Best essential oils for dandruff

Dandruff although may not seem like a serious health risk, it is quite challenging and annoying live with. It is a skin condition that only progresses and becomes worse if not properly taken care of. It causes irritation, itchiness, and possibly embarrassment in social situations. Dandruff can be treated in different ways, through prescription medications or by herbal remedies. Since dandruff does not pose any immediate threat, one should always seek a proven natural treatment to cure it.

Home remedies for dandruff

One of the best natural treatments for curing dandruff is involving essential oils. For ages, aromatherapy has been used to treat hair related problems such as thinning of hair, baldness, itchiness in the scalp and of course dandruff. Aromatherapy involves applying and massaging an essential oil or a combination on the scalp. This improves blood circulation, kills fungus and bacteria, moisturizes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Below are various essential oils, which you can use to manage and cure dandruff.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil is a pale yellow colored essential oil. It is derived from myrtle tree, which is a native to Australia. It has powerful antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It kills the germs, yeast, and bacteria that grows on the scalp and creates dandruff. It eliminates itching and inflammation of the scalp and soothes the skin. There is a minor side effect associated with tea tree oil, which is experiencing a burning sensation when applied in excess quantity on the sensitive skin. To be on the safer side, many avoid this side effect by mixing the tea tree oil with coconut, jojoba or olive oil before application.

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Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil is packed with numerous medicinal properties. One of best herbal remedies where chamomile oil finds its use is in curing flaky scalp or dandruff. It calms the dry, itchy scalp and reduces redness caused due to inflammation. The key reason that results in dandruff is oiliness or sebum, which produces dead cells as bacteria feed on it. Chamomile oil cleans up the bad oil, moisturizes and hydrates the scalp with good oil. It keeps the skin healthy, reduces the effect of sweat and minimizes the build up of fungus and bacteria. Chamomile oil can be mixed with olive oil for treating dandruff.

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Thyme oil

Thyme oil is yellow colored oil derived from the leaves of Thymus vulgaris, which is an evergreen perennial herb commonly used in a variety of herbal medicines and foods. It contains a variety of compounds such as myrcene, p-cymene, linalool and bomeol, which have anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Thyme oil opens the closed pores on the scalp and stimulates blood flow. It regenerates the cells to create new hair growth and removes the old dead cells to clean dandruff.

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Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil comes from the leaves of peppermint plants. It is known for its cooling and soothing sensation. It offers great benefits in terms of treating hair related problems. It calms the red and itchy scalp and eliminates flakiness. Peppermint oil when applied to the scalp also relieves stress and tension. It is a great mood and concentration enhancer. Applying peppermint oil on the scalp, leaving it for 2 hours and rinsing it with warm water, cures dandruff.

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Lavender oil

Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers of Lavendual Latifolia herb. It is colourless and has strong sensual perfume. It is packed with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal compounds that cut down the growth of fungus and bacteria on the scalp. It soothes itchiness and redness on the scalp. People who regularly apply lavender oil before going to bed have experienced less hair fall and new hair growth.

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