Best Android & IOS apps for joggers and runners

In the modern age, the market is captured with smartphones by all users. The popular two players in the market are Android operating system by Google and IOS operating system by Apple. No operating system was user-friendly in an earlier time.

Android was originally launched in 2008. The two big players in the market are Android and IOS. The smart-phones are built in with some sensors which can apply the running apps defining speed, traveling distance and the number of calories burnt.

Best running apps for Android and IOS

  • Running app. hit the road with the running app
  • Strava running and cycling.. Both for Android and IOS free
  • Google fit. Android free
  • Runkeeper .. Android and IOS free
  • Run with Map My Run. Android and IOS free
  • iSmoothRun Pro. IOS
  • Footpath route planner..IOS.
  • Runtastic .. Android and IOS free

Best running apps

Hit the road with the running apps

The smartphones provide the platform for different running apps with help of the built-in sensors. The app can track your speed, map your route, measure traveled distance with the number of calories burnt.

It may be better if you track with the run tracker. Hit your goals and can check your fitness. So, avail the best running app to check your fitness.

Best running app for all types of runners



This app will allow the runner the smooth interval and you can preset 400-meter interval. This app is suitable for the runners who need rest with intervals. The app holds the features with water logging and also shows the temperature with facilities for joggers. You can decide your speed, type of running or jogging by having the temperature, humidity and water logging.



This is the best option for weekend warriors. This app will search you the local races, running clubs, and city running guides. You can run with your companies and you won’t have to run alone. You can upload the running data in various GPS devices and can compare the data with your friends.



This app will make you find new routes. This app is very smooth for mapping your run. It also holds reliable companion app when you will on move. Your smartphone synchronizes your all route you have mapped. So, you can store all the data you have covered. You can also revive the last year’s map you have covered. You can train yourself for a race with this app. This may provide you the training plan for races for 5 K to 50 K. This app is free for Android and IOS.



This app is best for the runners with rhythm. This is the coolest app which can bring the mood with the music. This is the app which can make run with rhythm and can enhance your speed. It will record your speed and tempo with the music. Lastly, it will play the rhythm that matches with your speed. If you set in the stopwatch mode, then it records the elapsed time. But,   distance is also recorded.

Nike + Running


This is best for bragging rights. This running app was released in 2006. This a cool app and the features are nice and maintained over the years. It holds feature like in-app camera, virtual coaching. pics for instant running, the motivation for post work out. You can post your running data in social media and can achieve some credential. You can get customized map for your route and can manage it uploading in the social media. You can share it instantly on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.



This app will provide you the necessary push for motivation for running. There is a commitment feature which will make virtual partner and will remind gently to you by pushed notifications. These will define you the runs in the week. The extra feature will provide you the specific plan for training. The app will also show you how many calories you have burnt for every run.

Fuel My Run


If you are planning to go for half marathon or full marathon, you need to learn the fuelling yourself by the app. You can chew something like gel. But, you may not know the start or pick up time and what to chew at what time. The app will remind you what to chew at what time.In this way, fuelling for the race will be possible. It will also remind you what to swallow or what to repeat. Perfect fuelling for your run is done by the app.

From the above discussion, it is clear that Android and IOS users can use the running or jogging apps. People can select the necessary apps for their running style and can apply for the measurement of speed, time and other data. For this purpose; they can download the apps for free or with pay.