Top home remedies for diaper rashes

Your baby will be always very precious to you. Mothers protect their new born baby from all corners and make them feel comfortable in a new atmosphere. Rashes in their body will definitely be a matter of concern for you.

It will be very irritating to see it in your little ones bottom. This can be mostly due to wearing of diaper for a long time. But, there is good news about all mothers who are tensed about rashes in their baby bottoms.

You can now use some home remedies to eradicate the effect of diaper rashes. Due to this condition, your child may feel irritated and even get inflamed skin. Since the environment inside the diaper is moist and warm, the bacteria reacts in the environment and give rise to rashes.

A scratch on your baby can raise your temper as your baby is one of the most delicate creatures at your home. Even the motherhood and fatherhood will make you emotionally attached to your baby.

Thus you can be disappointed by viewing the rashes over the body of your babies. Diapers are one of the reasons that can make your baby hurt and get rashes over their skin.

At the same time you can also not stay away from diapers as your baby is really unpredictable. Let us find out some ways that can help removing rashes from your baby’s body through some home remedies.

Some home remedies for diaper rashes

Baby skin care tips in winter

  • Try to keep the skin of your young ones dry and remove urine and stool immediately. You must make sure that, excretory products does not comes in contact to your baby’s skin
  • As soon as you discover the diaper is spoiled and wet, you must change it
  • It is important to check the diaper inside the brief of your baby in every 3 hours. Even in night, you need to get up and check whether the diaper is wet
  • In order to stop irritation and rashes, you must wash the diaper area with the soft cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm water
  • You must avoid using any type of soap unless the area is soiled. You can get baby soaps in the market available with a reputed brand name. That particular branded soap must be used.
  • You must avoid using the baby wipes which include alcohol for cleaning the skin where diaper rash is present. This may be very dangerous and can easily burn your skin.
  • If you want to dry the place where you have washed your baby’s skin, blow diaper set can be used to make the area dry and avoid further rashes
  • It will be better to use cloth in traditional way instead of diapers as the rashes are quite less as compared to that formed after using diapers.
  • You can put the creams and ointments such as Diaparene, Zinc Oxide, D ointment etc. Mothers should not apply the cream or ointment to broken skin.
  • It is good to avoid using plastic pants for the babies as chances of getting rashes will be more.
  • You can feed your baby with the Cranberry juice if your baby is more than 12 months of age. This will help the urine to make less concentrated
  • If you feel your young ones skin is very raw, you can carry on with warm bath for 10 minutes. This can be done 3 times in a day. The bathtub must contain warm water and 2 tsp of baking soda. But, you should not make your baby to bath until his umbilical cord falls off.

Top home remedies to remove diaper rashes

Natural coconut oil

Natural baby tips for infant care

You need to use natural coconut oil without additive fragrance. The tined one available in the market will be really effective. If you can extract coconut oil from coconut, nothing likes it.

Take little bit of such coconut oil and apply it over your baby’s back and the portion where he has rashes. You can see rashes getting over in few days.

Yogurt for diaper rashes

Your must be really surprised to learn that diaper rashes can be eradicated with yogurt. But, this is a true fact.

You need to get the sugar free yogurt and apply it over the portions of baby hips where the diaper rashes are formed. This will provide a soothing touch to your baby skin. But do consult with doctor before applying it.

Prickly heat baby talcum powder

If you have baby at home, getting talcum powder will be quite easy. You need to get such a baby talcum powder and apply on your body. This will be prescribed by your child specialist so that your baby stays happy and healthy without the pain of diaper rashes.

After applying the talcum powder allow your baby to stay without diapers for around 10-15 minutes. Let your baby stay free and enjoy freedom.

Ice bag

Rashes can also take place if there is too much heat within the environment. During summer this is quite common. For adults ice is recommended to rub against the area so that rashes can remain less and manageable.

But for kids, putting direct ice will not be a good idea. All you have to do is put your ice cubes inside your ice bags and apply it over the area with rashes. This will definitely provide a soothing touch to your baby.