Best homemade oatmeal face packs, face masks for beauty care

Even if you can’t see a person, a touch to his or her skin will give you an impression about view. If your skin is dry and rough, even a blind person can make that out. But a soft, smooth and glowing skin can give a mesmerizing view. Getting a beautiful andhealthy skin has become quite easy with some natural remedies. If you have oatmeal at home, getting a natural scrubber and face pack for your skin will be really easy. People with dry, oily as well as combination skin can try such oatmeal face pack. Only the facial makeup over the skin is not enough, you should get a clear and beautiful skin right from the inner layer. Not only the outsider will appreciate the type of your skin, rather, you yourself can feel its betterment alongside. People with dry skin tone can get the skin tone little oilier whereas individual with dry skin tone can achieve removal of oil from the skin layer. Let us have a look at some of the effective face masks and face packs that is combined with oatmeal to get an ultimate remedy.

Change the incarnation of the healthy oatmeal to a product which can bring the new glow to your to face. Yep! Oatmeal has the good amount of silica and amino acids which aids to reload the natural moisture in the skin. Along with that it is filled up with many skin care properties, find those through the following face packs.

Oatmeal face pack for dry skin

Multani Mitti face packs for glowing skin

  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Milk
  1. Grind the oatmeal and form it as a powder, make sure it doesn’t contains any lumps. Add two tablespoons of this oatmeal powder with one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of milk. Mix all the three ingredients well and form as a paste.
  2. You can another tablespoon of milk if the consistency is too tight. That’s it! Oatmeal face pack is in your hand.
  3. Apply this pack on your clean face by avoiding eyes and lips.
  4. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with normal water to find a smooth and soft skin.

The helping agent for smoothing the skin is vitamin E present in the oatmeal, it also tries to remove the dryness on the skin. As we honey is a natural moisturizer and works well for any kind of skin. Try this pack for two to three times a week to get the moisturized, smooth and supple skin texture.

Oatmeal face pack to balance the skin

This is an ideal face mask you could try to regulate the skin and to remove out the dead and flaky skin. Most of the promising products may not tend to offer you the great results. But these kind of homemade remedies will help your skin to make it better and balanced.

  • Oatmeal
  • Lemon
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Multani mitti
  • Milk

– Take two tablespoons of oatmeal powder in a bowl and add it pasted almonds ( Made from 6 or 7 almonds), three tablespoons of full cream milk, one tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of multani mitti and avocado paste ( One mashed avocado).

– Mix all the ingredients perfect until it is formed like a paste.

– Spread this paste on your clean face and lie down for 20 minutes.

– When you find the pack got dried, slowly wipe it out with the help of a cotton ball that is dipped in the cold milk.

– And then wash your face with cold water to discover the glowing and smooth skin texture.

Oatmeal face pack for all kinds of skin types

Beauty tips for glowing skin

  • Oatmeal powder
  • Tomato

– Take a medium sized tomato and grind it fully to get a smooth paste, you need to form it like a puree without any lumps.

– Now add two tablespoons of oatmeal powder to the tomato puree and mix well.

– Check that the consistency is well and may not drip from the face when you applied.

– Spread the paste on your face and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

– Wash off with plain water and pat.

The oatmeal removes the excess oil from the skin through its fiber content without disturbing the moisture. Tomato reduces the tan on the skin and absorbs the excess oil over the skin.

Oatmeal with curd

This is a face pack made with oatmeal in order to reduce bigger skin pores that is formed over the skin layer. You need to get half teaspoon of normal curd and two teaspoon of oatmeal together in a container and mix them well. If you need some more curd you can add and make the pack in such an order that it gets the non dripping consistency. Once the mixture is prepared, you need to apply it over your face avoiding the lips and eye area. This pack needs to be kept over the face for 10 minutes and there after removal of it with cold water must be done. Repeated attempt will easily reduce excessive large skin pores.

Warm water with oatmeal

First of all you need to take a small bowl where you generally make face pack and then add two spoons of oatmeal. Now add some warm water with it. Do not add more warm water that will make your pack very liquefied, rather keep the pack in such an order that it makes a sticky and paste consistency without the tendency to drip. Now apply this pack over your face such that it covers every portion of your face without the eyes and lips. This pack again needs to be kept for 15 minutes and then washed away with lukewarm water as stickiness of the paste will only go with warm water. This is a very simple oatmeal recipe that will make your skin very smooth and create a silky soft appearance all over.

Baking soda with oatmeal

Homemade face packs to get rid of oily skin

Even with the combination of baking soda and oatmeal, you can create a wonderful oatmeal face pack for your skin care. Here you need to take 2 teaspoon of oatmeal and a single teaspoon of baking soda. Mix it well when it is in a dry condition and add some water such that it makes a sticky consistency. Now apply it on your skin such that it is well balance in each part of the skin. Use your finger tips to make it much more equalized. You need to wait for 10 minutes and remove it with warm water so that the stickiness can also go away. This is a great exfoliate which can easily make your skin smooth my removing the dead skin in a layered form.

Cucumber and oatmeal face pack

If you want to get a clear skin, cucumber and oatmeal pack will be an essential attempt. In order to make it much more effective, you can add few drops of Jojoba oil with the same. You have to take one part of a medium size cucumber and peel it. You also need to make small pieces with it.  The preparation will also require exactly 2 spoons of oatmeal.  The cucumber, oatmeal and little water must be taken in a grinder and make it grinded appropriately. Once the paste consistency is acquired, you need to add few drops of Jojoba oil with the same.  Mix them well and use a spatula to rub it over the skin with layer after layer. This will remove all the dirt particles from your skin layer once you slowly massage it with your finger tips. But the massage needs to be done in a circular motion. Now wash away your face with the cold water. Your skin will become dry and clean with this simple oatmeal face pack that involves cucumber.

Oatmeal with grape fruit scrub

Sometimes, your skin might be fair and have no problem. But an extra toning will add attractiveness to your skin. This can now be done without makeup and with simple grape fruit and oatmeal scrub. The ingredients required for the same include 2 tablespoon of oatmeal and a single fresh grape fruit. First of all you have to squeeze out the juice from the grape fruit and make the 2 spoons of oatmeal available in the small container.  After making a smooth paste, apply it over the face and other parts of skin. You also need to massage it in a circular motion and remove it once the pack becomes dry. It is important to remove it with lukewarm water.