How to slow down the aging process with dry fruits

A kick start food of the day is incomplete without digging on a good amount of dry fruits. A high source of energy, and various other nutrients is packed in this great food supplement. Dry fruits can be easily consumed and is really impactful if you intake in the morning, though there is no constraint whenever you want to indulge into it. It is tasty and accompanied with various salads.

They keep you moving by boosting up your energy with a handful of dry fruits. A great source for those who want to come out of their lean image frame, these are just the best. For those who are involved in high workout regime, it is simply a blessing, the more energy you lose, the more you can extract from these high nutritional source.

They have tremendous skin benefits as well. It’s not surprising to see a no. Of dry fruits being consumed for beauty proposes. With whatever reason you are inculcating this rich delight in your diet regime, benefits and more benefits will automatically fall in your kitty.

You may go for different types of surgeries and operations to get wrinkle free skin but that might have side effects as well. Thus, only natural way of slowing down aging process is preferable in this regard. Research has proved that, some kinds of dry fruits are also very useful in slowing down the aging process ideally.

Dry fruits are always tasty especially when you have it with sweets. But, even if you can intake them simply that works in a wonderful way in mending your aging process. If you are getting old before your age it is time to think about it and resolve the issue. The issue can be easily solved in a natural way. The dry fruits can effectively help you to get the benefits of slowing down aging.  Let us explore some of the dry fruits that help in staying away from the aging process.

Dry fruits that slows down the aging process

Top health benefits of eating dry fruits

There are various types of dry fruits available in varied regions of the globe, but the most favorite and highly consumable are definitely these.

Almonds for radiant skin

Almond is undoubtedly considered to be the king of dry fruits. The crunch of this super healthy fruit is packed with essential fatty acids, fibers and proteins. A great fruit to resist acne, and a highly used fruit for skin to make it radiant and glowing. Smaller in size, but of high values for hair care and skin care. They are responsible for enhancing hemoglobin in the blood and promotes blood circulation. Almonds also aid in reducing cholesterol as well as prevents from breast cancer.

Raisins slows your aging process

Raisins are highly beneficial to protect eyes and also aids in protecting your white pearls. A handful of raisins if consumed regularly can help to combat tooth decay and keep cavities at bay. This super food is a good source of vitamin A which protects your eyes from vision issues. They’re responsible for keeping your skin healthy and they possess a good amount of resveratrol that slows down aging. Packs with potassium , magnesium, iron they are highly recommendable to those suffering from anaemia.

Walnuts for healthy skin and hair

Another highly healthy food from the dry fruit family is full of good fats and nutrients. Walnuts are fully filled with omega-3 fatty acids which improves the skin texture and resist Dryness of the skin. Walnuts are widely known as brain food because 69% of our brain is comprised of omega-3 fatty acids which is in abundance in walnuts. Apart from that, walnuts are great in nourishing skin and hair. A scrub made by walnuts removes dead skin and clears all the dirt.

Cashew nuts for skin care and anti aging

It is one power food and has been dragged by a myth that they are packed with high amount of fats. The truth is when cashew nuts are eaten in moderation, they really helps in losing weight. Various cosmetics also make use of this great dry fruit as it helps in reducing tan and protects skin. A rich source of Vitamin E cashew nuts are consumed as an anti aging food.

Pistachios stops premature aging

How can you go wrong with pistachios? A great diet supplement, these are a powerhouse of nutrients. Pistachios are rich in vitamin E that keeps your skin protected from UV rays, premature aging, Skin cancer and nourished. They are high in various carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin, which are rarely found in nuts. A high content of antioxidants which neutralizes free radicals thus preventing aging.

Pine nuts

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You must have observed that youths are asked to consume pine nuts. Since this has vitamin A and lutein, it ideally benefits for making their vision sharp. It also have high amount of antioxidant which helps in slowing down the aging process. Alternatively, it has been observed that people who have crossed 40 years of age develops impairment of vision. If they can consume pine nuts on a regular basis, there will be less change that they will develop low vision.

When a person gets old, the energy level also becomes quite low. But, the manganese present in the pine nuts helps in burning calories by using enough oxygen and makes a boost up to the energy level. Thus, when you consume this nut, you will feel as energetic as youth.

With age, every person loses resistance power. Thus, they become ill frequently. But, if you can consume pine nuts, manganese present in it will help developing resistance power inside your body. It also fights with free radicals and harmful bacteria and viruses that attack your body.

Pumpkin seeds

In some places of the world, pumpkin seeds are also regarded as nuts to be consumed once dried. It has variety of advantages which can be ideally wonderful for all those who are aging and getting variety of diseases. People gets joint pain, arthritis, high level of cholesterol, heart problems etc once they ages. Also they cannot sleep well after becoming aged. But, dried seeds of pumpkin contain vitamin K, Vitamin B, iron, manganese, phosphorus etc. You can easily ask aged people with the above mentioned problems to consume this and get protection against osteoporosis. This also helps in restricting kidney stone formation.


How walnuts are good for weight management

Normally when we gel old, the roots of our hair become weak and the hair fall takes place certainly. But, if you can consume walnut regularly, this will easily help eradicating this problem. You will easily get low hair fall and after some months no hair fall at all. It has enough protein and minerals that helps making your hair moisturized and strong from its root.

It is amazing to learn that walnut also has cancer fighting properties. Researchers have also realized that, walnut have created preventive mechanism for fighting against cancerous element inside your body. The growing prostate tumors and breast cancers in your locality will be eradicated with the consumption of walnut. Today, people are widely getting infected by cancerous disease. Thus, consuming walnut will be really beneficial in this regard.

Dried plums

This is a dry fruit that contains good amount of fibers. Along with it you can also get good amount of potassium, vitamins and minerals. It is really good for women as iron and retinol are also present in it. Consume it regularly and see your health. You can easily be capable of slowing down your aging process. Get some dried plum today and stay youthful.

Blueberries in dried form

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You can also get blueberries in dried form these days. Now, those are the power house with enough antioxidants. People become aged before they are too old as they have loads of oxidants inside their body. You can also get good amount of manganese inside your body through this particular dried fruit. It also protects the cell membranes from being getting damage. The free radicals in your body are also responsible for your aging. But, this fruits works really well.


Another tasty variety of dry fruit available in the market is the dates. It is available in India and other parts of the world. The women who already had menopause need some nutrition in their body. Thus, it is suggested that they have 100 grams of such dry fruit everyday. This will improve their bones and make you stay healthy and fit for an extended period of time. You get it appear beautiful and youthful with the dry fruit consumption on a regular basis. Patients can suffer from arthritis which can also be eradicated with the regular consumption of dates.