How to get rid of dry, oily skin and sensitive skin with homemade curd / yougurt face packs

During summer seasons, you will require a different face pack that will turn your face glowing and remove dullness. When you are thinking about diet during the summer days, ice teas, cold milk shakes and juices are much preferable. Curd is an important natural ingredient extracted from milk which reduces heat during summer after consuming. From the ancient time, homemade curd is used to provide great beauty benefits. Today, you can get curd in the market. But, during the time of our grandmother and grandfathers, curds were created at home with milk. You can now get all types of essential minerals through the lactic acid, zinc, calcium etc formed inside the creamy and white substance.

People’s orientation towards the home remedies or homemade beauty tips has created a new history. The cosmetic face packs and masks available in the market are not having good demand. We have variety of natural ingredient which we use at kitchen in order to make food or in other day to day life style. Yogurt is one of the vital kitchen ingredients that make the curries tasty. Now this particular product can also be used in making your skin beautiful. You can mix few other ingredients to make yogurt or curd face packs right at your home. Let us check out some.

Curd – its benefits over human skin

Best face packs for skin lightening

  • It clears the epidermis layer of individual’s skin which gives birth to glowing skin type
  • It works a wonderful moisturizing agent
  • Sun burns formed in your skin due to excessive sun exposure can be removed with application of curd
  • You can easily view anti aging properties in curd
  • If you can use it on a regular basis, it can easily brighten your skin tone

Curd packs made at home for healthy skin

Face pack for individuals with dry skin

It is important to know the skin type before making a pack and applying it on face. If you have dry skin, you can make a curd pack with a teaspoon of curd as well as few drops of honey. Now add thick pea flour in this solution in order to form a thick paste. Now add some water and mix well so that the mixture gains the desired consistency.  Now apply this mask on your face and neck area. Leave this for a period of 20 minutes and wash it away.

Curd pack for oily skin

The face pack made for individuals with dry skin will not suite with someone having oily skin. But, it is possible to create a healthy and effective face pack for oily skin by using curd. Here you have to take a teaspoon of powdered multani mitti and add some curd. But it is essential to add hung curd in this mask.  This hung curd can be made very easily at home. You have to take a muslin cloth and add 2 tablespoon of curd in it. Tie the cloth containing the curd and hang it for a period of two hours. Keep a container in the place where it is hanged as water will drop down from the curd and form hung curd. Now mix it with dried neem powder and apply on your face.

Curd back for sensitive skin

Homemade milk face packs for glowing skin

You need to take a ripe banana and mash it so that not a single lump remains. Now add some curd in it and pour some water so that the paste becomes smooth. Apply it on your face and keep it dries. Now wash this pack away with cold water to get healthy and beautiful skin with home treatment.

Best curd/yogurt face packs, face mask

Olive oil and curd

One of the famous face packs for your skin with curd is combination of it with olive oil. Both olive oil and curd are the ingredients that you can easily get right at your home. The pack is very beneficial for removing the tough wrinkles from your face. In order to make this mask you require a tablespoon of olive oil and fresh curd of 2 tablespoon. Mix them well and apply on your skin. You must let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash it.

Chamomile and yogurt

Chamomile is a natural herb that is used in many cosmetics these days. It gives you a soothing touch on your skin. This pack will help removing the sun burn marks from your skin easily. You take to take 2 tablespoon of curd and pour 2-3 drops of chamomile in it. Mix both the ingredients really well and apply on your face where you have problem of sun burns. You can remove it after 15 minutes.

Oatmeal and yogurt

The oatmeal present at your home must be grounded to make powder. Now add a teaspoon of gram flour in a container. You must add 2 tablespoon of curd in the same container. Mix 3 ingredients very well with a spoon and apply it over your skin that has variety of problems. You can easily remove it with cold water once 15 minutes is over. This provides great treatment for redness during summer.