Beauty benefits of green tea

You must have heard about variety of health benefits of green tea but did you hear about its beauty benefits? Yes, it’s true that green tea also works well for you are concerned about your extrinsic beauty.

Regular consumption of green tea will help you getting a very glowing and soft skin as it would eradicate toxins from your body replacing it with healthy minerals and vitamins.

Along with skin, you can also get healthy hair after consuming green tea on a regular basis. You must be hearing the buzzing sound around stating, ‘green tea – very healthy’.

This might have inspired you get green tea at your home right away. But did you know what the actual health benefits of green tea are? This article will help you get the details of the health benefits.

The amount of antioxidant present in it works in a wonderful way in removing all harmful oxidants in your body. Normally the dust and pollutants entering into your skin can take the form of oxidants and can give rise to variety of diseases. But, green tea will easily help you remove such unwanted antioxidants from your skin.

Teas and its many benefits have been greatly extolled by the media of late. Most wellness journals have portrayed green tea extract as a messiah for attaining good health.

We all know that green tea has antioxidants and helps in preventing the free radical from harming our body.  Though the beauty and health benefits of green tea will not be sufficiently underlined.

For example, green green tea works wonder for your skin and hair and as a result most of them that suffer from skin and hair related issues resort to it to gain from its many benefits. Here are some of the most effective beauty remedies of green tea.

  • Anti-ageing: Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that really help to improve the mobile renewal procedure. As a result the skin looks younger and healthier than before. Green green tea can reverse the style of lines and help to make dark sections disappear from your skin.

How to use green tea for dark circles

  • Fights acne and frequently breaks outs (as a result of toxins stored beneath the skin): Green tea treats the epidermis by getting rid of all the unwanted toxins. As the toxins are flushed out, acne is cured and you attain a flawless and youthful skin.
  • Sun protection: Drinking and applying green tea extract on the skin protects it from the harmful ultraviolet rays. This is also incredibly useful prevent tanning.
  • Glowing skin: When the toxins and impurities usually are flushed out of the skin, it’s obvious your skin will appear brighter and lighter. For glowing and spotless epidermis, have green tea extract regularly.
  • Protects against skin cancer: Packed with loads of antioxidants, green tea helps in combating cancer. This is also true in case of skin cancer. Besides, green tea is additionally effective in protecting the skin from Ultraviolet rays that result in melanoma or maybe skin cancers.
  • Aids in weight reduction: Green tea helps in speeding up a person’s metabolic process and remedies digestion issues. This signifies that you digest the food faster and better. Thus aiding in attaining a slim and healthy figure.
  • Green tea to prevent hair loss: Hair loss is a serious problem in today’s world. But you can get the way to this by having green tea daily. It is said that green tea extract strengthens the roots of hairs and likewise stimulates hair follicles to grow. Applying green tea extract on the hair can also solve the condition of premature greying.

Beauty benefits of drinking green tea

Developing healthy skin

Top health benefits of green tea

Studies have been conducted by the researchers with regards to the benefits of green tea over skin. Since, you all are very well aware of the antioxidants and its benefits, the presence of the healthy particles in your body will definitely do well.

Researchers have also found out that green tea has variety of benefits that helps making individual’s skin glowing. But, it will be quite important for you to consume green tea everyday early in the morning.

Drinking it twice in a day will also be quite beneficial. Thus, people getting creams and cosmetic products from the market with the extract of green tea would ideally prefer.

Protection from sun

When you are going out in the daylight, sun rays might be very harmful due to their ultraviolet rates. Even you can get sunburns with blackish tinge over your skin. But, if you really wish to stay away from sunburn naturally, drinking green tea would be a wonderful remedy.

The free radicals are responsible to stretch away the healthy protection layer of your skin. But, the green tea can really work well in protecting your skin from the harmful rays of sunlight.

You can either apply oiled raw green tea over your skin or drink it ideally to stay away from the sunburns.

Makes your hair healthy

Within the green tea, you can ideally get the growth of DHT which will be really effective in restricting the hair fall from your hair follicles.

There are very important components inside the green tea extracts which reacts with the testosterone inside your blood and keep it well balanced so that there is no reaction between it and 5 alpha.

If you can consume green tea on a regular basis, it will also eradicate various types of hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, fizziness etc. Since it has the antiseptic properties, the problems like psoriasis as well as dandruff can be easily eradicated through this natural ingredient.

Softness to hair

Best green tea face packs for glowing skin

Hair is an important part of your body that helps you to stay beautiful and attractive. People generally prefer lady with long hair. But, maintaining long hair is not an easy task.

Ladies with beautiful long hair will always have a great preference.  If you can drink green tea on a regular basis, even you wont stay away from the attractive beautiful hair.

The natural ingredient green tea contains vitamin C, polyphenols as well as vitamin E which is really effective in making your hair soft and attractive. You hair will stay lustrous and beautiful in front of the crowd.

Shinier nails

Nails are also a parts in your body which needs to be maintained in order to stay beautiful. Ladies are viewed to grow long nails with proper shape and paint it with nail color so that their hands look attractive.

But, there are situations when nails break and loose luster. This makes a hindrance in your beauty fulfillment. Today, you can get variety of ways in order to keep your nails long.

You can stick an artificial nail as well. But, natural nails are much more attractive than that of artificial nails.  Consuming green tea on a regular basis will be really useful in making your nails strong and shinier.

After developing such healthy and beautiful nails, you can apply nail paint and even nail art. If your nails are becoming too much yellow, add few drops of essential oils over your nails once in a week so that it can get back its natural luster and shine with original color. With the help of green tea, you can even stay away from brittle nails.

Complexion of skin

For all of us, complexion of skin plays an important role. Whether a lady is attractive or not can be found out in a glimpse with the skin complexion.

The facial features are secondary. But, people can say that the girl is fair in complexion. Yes, if you drink green tea regularly, your skin complexion will be improved. You get a fair, attractive and beautiful skin.

Fights aging

One of the critical problems which we are facing these days is signs of aging. As if we are getting old before time. This is also due to the changes in our lifestyle. Our health is getting disrupted with greater amount of wrinkles and fine lines.

This can now be removed with the help of green tea. Yes, regular drinking of green tea can help you stay away from aging.

Hair growth stimulation

Hair problem is also what we are facing these days. The hair fall has become too common. Whether you are an elderly lady or a teenage girl, hair fall will haunt you like anything. But, today we are here you present you an easy and effective home remedy that will help your hair stimulation.

You can get back the lost hair once again with regular drinking of green tea. Also other types of hair problems will be removed with the help of green tea. Make a habit of drinking it regularly today.