Best books for kids for summer holidays

Gift your child a good story book and see him forget the computer games and mobiles. Reading a good book can be a fascinating experience for a child but you need to incite the habit of reading in him first.

Even if your child is a casual reader, which is common amongst the kids of this generation, gifting him some good books this summer can actually be the best way to engage him positively. Once he starts getting interest in reading, you will no longer have to worry about his language skills or vocabulary.

To help you pick the best books for your children, we have brought here a collection of the Best books for kids for summer holidays. You can pick any or a collection of books from this list and gift your child just before his summer holidays start.

Grandma’s Bag of Stories

You should not let your child miss the magic of the Grandma’s bag of stories that you, yourself must have enjoyed a lot as a child. The Grandma’s Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty can make any child truly delightful. These stories not only introduce children to the basic Indian family culture but also are a great way to inform your child about the Indian mythological characters and social setup along with some teachings. This book is ideal for children of 5+ age group.

Great Stories for Children

This book comes with a handpicked collection of Ruskin Bond stories especially enjoyable by the children. The stories are not only funny but very relatable for the kids, which make them one of the most favorite children stories of all time. So, gift him this book during the holidays to make sure that he uses his time productively during the vacation.

Fairy Tales (My Jumbo Book)

Fairy tales have always been a favorite for children to read. To develop the habit of reading in your child below 10 years of age, gifting her this fairy tale book can be a good idea.  This book is a compilation of eight classic fairy tales that are sure to be loved by children. The stories are written in simple English along with beautiful illustrations so that even small children can enjoy this book reading on their own.

The Old Man and the Sea

This last major work by Ernest Hemingway is considered one of the best reads for children. The book tells the story of an Old fisherman and his struggles to live life fully. This classic book for children will also introduce your child with the vastness of the sea and the fight of life of common people. This book is now available in paperback as well as in hardcover.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a novel that your child is sure to enjoy.  The book revolves around the animals in a farm, who plans to revolt against the humans. It is not only the topic of the story that makes it an interesting and funny read but also the twists and turns in the story line that keeps your child engrossed. Animal farm is a popular classic book for children and it can certainly make a good book to gift your child this summer.

Malgudi Adventures

The story of escapades of Swami and his friends in the small town of Malgudi, located in South India is a must read for every children. This book penned down by author R.K.Narayan is an unforgettable creation and is ideal for children to read. If you are looking out for a story book that your little one is sure to love and enjoy, gift him Malgudi Adventures this summer. It is now available in Paperback.


Kabuliwala can be a nice way to introduce your child with the creations of Tagore. This paperback book will not take long to finish but it can give him the pleasure of reading and will also give him the right teachings. If you are looking out for some good books to gift your child this summer, do not miss to include this small story in the bag.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

This satirical and witty tale of childhood rebellion is a must read for your child. The immortal adventure story of Huckleberry Finn penned by Mark Twain is sure to keep your child engrossed during his summer holidays. This story of journey of a boy down the Mississippi on a raft is not only interesting and fascinating for kids but also a fine read for the adults.

Gullivers Stories

Another classic book that should be in your child’s book collection, if he has not already read the Gulliver’s stories, it’s time that you gift him this book. The book comes with illustrations of Jonathan Swift and tells the stories of Gulliver, who is lost at the sea and then lands up in the world of Lilliput’s. His next journey draws him to the world of Giants. So, if your child loves to read fictions, gift him this book.

Alice in Wonderland

The Classic Alice in Wonderland is a must read for every child. It will not only help them to know about one of the best magical worlds ever portrayed in children stories but will also help their imagination and creativity to grow.  How Alice ends up in the strange and mystical land and how she finally comes out of it is sure to fascinate your child.

The Jungle Book

Your child must be already familiar with the story of Mowgli from the movie or from the cartoon or both, but it is also important to let him read the original classic. The Jungle Book can always add to the collection of your child and if your child had enjoyed watching the movie, he or she is sure to love the book as well. So, include it in the bag of books for his summer holidays.

King Arthur

This classic story of a young boy becoming the king of Britain is sure to become a favorite tale of your child. King Arthur is one of the most popular creations of Jane B. Mason for children and it makes a great read not only for children but also for the adults. The magical story of King Arthur is a must read for every child. It is now available in paperback.

Robinson Crusoe

The story of Robinson Crusoe penned by Daniel Defoe and illustrated by J.J.Grandville has fascinated children for decades. How a shipwrecked man left on a desert island with only a few possessions passes his days and tries to get back home is sure to keep your child glued.  This paperback book is sure to be a great read for your child.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

All the 7 books from the Harry Potter series make great reads for children as well as adults but if you are to pick any one from the lot, opt for the last one, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is acclaimed to be the best amongst all by the readers. This book will not only take your child to the magical world of Harry Potter but will also make him feel it just like reality.

Disney Frozen Magical Story

Your daughter must be already a fan of Princess Elsa and gifting her this Frozen magical story book this summer can actually make her stay indoors, at least during the day time. Let her feel the cool icy spell of Elsa and enjoy reading the story that she has seen in movie, put this book in your collection to gift her this summer.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

What can be a better way than to introduce your young adult child to the world of Sherlock Holmes with one of the best mystery classics every written, The Hound of the Baskervilles.  This one of the greatest novels by Arthur Conan Doyale is a must read for every child above the age of 10. Gift your child this book during his summer holidays and see how he becomes hungry for more from the author.

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a remarkable work of Charles Dickens penned for children over 12 years of age which is also enjoyed by adults. This book tells the story of little Pip who is an orphan and his life is not really a bed of roses. To know how his life changes and turns out to be out of expectations this story is a must read.

The Book Thief

One of the best stories ever written for the young adults of 12 to 16 years age, The Book Thief is a must read for your child not only because it is a classic but also because it will teach your child to see the life from a different perspective. It portrays a clear picture of 1939, Nazi Germany and how even in those circumstances, humanity has thrived.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

If your child is aged over 12 and he has not read this book yet, you should not take any more time to decide which book to gift him this summer vacation. The Boy in Striped Pyjamas might not make your child happy but it will fill his soul and teach him few things that are vital for his coming of age. The book beautifully portrays the life of a child amongst the extreme political turmoil of a nation.