Types of breast implants, Costs, Which one suits for you?

A breast implant is a part of plastic surgery which is used to change the size, shape, and contour of the lady’s breasts. It is used to reconstruct the breasts after mastectomy which is the surgical removal of cancerous breasts.

In certain cases it is also used to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Usually breast implants are used for cosmetic reasons.

Types of breast implants

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There are normally two types of breast implant devices which are classified according to the filler material in them. They are commonly used all over the world.

Both of these implants are surrounded by a firm, elastic silicone shell that helps to prevent the implant from rupturing the surface of the shell is either smooth or textured.

Silicone gel implants

These are the most common type of breast implant. These silicone implants are filled before being inserted. The silicone varies in its firmness and consistency. They have been used safely since a long time.

They are available in round or teardrop shape.  There are less chances of them to wrinkle like other implants. The silicone gel filled in them is soft and supple and so gives a natural like feeling and eases movement.

The silicone gel implants used in the UK have a textured surface, which also reduces the risk of excessive movement. It also avoids problems like scar tissue shrinking around the implant.

A disadvantage of silicone implants is that in case the implant ruptures, the silicone can spread outside of the scar tissue around the implant and in the breast.

This can lead to the developing of small lumps that are known as siliconomas. These lumps can become painful and may have to be removed.

Soft and cohesive silicone gel implants

Implants filled with firm gel are called cohesive gel implants and those filled with soft silicone gel are called soft gel implants. The advantage of cohesive gel implants is that if the shell of the implant ruptures the gel will not be able to leak out.

There are less chances of these implants to wrinkle or fold as they have the ability to retain their shape.  But they give a less natural feeling than soft silicone implants. They also require a larger incision to insert than softer silicone implants.

Polyurethane-coated silicone implants

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These implants are thought to have less risk of the shrinking of the scar tissue around the implant. Some physicians find them more difficult to use than other implants. It is usually suggested when other implants need to be replaced when they are found to be problematic.

Saline implants

These are either pre-filled with sterile saltwater or filled through a valve after being inserted in the breast. They have a strong silicone shell and are safe to use.

The saline solution is similar to the body fluids and so it can be safely absorbed or got rid of by the body in case the implant ruptures.

They are available in round or anatomical shapes like silicone implants. Saline implants are normally used in younger patients as it only requires a small incision

The main disadvantage of saline implants are that they can rupture faster that silicone implants and are also liable to wrinkle and fold easily. They give a lesser natural feeling than silicone implants.

Gummy bear breast implant

This is a particular breast implant which has the advantage over the other variety of implants. It is done such that, it maintains a shape even when the implant shell is totally broken.

The consistency is also really appreciable in this situation. The implants taking place due to this technique will be stronger as compared to other variations of breast implants.

Round breast implant

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The breast shape of every lady is not similar. Thus, the specialist going through the implant must keep in mind about this factor. The round breast implant is for all those women who have actually a round breast shape.

Also this makes the breast look fuller as compared to other type of implants. This is also having an advantage. As the breast size is same from all sides there will be no chance of rotating out from place.

Cost of breast implant

The cost of breast implant will vary from one place to another. It is different in India and people in west and European countries get it in a different cost.

Also the variation can take place from one health organization to another. It is just because of the variation of the establishment cost, doctor’s fee and charges of medical equipments.

But, these days the charges of breast implants are not too much. People can easily afford it. The patient should also know that the charges are rising in each year. For example in the year 2010, it has been $ 2500-2700.

Again the cost of silicone implant costs $ 4600 in the year 2014. Thus the difference in price can also vary with regards to the type of implant you are availing.

Which one suite you?

Now, suitability is again a big question. It depends on several factors. The first and foremost one will be your budget. You must go for the particular type of implant that suits your budget. Suitability is on the breast shape.

Whether you have round breast or inward pointing or outward pointing are the factors to find out what exactly is your suitability.

Other types of breast implants

Hydrogel implants

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Some types of breast implants that are soya bean oil-filled implants and hydrogel implants, are no longer used in the UK And USA because they are not thought to cause an immediate risk. But they are still used in some countries safely

PIP implants

It contain industrial silicone instead of medical grade fillers. This is also not a popular implant and are more prone to rupture than other implants. They are used by some private clinics in UK.

Implant life expectancy

Women who have breast implant surgery need further surgery at some point, either to change the implant or remove the scar tissue that is formed.

Most of the breast implants have a life expectancy of 15 years and then they need to be replaced. But there are some that last even longer without any problem.

Cost of breast augmentation

The Plastic Surgical Procedure used to place breast implants is known as Breast Augmentation.

The cost of breast augmentation can vary widely depending on the factors like the breast implant cost, location, surgery-related expenses like anaesthesia and hospitalisation, and the  surgeon’s fees.

The type of breast implant also affects the cost. The cost also includes anaesthesia fees for surgery, medicines, post-surgery garments, medical tests and other miscellaneous expenditures.

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The cost of breast augmentation and breast implants in India is found to be reasonably affordable.It varies with the potion of procedure, type of breast implant chosen,the surgeon, facility and the city. There are a variety of FDA approved breast implants available in India.

The cost of breast implants surgery in India may start from around USD 3,000 and will vary depending on different factors. There are a number of top most hospitals in India and there are best cosmetic surgeons in India as well to choose from.

Best breast implant to choose

There are advantages and disadvantages to the two main implants discussed in this article. The most suitable implant depends on the individual circumstances and personal preference of the patient.

The main factors to consider while choosing a breast implant include saline or silicone gel implant. The placement of the implant has also to be considered, whether it has to be on top of the muscles or behind the muscles.

This also depends on the type of skin and the amount of tissue. Silicone gel is implanted on top of the muscle if there is enough tissue. But if there are not enough tissues the implant must be placed behind the muscles.

Choice also lies on whether volume is requires or natural look is required. This depends on individual choice. It is very difficult to give the right answer as to what option to choose.

It will depend on the decision taken after discussing all issues like the reason behind choosing the type of implants, the placement of the implants and the volume with the surgeon. It is essential to have a formal consultation with the cosmetic surgeon before deciding for the surgery.