Habits that make wrinkles on your face and skin

You may find some habits hard to keep off but you will feel that you must change them to keep looking young. People want to turn the clock backwards and they engage in various activities for that. You can stop smoking or keep your face away from the kitchen oven for looking healthy and young but there are various other factors that are taking you towards the old age look. If you want to turn the clock backwards then you must sabotage these harmful activities that you often indulge in.

Late nights for different reasons

There are people who love to work late at night. Many women do not find time in the day due to various other activities but they work extra hours at night to complete the chores. Too little time for sleeping is the net result. This can bring signs of tiredness around your mouth and eyes. You must strive to take a good rest at the end of the day to be fresh and active the next morning.

No removal of makeup

Sometimes you forget to remove the makeup after a late night return and this can be harmful for your facial skin. Bacterial infestation of the pores can be the starting point of blackheads and acne. Make sure that you remove the makeup before going to bed.

Sugar and coffee can be harmful

If you love sweets then you will often indulge in the intake of sweets. Sugar makes your skin look unhealthy. The coffee is another such ingredient that adds unhealthy lines to your face. It dries the skin and brings in patches. Drink fruit juice or simple and plain water but avoid too much coffee and sugar.

Sleeping in the wrong way

You may be sleeping on your sides or on your tummy. These are harmful as they form sleep lines on your face. You will not be able to change the sleeping habit but what you can do is try to sleep in the position with the front side up. You can also use satin or silk pillow covers for reducing the lines.

Alcohol and cigarettes can cause ailments and lines

There are people who like to drink alcohol in excess quantity. Some continue to puff on the cigarettes. These are habits that add toxins to your body and reduce vitamin level. Vitamin A produces collagen that takes care of the skin but smoking and alcohol helps to reduce it and dehydrates the skin. This damages the skin. You must quit these habits for a healthy body and glowing skin.

Botox use can help increase lines

The skins start sagging when you use botox for rejuvenating the skin. There are some dermatologists who will tell you about the sagging of skin due to lack of elasticity but you can try other healthier methods to keep the youth lingering on your face.

Work and stress go hand in hand

You will feel stressed when you find there are pending projects. This can increase your blood pressure and harden the arteries. You will find stress will vanish as soon as you keep working in parts and make sure that your work will be done even without your taking up so much pressure. Meditation and yoga will give you release from stress. Keep smiling and keep positive thinking for keeping stress away.

Sunbathing can add lines

When you go for sun bathing, you actually expose your skin to the rays of the sun. Some of the rays are harmful and can cause different skin ailments and wrinkles as result. Use sunscreen and do not take sun baths for too long.

Squinting in the sun

You will find women who squint more in the sun or tend to furrow the eyebrows, help to form wrinkles on their faces. You can use anti wrinkle cream for removing the wrinkles and use sun glasses for keeping the rays of the sun away.

Food habits void of fresh vegetables and fruits

The vegetables and fruits are full of anti oxidants that keep away damages of your skin. They also repair the existing damages. These natural anti oxidants work far better than the artificial ones. Fruits and green vegetables will keep your skin hydrated and nurtured.