Benefits of drinking warm water with honey

Warm water is quite beneficiary to us as they keep our vocal chords clear and keeps us away from chest congestion. This is surely one practice which singers, anchors or other stage performers love to incorporate in their daily routine – it helps them perform their tasks better. When warm water is added with honey, they form an antibacterial element which not only keeps us away from infections but also improves our health at an overall.

Let us now go through some benefits which prove why warm water and honey is so useful to us.

Weight loss

  • Honey is sweeter than sugar, which is why you can switch their roles. Use honey for sweetening your foods and drinks since honey is healthy and sugar isn’t. Honey contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals which improves our metabolism, and reduces fat and cholesterol. This in turn helps us to maintain a healthier weight.
  • The combination of honey and warm water should be consumed either early in the morning or just before going to bed at night. Note, that this is specifically for the weight loss regime, which is further added by the rest of benefits which we will read below. You could also add lemon or cinnamon for diversifying the flavor. You can consume this drink many times in a day as it helps you to stay energized, hydrated and alkalized.
  • After a long hour of workout, all you need to maintain your energy is by having a glass of this drink. This not only boosts you up for the entire day but keeps you hydrated and recovers you from the tiredness of the workout session. 

Relieves cough

We get cough due to some irritants inside our throat, or something which got in there through the air! The muscles in our diaphragm contracts and tries to expel the irritation. Coughing is good for clearing the mucus from chest, but it could be really painful if went out of control.

The antioxidants and antimicrobial properties present in honey relieve and heal you from cough. You could also add lemon for this purpose, as the combination of these three elements gives you a better effect and calms your throat down. Drink the mix all through the day for getting an improved result. If you cough green or red mucus also with the cough, you should call the doctor as it needs more supervision.

Improves digestion

You can have poor digestion due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is due to acidity in our stomach. Some more causes are stomach infection, irritated bowels, Crohn’s disease, etc. Having a combination of honey and warm water would keep you away from the common reasons of indigestion. Incorporate it in your daily routine to stay healthier.

Boost immune system

The vitamins and minerals in honey help you to fight bacteria. It is also a strong antioxidant which fights the free radicals moving in our body. Thus, a regular consumption of honey boosts our immune system. When it is consumed is such ahealthy way such as this, it is more effective.

Improve oral health

Due to the antibacterial properties in honey, they help you get rid of the bacteria causing bad breath in our mouth. For this too, you could add a little lemon extract, as its acidic property cleans out the dirtied tongue and teeth. Honey and warm water also cleans your throat and mouth, and makes you talk loudly.

Rejuvenates skin

Honey does wonders for our skin. It makes us glow more and rejuvenates the dull and dead skin. Honey is also known to be a blood purifier which aids to the production of new blood cells. Drink a glass of warm water with honey and see how your skin glows within a month!


Hydration doesn’t always mean drinking a lot of water. Sometimes we have to add that with some more elements to make the process more worth it! A dose of honey in warm water has been proven to be an energy booster. It keeps you hydrated all through the day and retains energy too.

Reduces possibilities of Heart Diseases

If you add cinnamon to this remedy, this can lower your heart risk and revitalize the arteries and veins in your body. As mentioned before, honey also reduces the level of cholesterol in our blood. So all you need is 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/3 tablespoon of cinnamon powder in warm water. Drink it daily and reduces possibilities of heart risk.

Other benefits

  • Honey acts as a detox agent, which helps you get rid of the toxins of your body.
  • It improves the frequency of urination and keeps the urinary tract cleaner.
  • It heals you from sore throat.
  • It relieves you from the gassy feeling after heavy meals, as it neutralizes your stomach and eliminates the gas.
  • It doesn’t heal allergies, but it keeps you away from further allergies or infections.


  • The combination is best when consumed early in the morning, with an empty stomach.
  • Do not substitute your meals for this remedy. If you deny your body from the necessary nutrients, it would hamper your health.
  • Replace your sugary drinks with warm water and honey. As mentioned earlier, you can also add cinnamon or lemon for improved results. Cut down on high calorie drink, as this is quite a tasty one itself!
  • Do not add honey to boiling water. It destroys the molecular structure and makes it indigestible for you. It could also turn out to be toxic to some extent. Wait for the temperature to get to lukewarm, after which it becomes easier to drink and that is exactly when you should add the honey to the water.
  • Honey takes away moisture from your throat, which is why it is not advisable for dry cough, and inflamed throat.