedings. But do not use any harsh or insulting words in your note. Go for very polite words so that he can get encouragement.

Dental checkup in routine

You may also send the person to the dentist for routine check up without letting him know that he is having such problem.  You can also accompany with the person to the dental clinic to show your teeth and avail a routine dental check up. He will not understand that you are pretending but he will be aware about his problem.