10 charcoal beauty products you must consider

Charcoal based beauty products are becoming increasingly popular in the market and there are ample reasons to that. A number of brands have already launched skin and hair care products with activated charcoal and they claim to fight not only dirt and grim in the best way but also to cure skin problems effectively.

Charcoal has some excellent properties that can actually help in purifying the skin, helping it to breathe and keeping germs and pimples away.

The capacity of active charcoal in cleansing has been exploited in drinking water purification since ancient times. You can find a cylinder of activated charcoal being used even in the modern water filters.

Charcoal has an extensive surface area and effectively absorbs dirt, oil and grime,100 times more than its own weight; and thus works as an excellent water purifier.

In the same way, when applied to the skin, activated charcoal can pull out any impurities from your skin and give it not only a fresh look but the effect of natural purifications.

The charcoal based beauty products that claim to offer proven effects and should be tried by anyone looking for effective beauty care solutions include the following

Boscia Konjac cleansing sponge with bamboo charcoal


As the name tells you it is not a face wash, it is a soft sponge that is infused with the goodness of Charcoal made from Bamboo and can offer a pore perfecting cleansing effect to your skin.

This product has been garnered with rave reviews from the customers, and hence we believe you should give this product a try. This charcoal sponge cleanses and at the same time exfoliates your skin to give a softer, smoother and brighter appearance.

At the same time, with the magical effect of charcoal, it minimizes the appearance of pores on the skin and removes acne causing germs efficiently. The Konjac root facilitates the impurity absorption process while bamboo charcoal cleanses and detoxifies the pores without harming the skin.

The product is very gentle and can be used even on the most sensitive parts of the facial skin including the under eye areas. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates and sulfates which can damage your skin cells in the long run.

It is completely free from fragrance, color, alcohol or preservatives. The product has been tested dermatologically and is safe for use on even the sensitive skins.

Dark angels cleanser from lush


This brand has already made its space in the beauty care regime of the wise women who have denied using chemicals on their skin. The Dark Angels Velvety black sugar cleanser from Lush combines the whole goodness of charcoal along with Rhassoul mud, black sugar, cold pressed organic avocado oil and glycerin.

The cleanser also combines the goodness of the essential oils like Sandalwood oil and Rosewood oil. The charcoal along with the black sugar exfoliates skin and absorbs dirt and impurities promoting an oil free matte look.

The rhassoul mud present in the cleanser helps in deep cleansing while soothing the skin reducing any redness or skin irritation. The cold pressed avocado oil is rich in vitamins and they nourish the skin leaving it adequately hydrated, soft and yet non oily.

The cleanser rolls are completely free from preservatives and can be ideal for skins experiencing extra oil and acne. The cleanser comes in a solid state packed in a tub, and you need to mix the required amount of the cleanser with a little warm water to make a paste before applying to the face and body.

Before buying any Lush products, including this one, ensure the manufacturing and expiry date of the product, as the only problem with Lush products lies in their minimum life span.

Origins clear improvement™ active charcoal mask

This face mask comes with activated charcoal to draw out the impurities while unclogging the pores and leaving the skin feeling fresh. On the regular course of the day, the toxins and dirt present in the environment get under the skin, which causes pore clogging making the skin unable to breathe and slowing the regenerative process.

The activated charcoal present in this product work as a magnet to draw out even the impurities from deep within the skin.

Apart from active charcoal the face mask also includes White china clay which is known for its gentle yet effective actions on the skin. The product can be used once in a week or as often as required. It is completely free from parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Boscia revitalizing black hydration gel


You can add the goodness of charcoal in your moisturizer with this Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel. This gel like light formula hydrates the skin, refining the texture and offering a brightening effect.

This hydration gel effectively minimizes the enlarged pores and clarifies the skin complexion promoting an overall better skin health.

Along with Charcoal which absorbs excess oil and impurities from the skin and gives a detoxifying effect the gel also includes ingredients like Artichoke Leaf extract, Glycolic acid and Vitamin C.

The Artichoke leaf extract has intense anti-oxidant properties and it improves the elasticity of the skin helping in tightening of the pores promoting a smooth and firm skin texture. The Glycolic acid helps in clarifying the skin and helps in smoothing out the skin.

On the other hand, Vitamin C brightens skin tone and minimizes fine lines due to its antioxidant properties. The product is formulated without parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Triclosan, Petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance or dyes. The hydration gel is recommended to use twice a day to get an effective result within shortest time.

Kuro shampoo by sort of coal


This black colored shampoo is made with active white charcoal powder prepared from the juvenile needles of the Korean Red Pines, which has the capacity to cleanse and absorb impurities from your scalp and hairs efficiently.

This shampoo makes a great solution for any hair or scalp issue and is very mild on the hairs. It offers healthy and deep cleansing to your hairs and is free from harmful chemicals including SLS and SLEs.

Apart from Cocamidopropyl Betaine, which is organically produced from coconut oil, the shampoo also contains Glycerin and Caprylyl Glycol to keep your hairs hydrated, soft and manageable.

Oak vinegar present in this hair care product, work as an excellent natural ingredient for adding volume and shine to the hairs. The shampoo is very mild and can be used daily without any worry of damage as it is free from harmful chemicals and gives a dose of natural goodness to your hairs.

Glamglow supermud™ clearing treatment


This skin clearing formula with Activex charcoal was clinically formulated by the dermatological chemists at the GLAMGLOW labs. It is a complete solution to fight any type of common skin problems most efficiently without damaging your skin with loads of chemicals.

The Supermud clearing treatment can be effective to control breakouts and skin discoloration. It can also treat conditions like razor bumps, black and white heads, in-grown hairs effectively. The rich formula of the product draws out dirt and brightens the skin.

Apart from Activated-X Charcoal, which has an extreme capacity to attract and absorb toxins; and soaks 500 times more than its volume (compared to 100 times for normal activated charcoal), the product also includes constituents like ACNECIDE -6, K17-Clay and TEAOXI.

ACNECIDE -6 is a proprietary blend of six acids including AHA and BHA and is perfectly capable to deal with damaged skin. It minimizes the pores visibly while working effectively on pigmentation.

The K 17-Clay extracts excess oil, toxins and bacteria while TEAOXI gives the goodness of natural eucalyptol, flavonoids and linalool oil to the skin, making it hydrated and soft. The product is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.

Dear earth bamboo charcoal soap


Enjoy the goodness of active charcoal to draw out dirt from your skin with this Bamboo Charcoal Soap from Dear Earth. The soap works as a gentle exfoliation therapy on the skin and ensures not only complete cleaning of dirt and oil but also complete eradication of germs and bacteria.

Along with the finely powdered processed bamboo charcoal which makes a major constituent of the product, it is enriched with a range of organic oils with different skin benefits.

The Jojoba oil present in the soap absorbs body odor and Coconut butter moisturizes the skin deeply which helps to prevent the problem of dry skin from the root.

The soap also includes a bunch of natural oils like corn oil, castor seed oil, olive oil along with organic extracts of patchouli and grapefruit which gives a delightful yet natural fragrance to the soap.

Guv’ner deodorant from lush


If you are suffering from the problem of excessive sweat and body odor this Active charcoal based deodorant can give you the best solution. It can work ideally for those with sensitive underarm skin, ensuring a longer action.

The product includes powdered charcoal which works as a super absorbent. The blend of sage, lavender and patchouli with a lycopodium base ensures to control odor effectively.

The product also includes calamine powder which gives a soothing effect to your skin and helps in staying cool even in summer. The deodorant comes in a powder form, and while using one just needs to tap the powder onto underarms or on the heels and follow with light rubbing.

Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser


As claimed by the brand this charcoal based cleanser is capable to draw out and absorb more than 2 times dirt and impurities from any normal cleansers. It comes with an innovative formula which ensures complete removal of extra oil from the skin along with any bacteria and germs.

The active charcoal present in the cleanser is able to take out the effect of pollution from your skin, promoting a fresh and clean look. The cleanser is also infused with Japanese Skin Purifying Technology, which ensures visual improvement in skin condition just after a single wash.

It is completely free from oils and yet gentle enough for everyday use. The product has been dermatologically tested and can be best for oily skinned people with problems like acne and pimples.

Super detox – organic deep pore facial cleanser


This facial cleanser comes in a creamy texture and includes the benefits of essential oils, replenishing oils, and vitamins along with activated charcoal. The cleanser includes mild yet effective cleaning agents that pull out the dirt from the skin without ripping it off the required moisture.

The active charcoal ingredient helps in giving a unique clarifying effect to the skin by removing oils, dirt and unclogging pores efficiently. It pulls out the toxins from deep inside the skin to the surface and then absorbs it, thus giving a complete cleaning effect.

The regenerative synergistic blend of a number of essential oils like, Rosemary, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon and Orange present in this facial cleanser ensures that your skin is moisturized from deep within.

These essential oils also work as an antiseptic keeping pimples and acnes at bay while offering a brighter and even complexion.

The facial cleanser is also rich in organic botanicals, like Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Black Willow Bark, Lichen, Vitamin B complex and vitamin E which gives the best antioxidant effects to the skin ensuring overall health.

The DMAE and natural Hyaluronic Acid present in the product hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles effectively while adding elasticity to the skin. The product is highly beneficial for every type of skin, including the problematic ones with acne and pimples.

When you are buying a charcoal beauty product there are few things that you should consider beforehand. Read on to know how to pick the right one for your needs,

Read out the whole ingredient list of the charcoal beauty product

When you are buying a charcoal based beauty product, be sure that the product does come with a lot of other ingredients as well. Active charcoal can have a drying effect on the skin and hence, many active charcoal products are loaded with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and Aloe Vera.

If you have a dry skin, before you buy the product, you need to ensure that it comes with sufficient moisturizing ingredients along with the active charcoal and in case you have oily skin you need to ensure that the product does not reap off the necessary moisture from your skin, but will not make it oily either.

So, before you pick any charcoal based beauty product, make it a point to go through the whole list to ensure that it will actually work for you, because even the best beauty products might fail to give you the desired results if it does not suit with your skin type.

“How to use the product” is important

All the charcoal based beauty products mentioned above comes with a “How to use” direction on the product label.

In case, the directions for using are not written on the label you should check it out from the official website of the brand, unless you can confirm it from the SA of the shop from where you are purchasing the product.

Following the “how to use” instructions line by line ensures that the product is able to serve its best purpose without any side effects. So, if the instruction reads to keep a charcoal pack for 10 minutes only, do not make it 12 or 8 minutes.

Similarly if the label says to remove the pack with a wet cotton first and then to use water for washing off, follow it religiously.