Top precare and aftercare tips for nose piercing

Nose Piercing is more of a style than a tradition today. Though in most of the East Asian countries nose piercing is associated to their tradition and culture yet in today’s modern world it is more in connection to being in vogue than anything else. As exciting as it may sound, this task is really painful and takes a week or two to get cured completely.

But as every problem has a solution so does nose piercing as well. In this article we shall discuss about certain tips and techniques which if followed will help quicken the healing process. Read further to know better. Here are some tips which will help you to heal the pain of piercing faster.

Nose piercing care/ pre-care tips

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Before opting in for nose piercing it’s mandatory that we take certain precautions to avoid any infection.

Here are few tips that needs to be followed

First and foremost see to it that you approach a beautician or piercing artist who is good at it. Do not just go to any Spa and get it done. It will be better if you go to a clinic for the piercing and take advices from doctors.

Sterilizing the equipments

Check if the gun and needle used for nose piercing is sterilized properly. Along with the needles and guns the rings or studs also must be sterilized with disinfectants. If the beautician is sing the same gun for piercing ears and nose without sterilizing then it may lead to severe infections. Check for the metal of nose ring seed as some may be allergic for certain materials.

While piercing your nose the beautician should follow certain safety rules like wearing clean gloves, using clean articles etc. The beautician or piercing artist should facilitate with proper license to do it.

Nose piercing aftercare tips

After care of nose piercing is important that pre-care. Nose piercing usually takes approximately 8-10 days to cure. In order to get it cured fast and to avoid any sort of infections you have to follow these instructions meticulously:

Clean the wound daily

Clean the piercing area and the area around it everyday while you take shower

Avoid Infection

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Use antibacterial product to clean the pierced area as it will safeguard it from any sort of unwanted infection.

Safety cleaning of the wound

Do not use any rough material to clean the pierced area. Instead se soft substances like paper towel, tissue paper, 100% cotton cloth etc

Do not play with the piercing

While the wound will about to dry it will make a sensation of itching. You have to control all the urges to touch the affected area again and again. The touches can lead you to contaminate the infection.

Apply lavender oil

Using Lavender oil on the pierced area will help reduce the pain and redness. It will give a soothing effect and will also hasten the drying process.

Use vitamin B

Use supplements rich in Vitamin B and zinc as it will help heal the pain and also acts as an effective treatment.

Do not pull out the nose ring before It get dried fully

Try to sets while piercing instead of nose ring as it will help from getting unwanted hurt (by getting tangled).Do not remove the std or the nose ring used to pierce the nose, until it is fully dried, else it will worsen the condition by either swelling or getting infected.

Remove harmful things

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If any product is used to get the nose pierced easily, then try to remove the product gently as it may contain ingredients that may be harmful to the skin.

Take supplements

If you cannot bear the pain anymore then it will be better to take some supplements like zinc supplements or any other types of painkiller. The painkiller will help you to diminish the pain within very few minutes. You can also take Vitamin B which will help to heal the wound faster.

Heat application into the wounded region

Gentle heat application on the pierced area will also help reduce the pain.

Hot oil and turmeric powder therapy

To dry the piercing quickly you could try making phase out of hot oil and turmeric powder. As turmeric has anti bacterial quality it will help in healing the pain quickly and effectively.