How to use castor oil for beauty, skin and hair care

Castor oil is the name given to the sticky oil which is known to have number of remedies with regards to health and beauty. Even for the hair, it is regarded as one of the wonderful remedies in case of hair fall, hair growth as well as infection caused as dandruff. Even when you are willing to have a remedy for healing, castor oil will be regarded as a wonderful reedy.

It is a proven and desirable fact of castor oil to have wonderful benefits when you are suffering from hair fall problem and you hardly have the scope of treating it with expensive stuffs. Even though castor oil is sticky, it provides a wonderful remedy to your hair in a number of ways.
We did not know previously about the benefit provided by the olive oil. But today in almost all field castor oil plays an important role. Those who have a issue with hair fall or bald head, castor oil helps to get a regeneration of hair from the follicles. You need to be really cautious about the sticky substance as most of us do not like too muck stickiness.

But today you can get the light and grease free variation of castor oil which will not be really sticky. It will help you get beautiful hair with growth of hair from bald head.

Castor oil beauty benefits

Beauty benefits of castor oil

1. Age spots: Castor oil is the best remedy for the age spots. Apply castor oil on the age spots and give gentle massage on them. Works well on the age spots.

2. Hair re growth: In olden days castor oil is used as hair oil. But now coconut oil replaces that place because castor oil is thick in nature and its sell is not so aromatic. But castor oil helps in re growth of hair. Apply castor oil on the scalp. It is better to use the heated castor oil on the hair scalp. Wash it with shampoo after 1 hour.

3. Condictioning hair: It works as hair conditioning .Fatty acids in castor oils works as conditioners for your hair.

4. Good for cracked nails: Castor oil is good for nails and tip fingers. Apply castor oil on the nails and tip finger in the night time .It prevents the cracked nails.

5. Clear skin: It works as skin cleansing. Apply the castor oil to your body before going to bath. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then take bath with hot water. It cleans the dead cells in the body and makes your skin clear and appeals fresh look to you.

6. Cure cracked heels: Apply moderately heated castor oil to the cracked heels at night time. Wash your heels in the early morning. It removes the cracked heels pain. Continuously doing cures the cracked heels.

7. Wrinkle free skin: Apply castor oil to the wrinkle area and make it absorbable by the skin. Do it repeatedly for wrinkle free skin.

8. Skin mole removal: Mix baking soda with castor oil and apply on the skin mole area. Do it repeatedly until your skin moles are gone.

9. Treat the stretch marks: Castor oil treats the stretch marks. Apply castor oil on the stretch mark area for few days. They are lightening up for few days. Do it for 1 month you get the best results.

10. Mositurizer: Castor oil works as skin moisturizer.

Beauty hair benefits of castor oil

Remove split ends

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Most of the people are suffering from the trouble of split ends which generally takes place if your hair is not adequately nourished. Even after shampooing and applying variety of hair care products, People may not get an adequate result of split ends. If this is your case too, time has come to think something different. Castor oil is a wonderful technique through which you can get your split ends in hair reduced to many fold.

Freeing dandruff

Dandruff is probably one of the main reasons for staying unhappy. You get itch over your scalp and even flakes of skin come out from the upper layer that lies just after the hair. You just need to take few drops of castor oil and apply it over your scalp. Dandruff generally takes place when your hair becomes too much dry. Castor oil is remove dryness of your scalp and replaces the same with well conditioned moisturized skin. You can also take one tablespoon of castor oil and add have lemon in it and apply the same over your hair to stay away from dandruff.

Shine on hair

Most of the people have probably lost shine on their hair due to pollution, adulteration in food and also due to use to chemical rich shampoos. If you want to get back the natural shine over your hair, castor oil will be a wonderful remedy. There is a particular way of applying castor oil over your hair in this regard. You need to take adequate quantity of castor oil in a separator and heat it so that the thickness becomes lighter. Now apply it over your hair and roots and wrap your hair with a towel and keep it for entire night. After getting up, juts wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This will easily lock moisture inside your hair and make it look glossy and beautiful.

Beauty skin benefits of castor oil

Treating sunburn

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During the summer season, sunburn is probably one of the critical problems faced by many people around the nation. Castor oil will provide a wonderful remedy for sunburn as well.  Take a teaspoon of castor oil and same quantity of coconut oil in a container and apply the same over your hair covering its roots. Continue this for a week and enjoy tan free skin.

Treating acne

Acne and pimples are one of the problems suffered by people with oily skin tone. Since the castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, it helps in treating acne in a wonderful way. There is a procedure to apply it on your face. Take a mug full of Luke warm water and wash your face with the same so that the pores of your skin are opened. Now take some castor oil and apply over your face just before going to sleep. You need to leave it overnight and wash your face next morning. If you do this regularly, acne over your skin will be eradicated.

Remedy for brittle nails

Today, most of the people are complaining about getting the brittle or cracked nails. You can now get a remedy out of brittle nails once you proceed with massaging your nails with oil every evening. It will be beneficial if you can do this before going to bed. You just need to do this for a week and see the difference after a week. You can easily observe your nails becoming healthy from the brittle state.

Beauty skin and hair care benefits of castor oil

Reduces fungal infection

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Most of us get fungal infection over our skin and hair. It is just because we allow the fungal growth to gain over our skin. Dandruff is also a form of fungal infection which we can suffer from. But if you can apply the castor oil over your hair roots and scalp, the fungal infection will run away.

Warts treatment

Some of us have projected warts over our skin tone. These might not be harmful or deadly but getting the lumps of muscle over the skin or over growth of skin may cause you stay unattractive. Especially these are found over the joint area such as over the eye lids, neck, wrist as well as ankle. If you want to get rid of those in a natural way apply the castor oil over it on a regular basis.

Hair color boost

If you have applied the hair color, it also need to be maintained in an appropriate way. This can be possible if you have castor oil application over your hair. The highlights on your hair can be easily maintained which can stay for a long time with the help of this castor oil. Just after completing of coloring and the process you have to apply castor oil regularly on your hair. This will ideally help you get the same tone of hair color that you have applied. Try this today and see the benefit of castor oil.