Natural antibiotics to fight bacterial infection

There are thousands of bacteria that live in the body. They play a major role in maintaining the health of the body.  A bacterial infection takes place when the bacteria reproduce in an out of control situation. There can be mild or severe bacterial infections. This infection is common in all age group and in all races. In normal case antibiotics are prescribed in these cases. Natural antibiotics works in two ways in the body.One by killing the bacteria and other by resisting themultiplication of the bacteria.

Antibiotics are the most effective remedy for any type of health conditions. Whether it is about high fever or a serious cut, dosage of antibiotics can help calm down the negative situation in a human being. Today we will speak about some antibiotics that are not available in medical stores; rather it is extracted from Mother Nature. The antibiotics that are available in medical stores have some or the other side effect on the consumer. But the natural antibiotics available at home are free from such side effects. Whether you are suffering from diarrhea or hepatitis, the natural antibiotics will treat such issues.

Most antibiotics have some side effects like diarrhoea, nausea vomiting, fungal infections of the mouth, digestive tract and vagina. Prolonged use of antibiotics makes a person causes antibiotics resistance in human bodies. In order to avoid these problems natural antibiotics should become the way of life. Garlic and onions are the strongest natural antibiotics.

Natural antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection

Benefits of eating oats

  • Honey is a well-known for its natural healing properties. It can be taken orally or applied to directly on sores or wounds. It has the ability to reduce the growth of bacteria. It is also useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers and soothes the stomach lining
  • Echinacea is plant extract that boosts the immune system of the body and helps in fighting bacterial and viral infection. It boosts the production of white cells to fight all infections.
  • Onion is the most effective antibiotic for problems of the lungs and heart. They are also useful for their anti-inflammatory property and in improving the circulation of blood.
  • Garlic is the main ingredient to add taste to food. It has a number of medicinal properties. The chemical in garlic known as illicit helps to reduce cholesterol level of blood and burn fat and blood pressure.    Garlic juice is also found to treat food poisoning.
  •  Green tea does not have a direct antibiotic property. The high antioxidant property t in green tea helps to cleanse the body of the free radicals that cause damage  and sickness.
  •  Rose water is used to enhance the flavor of ice creams and cakes. It also acts as a wound cleansing agent when applied to sores and wounds. It restricts the entry of  bacteria in open wounds.
  •  Grape seed extracts are made into tablets and syrups and used in food items. They help in boosting the immune system in the body. The antioxidants in them help   in removing disease causing radicals from the blood stream. In the process it enhances the health and beauty of the person.

Benefits of natural antibiotics

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The main factor to change to natural antibiotics is to get rid of the unwanted side effects of the medicines. The natural antibiotics have the ability to heal common diseases.

There are two types of bacteria in the human body—the dangerous ones and the useful ones. An antibiotic is a compound that eliminates germs of all types. Natural antibiotics kill the dangerous germs. Secondly the natural antibiotics boost the body’s defenses which in turn will be capable to fight the germs.

Natural antibiotics to fight bacterial infection

Astragalus remedy

It is a natural herb which has variety of health benefits. These days many cosmetics companies and drug manufacturing chemists uses the natural extract of this plant in their product. If you intake Astragalus as a tonic, it will help fighting with all types of bacteria and virus. It also works in protecting liver.

Basil – natural antibiotic

Basil is one of the well known herb is available in every house. This is also used to treat many health issues due to its antibiotic property. Any type of unwanted bacterial growth in your body can be reduced with the help of basil. The flavor of basil is used in many Indian kitchens.


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Another effective natural antibiotic is Chamomile. You can take some Chamomile leaves and boil it in half cup of water. Switch off the oven and allow the leaves to soak in warm water. After sometime drink the fluid to stay away from variety of health issues. You can also get Chamomile tea in the market. Make actual tea out of this herb and drink it like a tea.


Most of the Indian kitchens especially Bengali uses cumin seeds in their curries. This natural seed brings out a wonderful smell once roasted. It is also used in powdered form in many veggies. It contains powerful antibacterial/ antibiotic property that increases resistance power in individuals and reduces the strength in bacteria when they proceed for an attack. Soak some cumin seeds in water and drink the fluid.